UK Pub Slots

ukpubslotsWhen you are out having a drink in any UK pub then you will always be guaranteed of finding one or more fruit machines dotted somewhere around the bar area. These slots have been designed to give players a little more entertainment than the type of slots found in casinos, as when in a pub people have not really gone there to gamble but have gone for a good night out.

You will however find that there are many benefits of instead of playing the UK Pub slots in a land based venue you play them online, for when playing at casino sites that use Microgaming’s gaming platform you will find many different versions on offer, and it is not a secret that land based UK Pub slots are renowned for having very low payout percentages and online pub slots have much larger payout percentages.

You will also find the stakes on which you can play online pub slots are much more diverse than land based fruit machines, with stake options being a low as just 10p online then you will be getting many more spins for your money when playing in the online environment. However the stakes can be increased up to a maximum of ten pounds per spin so if you want a have gambling session then you can do just that online.

The jackpots are also much larger when playing online pub slots, for it is quite common for many of Microgaming’s fruit machines to offer jackpots as a large as 500 or even 2000 times the stake amount you wagered on each spin you set in motion.

Below are just some of Microgaming’s current selection of UK Pub slots, have a read through this guide for you will see for yourself just how diverse their range of fruit machines and British pub slots really is, and some of these games are sure to take your fancy.

All of the games listed below can be played either completely free of charge or for real money so you have no excuse not to try them out for yourself.

You Lucky Barstard – You may just be lucky if you give this single line pub slot game a try at any Microgaming powered site, for it can award you with one of the cash ladder type of bonus rounds where you have to give the Stop button a click in the hope you will light up on the large multiplier values on that cash ladder.

Not only does this bonus game award a top prize payout of some 250 times your staked amount, which when plying it for 10.00 spins will results in 2.5k instant jackpot, but it can also award you with the bonus game repeatedly in you manage to stop the lights flashing on the Yes part of the bonus game Yes/No Repeater game.

Win Spinner – Make sure you have a good look at the Win Spinner slot game which is another of Microgaming’s very unique pub slot games, this one comes with a very unusual pay table for up on it are not a set of cash payouts but sets of Win Spins.

When you are lucky enough to play this fruit machine and then have a matching set of three reel symbols spinning in on its one single pay line, you are then awarded with the corresponding number of Win Spins shown on lithe pay table.

A new slot with then magically load onto you screen and that is where each of the guaranteed winning slot spin will then play out, this bonus slot has not one but five paylines which therefore means you could win five times on each of the Win Spins you have been awarded.

Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire – The Stallionaire slot is one of the few that really does keep players coming back time and time again. Offering a simple playing style, there are all of the nudges, holds and features you’d expect. The feature is triggered when 3 Horse shoes complete any line on the matrix, and this leads you to the bonus board, all you have to do is work your way around the board, however, be careful, as this is a fruit machine, and if you get too greedy, it could just kill you off.

Dubya Money – As always, you can’t have a decent fruit machine without poking some political fun at someone, and on this slot, it’s unfortunately (for him!) George W. Bush. Offering hilarious caricatures of him and some of his most memorable (and idiotic) quotes, Dubya Money is bound to keep you coming back again and again.

The Feature on this game is split into 3 sets, and each un-lockable section is triggered by the first. The jackpot is generous at 500x your total stake and the stakes are variable, so you can find a stake to suit you and your playing style.

The Gee Gee’s – If you are looking for some entertaining slot action, then check The Gee Gee’s out! Offering typically simple game play, you can really hit it big on this classic Fruit Machine. There are nudges, holds and bonuses. However, the main board is the one you’re going to want to get on. Offering a standard board game, you can accumulate features, nudges and cash, but like all other Fruities, beware of becoming too greedy.

Cash n Curry – The Cash n Curry slot is perfect if you want a game with a kick which offers a simple game interface. The bonus game is triggered in a similar way to Stallionaire, and also the bonus board bears some similarities, except for having a Curry House theme.

The jackpot is generous and the bonus spins in regularly, giving you a lot of bang for your buck. Should you have a slightly more modest budget, the starting wagers are 0.10 coins a spin, so you’ll always be able to play regardless of your budget. The top wager is 10.00 coins a spin, so if you’re a high roller, then this is definitely going to be the one that you want to be playing.

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Author: Marcus Nilsson

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