The Worst Paying Online Casino Games

One thing that you will notice as you take a look around our website is that we are always showcasing and highlighting to our website visitors the very best games that they can played at all of our featured and approved online casino sites.

However, in a change from the norm we have compiled a set of playing guides that are going to enlighten you on which are the worst bets and wagers that you can place when playing a range of different games. Whilst knowing which games are always going to give you more chances of winning, you do of course need to be fully aware of which games and the wagers on offer are the ones you should never place.

With this in mind we invite you to have a read through of this guide which is going to inform you of several different categories of casinos games that are readily accessible online and we have linked into this guide some additional articles that will give you a much deeper insight into what games are available in each category that are high risk and low valued games and have a range of bets more commonly known as sucker or mug bets.

Online Slots You are Unlikely to Win on

Attractive themes, flashing lights, unique bonus games and high jackpots can often hypnotise slot players and with thousands upon thousands of slot games readily available in land based, online and now mobile casino sites you are certainly going to find enough of them to play whenever you get the urge to spin some slot game reels wherever you happen to be.

But you are sadly going to end up playing some horrendously poor valued slot games if you do not make yourself fully aware of which ones they are by reading though our guide on Slot Games You Should Never Play.

You only have a set amount of cash to play slots with at any one time or another and by playing the wrong type of slot games you will simply be throwing your money away, so make sure you have a good look through that playing guide and leave all of the slots found listed up on it for other players to play.

Video Poker Games That Will Eat Away at Your Bankroll

The savviest of online or for that matter land based casino game players will know that playing certain Video Poker games are going to give them plenty of winning opportunities due to the high long term expected payout percentages that these types of gaming machines have been set to return to players.

However, not all Video Poker games have been designed to be high paying games, in fact you are going to comes across quite a number of online Video Poker Games That Offer No Value, and this is of course due to those particular variants having poor paying pay tables attached to them.

Do not become one of those players who believes that all Video Poker games are going to offer you an extended type of game play and a huge long term expected payout percentage for if you do then you may be like a lamb to the slaughter and more than likely will play a variant that is going to suck the life out of your gambling budget.

Online Blackjack Games That Will Diminish Your Gambling Budget

We have recently put together a very wide range of individual Blackjack game guides on this website and as such you now have at your fingertips a lot of valuable information in regards to how those games play and pay and a range of informative playing tips.

However, due to there being such a huge number of different Blackjack games on offer at all online casino sites, finding out what games are worth playing and which are worth avoiding will require you to do a lot of research by learning the game play rules for both the Dealer and the Player, and then discovering which games have the lowest house edges.

We can however let you know which Blackjack Games You Should Never Play as we have just compiled such a guide! Please do take a look over it for if you are a novice Blackjack player or are new to playing Blackjack online then you can quite easily be misled into thinking a Blackjack game offers the maximum winning chances when in fact the opposite is true.

Progressive Games Which Rarely Award Their Jackpots

Many casino games will dangle a carrot so to speak in front of you to get you to play those games and that carrot is of course a large and constantly growing progressive jackpot. There are so many different types of progressive jackpot awarding casino games available online you will certainly not have any shortages of them on offer.

However, if you find those potential jackpots on offer too hard to resist then before you simply start throwing your money at playing any of them or the first one you come across, we would advise you to have a read through our guide of the Hardest to Win Progressive Jackpots, for by doing so we will enlighten you on just which games have progressives jackpots that are very rarely won, and as such should be the games you should avoid playing.

Remember that it is your stakes and all other players stakes that are used to feed the jackpot pools on any type of progressive games, and as such why sit there feeding a jackpot that you are highly unlikely to win?

Keno Bets That Will Rarely Make You Rich

Keno is not the type of casino game that you can grow to like for you will either love it or hate it from the very moment you play it for the first time! However, much like many of the table games found in all casinos such as Roulette or Craps, there is also going to be the chance of you winning big when playing Keno often when you are playing for quite modest stake amounts.

However, as this is a number predicting game we would advise you carefully to think about just what types of bets and wagers you should be placing when playing any Keno games, and to help you pick the better valued Keno bets to place we have a guide which will highlight the Lowest Valued Keno Bets, and as such any bets you find listed on that section of our website are the ones, due to their very low expected payout percentages, that you should never be tempted to place.

Roulette Bets and Game Variants That Can Kill Your Bankroll

You should enjoy playing many online casino games, and one game that many players tend to sit and play, often for hours on end is Roulette. It is one of the easiest games to learn how to play and with a modicum of luck you could win some sizeable amounts of cash in a very short amount of time.

Due to the large range of bets on offer along with the associated winning payouts, you can often find that you go on something of a roller coaster type of ride when playing Roulette, more so if you place lots of different bets and wagers on each spin of the Roulette wheel you take part in.

However, there are quite a number of High Risk Roulette Bets that you need to be aware of, for even though the returns can be high when placing these kinds of wagers onto the Roulette tables betting layout if Lady Luck is not on your side when playing you can quickly find even the largest bankroll gets eaten away in a short period of time.

So if playing Roulette is something you enjoy doing then we will let you know what bets may not be worth placing and give you a few pointers in regards to which Roulette games should also be avoided, for not all variants of this game offer the same value, house edge or even winning payouts.

Important Aspects of Choosing Where to Play

In addition to locating and then only ever playing the casino games which offer you real value for money due to their design, high payout percentages and low house edges, you also should be looking to play at an online casino that is going to give you access to the games you actually want to play, will offer you true valued comps and bonuses and will pay you quickly whenever you have hit the cash out button and have chosen to make a withdrawal.

We have of course chosen to list many different online casinos throughout this website, all of which we have reviewed, and those reviews can be found by following the respective links, but we would also like to introduce you to a couple of other informative articles below, which should make choosing where to play and which bonuses are going to be worth taking or avoiding easy.

Have a look through the following two additional sections of our website, for when playing at any online casino you really do need to be 100% sure that you are getting access to the best games, true valued bonuses and are playing at a casino that is going to roll out the red carpet whilst also appreciating and rewarding your custom.

Casino Bonuses That Will Tie Up Your Cash

It is not just playing low paying casino games that can decimate your bankroll, if you claim the wrong type of casino bonuses or promotional offers that have been designed to give the casino an even greater advantage over the player, then that could see your winning chances reduce massively.

With that in mind we have compiled a Casino Bonuses to Avoid guide, which we would suggest you read through, more so if you are quite new to online gaming, for it is going to let you know what makes some bonuses unappealing in regards to the games you can use them on, play through requirements and plenty of other terms, phrases and rules that you may have been completely unaware of.

There really so something of an art to claiming bonuses and the first step in becoming a value hunting player is to know what bonuses are going to lock up your deposits and give you very little chance of winning anything with them.

Online Casinos Not Worthy of Your Custom

You can visit some online casino orientated news and information websites that are going to bestow the supposed virtues of every single online casino site that they can fit and list on their website, and when visiting such sites you can often be misled into thinking that all of the casinos showcased are of the highest standards and will offer you an unsurpassed type of online gaming experience.

However, there are, much like there is in any type of environment, many online casinos that you shouldn’t touch with a ten foot barge pole, and as such we have compiled a Checklist For Choosing an Online Casino at which to play, and by having a look at that guide you will be in a much more informed position to choose whether any casino site you come across really is going to be worthy of your custom and real money gaming action.

Do not simply pick an online casino at which to play based solely on whether they are giving you a no deposit bonus or a large sign up deposit match type of bonus, you really need to research any casino site at which you are thinking of playing at thoroughly as no two casino sites offer the exact same features and benefits to players, and playing at a poorly run site will often result in you experiencing all manner of nightmare situations including voided winning payouts or you could even end up playing rigged or unfair games.

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