Understanding the Design of Online Video Slots

The number of video slot games you are going to be able to access and play online is in no way small, in fact there are thousands of these types of slots on offer, with some casinos offering several hundred of them which you will be able to play via an Instant Play Gaming Platform or a fully downloadable one.

When faced with such a large range of video slots as soon as you log into your chosen online casino site, instead of becoming overwhelmed and then simply selecting one that has a cool sounding name, it is going to be more beneficial for you to understand what each video slot game has by way of base and bonus game features, paylines and staking options and a while plethora of other features.

Below we take a look at some of the unique ways that video slot games have been designed and will give you some examples of slots offering unique features and playing structures, which should make your life easier when you are trying to pick out one or more video slot games to get stuck into playing.

All of the uniquely designed video slot games mentioned in this slot playing guide are accessible at several of our approved and reviewed online casinos, so you are always going to find a casino that has them on offer, instead of you having to spend hours tracking these games down.

Video Slot Games Base Game Features

Often when you are playing some of the more recently released video slot games online you will find the base game features just as exciting as those bonus feature rounds that you have to trigger! With there being so many different types of video slots now available you can often find the way in which the base game works is much more appealing than the main feature rounds.

Take for example the Finer Reels of Life Slot or even the Thunderstruck II Slot, whilst these two slots can and will award you with a free spins bonus feature round for time to time when you spin in the required bonus symbols, they both come with a randomly awarded base game feature, which can award the highest payout available on those two real money slots.

This bonus feature when awarded which as mentioned is done at random, will see up to five of the reels turning completely wild. As those two slot games offer the 243 ways to win playing structure you will find that if all five reels end up wild then you are in for a truly massive winning payout, often much more than the free spins game can award.

Bonus Features Awarded on Video Slots

Pick to win, free spins, pick and match or even spin a wheel type of bonus games are what you are going to find attached to the vast majority of online video slots these days. However, it is always worth taking a look at some of the very latest video slot game releases, for the slot game designers are always dreaming up additional bonus features which can become activated during the main bonus rounds.

This is what often attracts video slot players to give new slot games a lot of play time for those new additional bonus features can often make these already exciting and entertaining video slots even more exciting to play.

However, always be aware that irrespective of what bonus feature games and any additional playing features a new slot game has attached and on offer on them, it is purely the payout percentage that any slot game plays out to that will make that slot truly attractive to play or not! So always make a concerted effort to find out what slots have the best payout percentages, old or new, and stick to playing those games to have the best chances of winning.

Payline and Staking Options on Video Slot Games

Optional pay lines are what most video slot games will offer you and when faced with such a slot you will often find adjusting the coin values and the number of coin per line you can set the slot to play at are all adjustable.

When playing these types of slots it is always preferable for you to play the maximum bet or at least send into motion all of the slot games pay lines. For by doing so when the bonus games finally trigger you will have a better chance of securing some high winning payouts, plus you will never run the risk of missing out on a high paying winning combination that could spin in on a payline you haven’t put into play.

There are some slot games however that will not let you adjust the number of pay lines, some of these slots include the brand new structured All Ways Slot Games, and when you play these slots for a set amount of coin you can play hundreds or even thousands of way to win on each spin you make of the five video reels.

Benefits of Playing Online Video Slots

Entertainment is one of the main benefits of playing nay type of online video slot game. With so many unique features, bonus games and with added animated graphics and sound effects you will often find these types of slot games offer you a much more immersive and often interactive type of slot game playing experience, when compared to other types of slot games.

But as we have mentioned above some video slots will always offer you a better chance of winning when you are playing them online, and the slots you need to keep your eyes peeled for are those with payout percentage higher than 97%.

The vast majority of video slots have been designed with payout percentages from 92 to 96 percent, and by playing those with RTP’s higher than 97% your winning chances become greater and you will get a more lengthier type of gaming session when playing them.

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