Triple 7’s Blackjack for Real Money

triple-7s-blackjackThe way in which most online Blackjack Game Variants have been designed is such that you will find them to be long and drawn out games whereby your gaming bankroll will naturally increase and decrease as you are dealt out losing and/or winning hands during each session of that game you choose to play. However, if you opt to give some of our listed and approved Microgaming Casinos a try you will come across a game that could, in one single hand massively increase your bankroll by tens or even hundreds of thousands of Dollars, Pounds or Euros.

This game is the Triple 7’s Blackjack game which is one of only a tiny number of progressive Blackjack games that you will find on offer online, and as such if you are looking for a much more exciting type of Blackjack game to play online then this may be a perfect game for you to get stuck into playing today.

There is a price that needs to be paid when playing this game, and that is an obligatory 1.00 side bet which in addition to giving you the chance of winning the progressive jackpot the side bet wager can also award you with a range of additional bonus payouts when you have been dealt some specific winning hand combinations, all of which we will introduce you to throughout this review of the Triple 7’s Blackjack game.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

You can only access and play a single hand version of the Triple 7’s Blackjack game, and it is worth noting that the one version on offer is the original game. Whilst Microgaming have, over the years, revamped many of their classic Blackjack games and given them their famous Gold Series makeover which has seen enhanced graphics and a new set of player controls put in place the Triple 7’s game is only available in the original format.

This sadly does mean that this real money Blackjack game looks quite outdated and old fashioned when compared to those Gold Series games, but if you are not too bothered about its looks and would much prefer to play it in the hope of winning a mega sized winning payout then this is certainly a game worth playing and one, that will a little bit of luck, could see you picking up a potentially life changing jackpot payout, or at the very least some larger than average bonus winning payouts.

Due to this game having a progressive jackpot attached to it which is fed by the bonus side bet wager then you are not going to be able to access and play it via a free play demo mode. It is only available as a real money game, so if it does take your fancy then always be aware that whilst you can fully adjust the stakes you play it for on the base game hand the bonus side bet wager will always cost you 1.00 per hand played, so factor that into your playing budget.

Dealer and Player Rules

The Triple 7’s Blackjack game is quite an easy variant of Blackjack to both play and understand, however before you set the game into live play you will be first required to pick a base hand stake and also place the obligatory 1.00 side bet on the bonus bet box. This therefore will mean that when playing this game you need to factor that bonus bet into your betting and playing strategy and also ensure you have enough funds in your account to double down or split when the correct playing strategy calls for such a playing move.

Once you place your wagers and click on the deal button the Dealer will then deal out two initial cards to your hand and will deal his hand just one single face up card. The Dealers remaining cards will be dealt out to his hand only once you have made you betting and playing decisions.

Any Dealers hand that is worth any type of 17, that being either a soft or hard hand or any higher valued hand will see the Dealer standing those hands. Players are able to double down when they have been dealt out any two card hard hand worth 9, 10 or 11 in value.

Players are unable to double down after splitting any cards and are not allowed to re-split split Aces. Be aware that the bonus payouts which we are about to enlighten you on are paid out irrespective of whether your base hand results in a winning or losing outcome.

Payouts and Playing Tips

The base game house edge of the Triple 7’s Blackjack is an expected 0.59% when a player plays every single hand dealt out to him or her perfectly and optimally. However, the bonus bet does have its own house edge attached to it and as you are forced to place that wager that will affect the house edge you are going to receive whenever you play this game, the way in which the actual house edge will swing over any one given playing session will of course be determined by whether you actually receive any bonus winning payouts via the bonus bet.

The base game payouts are the standard ones, so being dealt out a winning Blackjack hand will see you being paid out at odds of 3 to 2, all other winning players hands results in a winning payout of even money, and one tip for playing this game is to always avoid placing the Insurance wager as that bet has a very large house edge in its own right and even the 2 to 1 winning payout for that bet when successful still makes it a poor valued bet to place.

The bonus payouts which are awarded via the obligatory bonus bet will award a 5.00 payout if your first card is a 7, a payout of 25.00 is awarded if your first two cards are any mixed suited 7’s, two matching suited 7’s as your first two cards awards a payout of 50.00.

If your first three cards dealt out to one single hand are all mixed suited 7’s a bonus payout of 250.00 is awarded to you if the first three cards are all 7’s in a matching suit (except the suit of Diamonds) your winning payout is 1000. If all of your first three cards dealt out to one single hand are all 7’s in the suit of Diamonds you receive the progressive jackpot displayed at the top of the games screen.

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