Top Las Vegas Attractions

Besides the fun of gambling, there are many fun and exciting attractions in Las Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas Attractions

In the beginning of the nineties, the development of the Vegas Strip and its huge resorts began to overshadow the downtown area and completed the transition from Reno as the gambling center of the United States. However, the downtown is not one to quietly without a fight; enormous amounts of money were invested in a very successful facelift, and the area is livelier than ever.

The Fremont Street Experience is one of the most popular attractions in all of vegas thanks to a vast variety of shopping and entertainment opportunities spread over 5 blocks. A canopy of lights spreads over the 1,500 feet of the area and plays different light shows, combined with concerts, acrobats, and dancers. If you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve in vegas, the Fremont experience is the place to be – it’s the city’s annual party spot.

the Light Show on Fremont Street:

The FSE features over 60 restaurants, plus bar and lounges, but if there’s one thing guaranteed to leave your mouth open is the amazing motorcycle daredevil team of Bela Tabak’s Riders of the Thunderdome. If you ever wondered how 4 racing bikers can fit into a 14-foot orb, these guys are here to answer inside the appropriately-named Globe of Death.

Bela Tabak and his teammates give an exclusive pick onto the Globe of Death:

The downtown area is the home of some of oldest casinos in town. The most famous one, which that carry a rich history and a feel of the classy old times, is the Golden Nugget. Home of the world’s largest nugget of gold (called the Hand of Faith), the Golden Nugget, which opened in the forties, spent $100 million on renovations. Today visitors at the hotel have two ways to make their adrenaline pumping: you can either play at one of the $15,000 max bet table games, or take the water slide that runs through the hotel’s famous shark tank..

An inside look of the waterslide:

If you’re looking for free entertainment, lots of places to party, and reasonable accommodation fees, the downtown area has a lot to offer you.

Las Vegas Strip Attractions

The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most exciting spots on the planet, hosting some of the most luxurious and large resorts in the world. The Strip is the home of world famous Las Vegas hotels and best Vegas attractions including exciting nightlife, shows, and thrill rides.

The fountains and the lake in front of the Bellagio mark the entrance to one of the most elegant places in town. The beautiful fountain show features a choreographed performance of water, lights, and music, including all time favorites including Broadway numbers, and hits by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and others.

The Bellagio is also famous for its world renowned award winning restaurants Le Cirque and Picasso. Courtyards, an art gallery and botanical gardens complete the classic feel of the most elegant hotels in Vegas. The poker room of the Bellagio is the home base of many pros thanks to its high limit tables, and also hosts many WPT tournaments.

The Moroccan themed Sahara was established in 1952, and is the last remaining hotel from the days of the legendary rat pack, and the location where the original version of Ocean’s Eleven was filmed.

As part of its warm welcome to NASCAR fans, the Saharah also features Speed The Ride – a roller coaster that slingshots you, plunges you into a misty underground tunnel and ends with a loop. Oh, and when you reach the peak at 224 feet, you do it again backwards. Speed lovers will also love the Las Vegas Cyber Speedway, an Indy race car simulator that reaches the speed of of 220 mph.

An inside look of the Sahara’s roller coaster:

Treasure Island is a place to party. First you’re welcomed with the live show featuring very attractive sirens and pirates fighting for the booty by means of swordplay, pyrotechnics and high-diving acrobatic on a pool the size of four football fields. From there you take off to the burlesque style nightclub, Tangerine, or visit the 50-person Jacuzzi, appropriately named the Party Tub. The TI also features one of the best shows in city, Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère.

Known for the volcano in its front, the Mirage now offers a special experience for Beatles fans: The psychedelic Beatles Revolution Lounge and a show created by Cirque du Soleil. It also has shows by excellent performers and an interesting new European sun bathing pool, called Bare. The hotel also offers a new high limit lounge for casino games.

One of the most adrenaline pumping experiences you can have outside of a casino is a crazy ride on the highest thrill rides in the world. The Stratosphere hotel and casino, located on the northern point of the Strip, features the tallest observation tower in the US (the eighth-tallest building in the world) with a revolving restaurant, with the best cherry on top: three insanely high thrill rides.

The Big Shot at 1,081 feet (329 m) gives you one awesome minute where you experience weightlessness like an astronaut during lift off, followed by a 160 feet drop that feels like bunji jumping right into the view of Vegas.

Insanity is a ride that takes you 64 feet over the edge of the tower and then spins you and tilts you facing down, 906 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. X-Scream shoots you over the edge and then stops to leave you dangled 866 feet above the ground.

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