Top Paying Card and Table Games from RTG

As you will no doubt be interested in playing only the lowest house edge casino card and table games when you choose to play at any of our Real Time Gaming Casinos, then you are going to find the following guide of great interest, for below are all of the currently available casino card and table games found in those casinos along with lots of facts and figures that will help you spot which games offer the best playing value.

You need to be aware of one very important aspect of casino games offered by Real Time Gaming powered sites and that is the owners and the operating companies of those sites have a range of different configurable settings that they can choose or attach to each card game offered at each respective site.

This means in regards to card games such as Blackjack you will find the number of decks available in each games shoe can vary from casino to casino and as such the house edges found on RTG Blackjack games will also vary from site to site.

This does not mean you are playing rigged or fixed Blackjack games however, as most land based casinos will have different Blackjack game variants on offer with different numbers of decks of cards in their Blackjack games shoe. The main reasons why RTG casinos are permitted to choose how many decks are in their Blackjack game shoes is to allow those casinos offering large ongoing player bonuses to offset the effect of those bonuses by offering a slightly lower house edge on their games.

With this in mind below we present to you an overview of each of the available card and table games offered at Real Time Gaming software powered online casinos and will let you know the blackjack game house edges you will find each game plays out to depending on the number of decks in each shoe.

RTG Baccarat – When playing Real Time Gaming’s Baccarat game as is normal in a deck containing 6 or 8 decks the Bankers bet house edge works out at a reasonable 1.06% and if you choose to place a wager on the Players hands the house edge of that bet is some 1.24%.

Be aware though that when you play RTG Baccarat the game is going to actually round down to the nearest 0.25 the commission you are forced to pay when you have placed a winning Bankers hand bet, and that will, when you do not place wagers in $5 multiples mean the commission charged could be more than the standard 5%, and as such it is advisable that players keep that in mind and place and stake their wagers accordingly so they do not end up paying more in commission than they should do.

RTG European Blackjack – As it is possible to play a Blackjack game that has as few as just four decks in the shoe or as many of eight decks in the shoe when playing the RTG European Blackjack game, the house edge on this variant can be as low as 0.57% or as high as 0.64%, and obviously you should be looking to play the variants with the minimum number of decks in the shoe to guarantee you get the best playing value when playing at any such online casino site.

RTG Standard Blackjack – Real Time Gaming’s original Blackjack game is their Standard Blackjack variant and this game can also have between four and eight decks of playing cards in play in the shoe, the house edge you will be therefore up against can vary in value from a minimum of 0.57% up to a maximum house edge on the eight deck game of 0.66%, obviously to get anywhere near the expected house edge you will need to play with the best and most optimal playing strategy in play on each hand dealt out to you.

RTG Pontoon Game – You will find a two deck version of Pontoon can be found offered at most real Time Gaming powered casino sites and that two deck game is not one of their lowest house edge card game variants for it comes with a rather high and rather unappealing house edge of some 0.73%, and there are other software providers and other gaming platforms that have a much lower Pontoon game variant on offer so do be prepared to checkout other casinos for a much more value packed Pontoon game if this is a card game you regularly enjoy playing.

Match Play 21 Blackjack – It is the eight deck variant of Match Play 21 Blackjack that you are most likely to find offered at most if not all Real Time Gaming powered casino sites and when accessing the eight deck version of this game you will be playing against a huge house edge of 0.81%, so even with optimal play you will not have as many overall winning chances when playing this Blackjack game as you would when playing some of their other variants listed above.

Face Up 21 Blackjack Games – There are several Face Up 21 Blackjack games offered at RTG sites, and whilst they all offer the same stake options and game playing rules it is the number of decks that once again can and will vary depending on which site you play it at, when playing this game with optional play you can expect a house edge of some 0.85% which is not by any stretch of the imagination one of the lowest house edge card games RTG have on offer.

Super 21 Blackjack – On final casino card game that you may be tempted to get stuck into playing at RTG casino sites is their Super 21 Blackjack game, and whilst the payouts and game play rules attached to this variant may appear very generous, once you realise that the eight deck version of this game returns an expected long term house edge of a large 1.20% then you will soon discover why it is the least played Blackjack game variant offered in Real Time Gaming powered sites.

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