Odds of Triggering the Wild Celebration Bonus Game

the-finer-reels-of-life-slotAs soon as you have made the decision that you wish to play any of the hundreds of slot games available at all of our featured Microgaming Casinos you really are going to have a very wide and varied selection of high paying slot games to get stuck into playing.

However, you are going to come across a special collection of slot games from Microgaming that have been designed as what are known as All Ways slot games, and when playing some of those slots by paying a small set number of coins per spin you are going to have a whopping 243 ways of forming a winning combination when the reels have finally come to a stop.

One of these slots is the Finer Reels of Life slot game, and this slot is made complete thanks to a high base game payout percentage and two unique bonus games, one being a free spins bonus feature game and the other is a randomly awarded Wild Reels based bonus game on which at random as soon as you have clicked onto the spin button to send the reels spinning, one to five of the reels get turned into reels on which all of the visible reel positions become wild.

That latter named bonus game is known as the Wild Celebration bonus game and due to the unique way it is triggered and as you are never going to know just how many of the five video slot reels are going to be turned wild once it has been awarded it is a very exciting aspect of the slot and a bonus game you will be willing to trigger when you play this slot online.

Finer Reels of Life Slot Facts and Figures

To enable you to make you own mind up as to whether this slot game is going to be worth your time and effort playing, below we have collated a wide range of very important facts and figures surrounding the way this slot game players and pays The following figures are based on a large amount of game play data and will give you some idea of just how often, on average, the bonus games should trigger along will relevant payout percentages attached to the base and bonus games.

Finer Reels of Life Slot Payout Percentage – You are going to find that Microgaming have designed the Finer Reels of Life slot game to play out with a long term RTP of 96.01%, which puts it in their mid ranged paying slots games on which a fair old chunk of your stakes are going to be paid back to you over time as winning payouts.

Base Game Long Term Expected Payout Percentage – Based on the data we have collated the base game RTP of this slot game is around 56%, and as such a high proportion of this games expected payout percentage is awarded via the bonus games.

RTP of Bonus Game Features – As this slot game has a certified payout percentage of some 96.01% and as the base game RTP is around 56% then the RTP of the bonus games combined is a large 40.01% of this slot games overall payout percentage.

Frequency of Free Spins Bonus Game – It is going to take you on average, 155 base game spins of the Finer Reels of Life slot games reels to be awarded with the free spins bonus game, remember the more times that you actually trigger that bonus game the more options will become available in regards to how you can play off a set of free spins, so this is an ideal slot to play over the long term, so try and give it a little bit of play time each time you are logged into a Microgaming casino site.

Average Number of Spins to Trigger Wild Celebration – You are going to find that when playing the Finer Reels of Life slot game you should on average trigger the Wild Celebration bonus game around once every 300 base game spins.

Where to Play the Finer Reels of Life Slot

Why not give the Finer Reels of Life a little play time online, below are several of our feature online casinos all of which will allow you to play this slot and all other non progressive slot games for free at their online casino sites or you can give this slot game more play time by taking them up on their respective new player sign up bonus offers, he details of which can be found on our reviews of each site by following the links below.

Ruby Fortune Casino – The Ruby Fortune Casino site is where you are going to find all of Microgaming’s collection of slot games which can be access via their downloadable or instant play gaming platforms. They have a growing number of 243 ways to win slots and several offering those Wild Reels bonus features, so make sure you checkout what else they have to offer, including their massive sign up new player bonus.

Betway Casino – Getting the maximum playing value from your gaming budget is never easy, but by making the very wise decision of becoming a player over at the Betway Casino site you are going to find you can stretch that gaming budget much further! They offer new player sign up bonuses and ongoing promotional offers and you are of course going to be able to access and play all of Microgaming’s hundreds of slot games at their casino site.

Go Wild Casino – It is the very regular sets of free spins that Go Wild Casino gives away to their players that attract huge volume of players to their site! This is another of our top rate online casino sites that we just know is going to live up to your highest of expectations. Take a look at our review of this fully licensed and regulated casino site for they have some welcome bonuses that you really do need to claim.

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