Understanding How Online Slot Games Work

Book-of-Ra-Slot-MainWe are aware that many online slot game players like to amass as much information as they can about the way online slots work and operate before they actually sit down and play them, and with this in mind we invite you to have a read through of this particular slot playing guide and all related articles that we have linked into it.

It is always going to be the actual inner workings on any online slot game that is going to ultimately determine whether you have a winning slot playing session online or a losing one, and the first aspect of playing any slot game found at any online casino site that you need to find out and discover is How long is a Slot Game Playing Cycle on that slot.

The length of the playing cycle is going to enable the slot game designer to display Actual, Expected and Theoretical Slot Game Payout Percentages on each slot and this allows players to instantly recognise which slots gives them a better chance of winning by those players selecting to play the higher paying slots as opposed to those with low payout percentages.

Another aspect of playing online slot games that you really do need to be aware of is just How Long are the Reel Strips on Online Slot Games, for when you find out this information and also find out just how many individual reel symbols are found on the reels of any online slot game you can actually not only work out the RTP’s yourself on any slot you play but will also be able to work out the odds of you triggering the bonus game features on slot games and also work out the chances of you winning a jackpot when playing any online slot game.

Trigger Points and Hit Frequencies

You are going to find all of our in-depth articles linked into this slot playing guide informative and as such we would like you to take a look at two additional ones which will give you an insight into your actual chances of winning a jackpot and/or trigger the bonus games attached to any online slot.

Our what are the Chances of Winning a Slot Game Jackpot article has listed up on it a range of online slots, and having taken the reel strips apart on these slots and having worked out just how long and how many jackpot paying reel symbols are attached to each reel strip we have been able to correctly work out just what the odds and chances are of you winning jackpot when playing a range of online slot games.

For those of you who love triggering free spins, pick to win and all manner of other bonus game feature rounds when playing online video slot games then another article and slot playing guide which is going to open your eyes and will enlighten you on just how often you are going to be awarded the main bonus games when playing a range of online slot games is our Slot Game Bonus Game Hit Frequency guide.

Different Types of Online Slot Games

There are several different types of slot games that you will come across online, and as such if you are looking for some that have been designed slightly differently to the way many casino type slots have been designed then we would also like you to have a look through some additional articles that will certainly give you food for thought in regards to the many different slot games readily accessible online.

The first type of slot game which is going to offer a playing structure which may be completely alien to you are the Fixed Odds Slot Games, now these slots require you to place a bet on which winning combination you think is going to be spun in next, and to give you lots of chances of winning when you play these types of slots you can place a wager on many of the combinations listed on the paytable.

Another type of slot game found in great numbers online are Online Fruit Machines, these are very high action slot games that come with a multitude of base game features and huge numbers of bonus game rounds can be triggered and awarded to you when you play them, so if you are looking for entertainment as well as winning opportunities these types of slot games are worth checking out.

Choosing a Slot to Play

Another set of factors that you need to be aware of when playing online slot games is in regards to the variance offered on the slot games that have taken your eye. It is important that you get a good Understanding of Slot Game Variance for by doing so this will enable you to find a slot game that has been designed to play a certain way.

There are three main types of variance that online slot games have been designed to play out as, the first are Low Variance Slots, these games offer you a high hit frequency type of playing style and as such when you play these slots you will get lots and lots of low valued winning combinations spinning in which should give you long playing sessions and plenty of slot spinning action for your money.

The Mid Variance Slot Games are quite fun to play for you get a good chance of winning big when playing them but also more than enough low to mid sized winning combinations being awarded to you.

If you want very high risk and possibly high reward type of slot playing sessions online then it will be the High Variance Slot Games you should be looking to play, for these games can be played for high stake levels so are suitable for high rollers, and when playing them you will notice lower valued winning combinations rarely form, but this enables every now and then for some huge winning payouts to be spun in on these types of slot games.

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