Trio of New Slots from Microgaming

Loaded-HD-SlotIt looks like the slot game design team over at Microgaming’s HQ have been busy over the Christmas and New Year break, for a new set of three slot games are shortly going live, one of which is a revamped and updated version of an all time classic.

We have, as is always the case, fully reviewed each of these brand new slot games, and as such please read through the following overviews of each of them and if any of them take your fancy then simply click on the respective link below to be presented with our in-depth and informative review of that slot game.

The Loaded Slot Goes High Definition

You may have played the Loaded Slot game from Microgaming at one time or another, for this 25 payline slot is a fast paced slot on which you are always offered a choice of three different ways to play off a set of free spins as soon as three or more scatter symbols make an appearance.

Well it would appear the Microgaming wanted to give this slot some added bells and whistles and that is exactly what they have done with the launch of the High Definition version of this slot.

Loaded HD Slot – You will have all of the usual streetwise character symbols in play on the reels of this revamped High Definition version of the slot, and as such look out for Keesha, Latitia and of course Shavonda making an appearance on the slot game screen.

Our only word of advice in regards to how you should play this slot is of course to get all of those 25 paylines live and in play per base game spin, and then think long and hard in regards to how you want to play off your free spins as soon as the bonus game have been triggered.

You will have 12 free spins on x4 multipliers, 16 free spins on x3 multipliers or 20 free spins on x2 multipliers available to you, and any one of those sets of free spins could see you winning some sizable amounts of cash if those free spin bonus game reels spin your way.

The Golden Era Slot Goes Live

Golden Era Slot – It looks like Microgaming has another winner on their hands thanks to the launch of their brand new Golden Era slot game. You will soon work out the theme of this slot when you take a look at the slot game screen, for each of the reel symbols are themed around those long lost days of vintage film making in Hollywood.

What makes this new slot slightly different from the plethora of new slot games that Microgaming have been launching in the last year or so is that it comes with just 15 pay lines, which we are sure will please slot players who are beginning to tire of all of Microgaming 243 ways to win slots which they have been churning out nonstop for months.

You will of course have plenty of different stake options available to you however one thing that you are not going to be able to do it to decrease the number of payline you put into play, for this slot is a fixed 15 payline slot, but the coin values can be increased for decreased in value with the lowest coin setting being a very modest 0.01, and you can increase the number of coins you wager on each of those obligatory pay lines

You will find the usual Wild symbols in play on the reels, and as mentioned all of the reel symbols are unique to this slot, so you are not going to find any Playing Card symbols in play on any of its five video reels! There are a set of scatter board scatter symbols, and by spinning in at least three of them on any base game spin the bonus game will then be triggered and awarded to you.

However, what makes that bonus game unique is that you then get to chose from one of two options in regards to how you play off the bonus game! Take a look at our review of this Golden Era slot game from Microgaming to find out just how those bonus games work and play out, for we are more than convinced your will find them interesting, and may then wish to give this slot game some play time online.

Cricket Star Slot from Microgaming

It may not have escaped your notice if you are a Cricket fan that the Cricket World Cup is being played this year in Australia, and as such as sure as night follows day, Microgaming have launched a brand new slot game based around this major sporting event, and that slot is their brand new Cricket Star slot game.

Cricket Star Slot – You are of course going to be able to play plenty of 243 ways to win slot games when logged into any Microgaming powered casino site, and they have just launched a brand new one that being this Cricket Stars slot.

But you do need to be aware that the minimum coin increment required, to start the reels spinning, is 50 of them, however there are, as is usual the case some mega sized winning combinations that can be formed when playing this slot.

It comes with some oversized stacked Wild symbols, and as soon as you trigger its bonus game you will be given the option of playing off a set of free spins which feature Microgaming’s very popular Rolling Reels, or if you prefer you can play of a more basic pick to win styled bonus game.

Give this slot some play time soon as you can always give it a try via the free play mode, and as soon as you do we are convinced you will be tempted to give it some play time for real money, for those winning payouts, thanks to this slot games very high RTP are always there for the taking.

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