Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker tournaments for real money are a lot of fun. They are also very lucrative for players who master tournament strategy.

At a first glance online poker tournament schedule may seem a bit busy and confusing, with all the different types of tourneys and costs. But tournaments are probably the best online poker experience you can get– it’s live, it’s exciting, and it pays huge money!

Well, it’s a real shame missing out on all the fun of  online tournaments , so by the time you finish reading this article you will know all you need to know on our featured tourneys, what’s the difference between them, how to get in, and most important – what’s in for you!

What’s a Tournament?

In regular ring games, whenever you feel like playing a little poker you can just sit in at a table and start playing. You can also get up and leave as you please to join a different table, or to take your money and call it a day. Plus, you can also add money to the table whenever you like.

A tournament is a contest you enter to win! Meaning that you register ahead, get your stack of tournament chips, sit at the table you get and start playing. Here you play till you completely run out of tourney chips or (better yet) till everyone else run out and you win the money.

The money that went into the prize pool is distributed between the winner and the runner-ups accordingly.

There are Single-table Tourneys (for ten players or less, also called Sit&Go), and larger Multi-Table Tournaments, that are also called MTTs. A tournament can take some time, and that’s why it’s so exciting – it’s a real contest between players who are playing to win real money!

Does it Cost Money?

Some do and some have a free entry! In most tournaments you need to pay a buy-in (like an entry ticket), and the schedule includes tourneys with a wide range of buy-ins. The buy-in goes into the prize pool that is distributed at the end.
You can find tournaments with entry fees as low as $1. Of course, the larger the buy-in, the larger the prize pool and the winnings.

What’s a Freeroll?

A freeroll is a tournament where you don’t pay any entry fees, but you can still win real money!

Freeroll are perfect for you when you’re making your first steps in tournaments, because you get the tournament experience and practice you need (and have fun while at it…), at no risk at all. Even though no player puts money in the prize pool, the poker room fills it, so the best thing is, you can even win real money out of nothing!

What’s a Guaranteed Tournament?

A Guaranteed tournament is where we add extra money to the prize pool to make it bigger and more lucrative!

Whenever the word Guaranteed appears in the name of the tourney, It means the pool will be at least as high as it shows.

The larger poker sites have guaranteed tournaments around the clock. Make sure to keep an eye out for special events like the 100K or the upcoming 25K guaranteed…they’re worth it!

What are Re-Buys and Add-on?

As you know by now in a tournament you play until your chips are over (or till you win). You get your stack when you start and you can’t add money to the table out of nowhere.

In a tournament with Re-Buys you can buy extra chips at the end of each hour. An Add-On is the last round of Re-Buys. Some tournaments allow re-buys, and some don’t. You can find out on the Tournament info.

How do I Register?

Alright, then now you know that a tournament is something that no poker player should miss: – Login to the poker software – Hit the tournament tab (next to 3 card poker) – Pick a tourney from the list (where the registration has started) – Click on the tournament name, and in the new window click REGISTER and take it from there.

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