Unique Features of Real Series Slots

Whilst you are going to come across several standard types of slot games when logged into any of our top rated Real Time Gaming Casinos such as Classic and Video slots plus a range of Progressive slot games, there is a large and growing number of what are known as Real Series slots on offer, and these slots have proven to be the most popular slots available at RTG sites, due to the unique features each of them have to offer players.

To help anyone who has never played Real Series slot before, below is a round up and overview of what features, both awarded during the base game and bonuses games that are offered on these types of slot and when playing any of them you will find these features can and will give you an added level of entertainment and an increased chance of spinning in some large paying winning combinations.

Feature Guarantee – With slot players always looking for excitement when playing any type of slot game, Real Time Gaming have tried, and we are happy to announce have succeeded in designing a range of slot game bonus features that all slot players will get to like and enjoy when they come across them attached to any slot game.

The Real Series collection of RTG slots do all come with some potentially high paying bonus games which are quite unique and exclusive to each of these types of slots and are not simply cloned bonus games which some slot game designers add to many different slot games they have available.

The Feature Guarantee is a way for players to be able to know in advance the absolute maximum number of base game spins that they are going to have to play off before any slot game that has this feature attached to it will awards its main bonus round or bonus game.

When playing a slot offering the Feature Guarantee you will be able to trigger that slot games bonus round by spinning in a set of scatter symbols or bonus symbols in much the same way as found on other bonus game awarding video slots, however, at the top of the screen is a special meter which will count down each time you make a base game spin, and if you do not trigger that respective slot games bonus round as that meter is ticking down then when the meter reaches zero the Feature Guarantee will award you with the bonus game automatically.

Often some slots will give some form of additional bonus payout when you have trigger the bonus game via the Feature Guarantee, take for example the Vulcan slot game from RTG if you are awarded the bonus game on this slot via the Feature Guarantee then the re-trigger multiplier value awarded during the bonus game is higher than it would be if you trigger the feature the usual way by spinning in three or more of the scatter symbols.

Instant Trigger – The Feature Guarantee also has a unique gamble type game attached to it, and as such if you wish to try and trigger the bonus game attached to any slot offering the Instant Trigger feature then you will be able to play off this gamble game, which if unsuccessful will reset the meter to the maximum number of base game spins needed to trigger the bonus round.

When you are offered the Instant Trigger option you will be presented with a wheel type animation and the outer rim of that wheel will be divided into Green segments and Red segments, you need to set the wheel spinning in the hope that a Green segment spins in inside the winning window area of the wheel, and if so the bonus game attached to that slot is instantly awarded to you. Spin in a Red segment and as mentioned the Feature Guarantee meter will reset itself to the maximum number of base game spins required to be assured of being awarded the bonus game and will then start to count down again as you play off more and more base game spins.

Random Jackpots – When playing a Real Series slot game online 1.5% of the slot games RTP is used on the jackpot element of the slot, and the progressive jackpot or jackpots these slot offers are known as Random Jackpots.

When you launch any Real Series slot and start to play it you will find at the top of the slot games screen is one or more live jackpot ticker meters, and these keep on growing in value as players logged into that casino play the Real Series slots.

It does not matter how much you wager per spin when playing these slots you will have the chance of winning one of those jackpots. The way is which the jackpots are awarded is completely at random and once any base game spin (not spins played off during a bonus game) has been played off and all reels have come to a stop if you are a winning of the jackpot a message will be displayed on your screen and the entire jackpot is added to your account instantly, at which point the progressive jackpot will reset to its seed value.

Win-Win Feature – The Win-Win Feature is found on some Real Series slot games such as the Triple Twister slot, and when playing any slot which has the feature attached to it you will be awarded with a bonus cash payout if the main bonus game awarded on the slot does not pay out a certain amount or higher.

You can often feel very deflated when you finally trigger a slot games bonus round however if that bonus game doesn’t payout out as generously as you had hoped after you have played off the bonus feature then the Win-Win feature can act as a form on insurance to ensure you will at least get a winning payout.

On the Triple Twister slot game for example if the bonus round pays nothing, then the Win-Win feature is going to give you a bonus payout worth 100 times your initial base game bet of the spin on which you trigger the bonus game.

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