Top Five Slot Machine Myths Revealed

myth-bustedListening to some slot players bitching or moaning about some slot games that they have played and had a series of losing sessions on may lead you to believe that it can be impossible to win when playing slots online however nothing could be further than the truth.

We have chosen to list below five of the most common myths surrounding online slots and as such if you ever hear a slot player bemoaning their bad luck or stating any of the following myths as fact, then you will be able to correct them or simply know the true facts surrounding the way online slots work and play.

RTP’s Can Be Manipulated

The word manipulated when used to described the payout percentages (RTP’s) that online slot games play out to is often misused, it is possible for some online casino operators to have one of several pre set payout percentages attached to their slot games, and when playing at for example Real Time Gaming powered casinos you will find this is the case.

However the slot games available at Real Time Gaming powered sites can only have their payout percentages changed from one of the available ones to another once it has been requested by the operator, and the reason for them being able to have one of three different payout percentages attached to their slots is that some casinos use a high bonus model which means they give out high valued slot bonuses to their players and this is compensated through lower payout percentages being attached to their slot games.

However when playing at sites such as Microgaming or Playtech the operators of those sites have no ability to request or get changed the payout percentages their slot games play out to. So to have complete peace of mind that you are playing high paying slots which never have their RTP’s adjusted stick to playing at casinos powered by those two software providers.

New Slots Pay More

New slots can and do often payout more when they first make their appearance in a land based casino. This is due to the licensing authority that that casino is under the control of permitting them to adjust the payout percentages quite legally and this is what they tend to do when new slot games have been added to their gaming floors, as this can stir up a lot of interest in players.

In regards to online slot games all of the major gaming platforms do not adjust the payout percentages that their games play out to whether they are new or old, and as such when playing online slots as opposed to land based slots you will find no difference in the payout parentages whether a slot is new or has been available for years.

Casino Bonuses Affect the Way Slots Payout

It is not the fact that you have been awarded a casinos bonus that will mean you have more or less chances of winning when playing slots online it is the terms and conditions attached to that bonus that will mean you are less likely to be in a position to cash anything out once you have met all of the play through requirements of that respective bonus.

There are pros and cons of taking any casino bonuses, however if you do take one or more of them then you are not going to be able to play the slot the way you may be used to nor will you be able to cash out at any time.

So if playing slots with a bonus always be aware of the fact you may not get as many winning sessions when playing with that bonus as you would when playing without one in your account as the play through requirements are there to give the casino an increased chance of winning your deposited amount off you and not purely to allow you to get an increased chance of winning.

After a Winning Slot Playing Session You Will Lose

The numbers of times we have heard slot players state that when they have had a very profitable online slot playing session, any further sessions played at the casino they won have been losing ones.

Whilst this is common the reasons most commonly associated with a losing session after a winning one is that players tend to think they are invincible after having had a winning slot playing session and often play for stake levels their gaming budget cannot sustain for very long.

Playing in a more conservative and low risk way when you have had a winning session will enable you to have more chances of cashing out when you get ahead, rather than play for too high stake levels that unless you are extremely lucky will rapidly diminish your gaming bankroll.

Casinos Can Decide Who Wins the Progressive Jackpots

Please do not be under the illusion that an online casino can in any way, shape or form make only certain players win progressive slot game jackpots, there have always been conspiracy theories running around the web more so when one player manages to win a progressive jackpot more than online.

But with each of the major online gaming platforms operating fair, and certifiably fair games then the chances of any player winning a progressive jackpot are the same. However, there are some slot games which give high rolling players more chances of winning and these are the slots which offer random progressive jackpots.

When you play the vast majority of these types of random progressive jackpot awarding slots then the higher the stakes you play them for the more chance you will have of being awarded a progressive jackpot.

This is due to the way the jackpots are awarded, it can be compared to a raffle and the more tickets anyone taking part in a raffle has the more chances they have of winning a prize, and as such the more cash you wager per spin on random progressive jackpot paying slots the more chance you have of being awarded the jackpot.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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