Unique Quickfire Casino Games

bubble-bonanzaYou really are going to be amazed at just how diverse the range of games is on the recently launched Quickfire Gaming Platform. For not only does this multi game provider gaming platform offer a plethora of casino based games, you will also find a massive collection of unique and novelty games can be instantly accessed and play on it.

Bubble Bonanza – This is one of those games which have similarities to Candy Crush Saga, however you can win real cash when playing this game as opposed to be driven mad when playing it for no financial reward! The aim of the game is to get a matching row of three symbols forming on the grid once the symbols have tumbled onto it.

Crown and Anchor – This is a dice based game and when you pay it you will notice each side of the dice has a different symbol printed up on it. You can place a bet on any of the six symbols in the hope that at least one of the dice will be rolled with that symbol appearing on the up facing side, the more that do match your chosen symbol the more you will win.

Electro Bingo – This game is a Bingo game but with a difference, you will be able to purchase one or more bingo cards and you will be hoping that you form the winning pattern in the lowest number of balls called out. The sooner you form the winning pattern the more you stand to win. It is an ideal game for players who enjoy playing bingo but want a much increased chance of winning.

Enchanted Woods – This game may appeal to slot machine players looking for a different type of game to play. It is a five reel type of slot on which you set the reels into play and then can hold any of the reels into position for one additional spin. The aim of course is to end the game with a winning combination as displayed on the slot games pay table.

Four by Four – This game is a very interesting twist on the Connect 4 game you may have played as a child. A set of symbols will drop into the grid on the screen and you will be hoping that you form a winning combination of four matching symbols in a row anywhere on the grid layout. Free games can also be awarded when playing this game, and to give you an increased chance of forming a four in a line winning combination Wild symbols are also in play.

Germinator – This game has similarities to the Bubble Bonanza game mentioned above. However on this game all of the symbols that will drop onto the grid are Germ type symbols and you only need to get a line of three of them forming to receive a winning combination. A set of pills symbol are also in play on the screen and whenever you get enough of them dropping in a special and very unique type of bonus game will be awarded to you.

Instant Win Card Selector – This game is a great game to play if you enjoy playing Microgaming’s collection of standard scratchcard games. For when you launch this game found on the Quickfire Gaming Platform you are going to be able to pick any of their scratchcard games to play. There are plenty of different cards on offer and as such this will probably be the only game you will end up playing if scratching and matching based games are those you love playing.

Keno – There is not much we can tell you about the Keno game offered on this gaming platform! It is fairly straight forward, and when playing it you select a stake, then a set of numbers from one to eighty in the hope that as soon as you set the game into live play as many of the 20 Keno balls that roll out of the machine match those you have chosen.

Mayan Bingo – There is a massive 50,000 times your staked amount jackpot up for grabs if you choose to play the Mayan Bingo game online, at any casino site using the Quickfire Gaming Platform. This game will see you first choosing how many Bingo Cards you wish to play and then the balls will get called out of the bingo matching. You have to try and form a winning pattern in the lowest number of balls called out to benefit from the highest winning payouts.

Pick ‘n Switch – You will be faced with picking one of several different colour balls when you play this particular novelty game. A set of balls will then be drawn out and you need to match all five of those balls to the colour you have chosen. To give you a slightly increased winning chance each game is played in two rounds, an initial set of balls are drawn then you can hold one of them in the hope that the other matching coloured balls you have picked then get drawn out.

Premier Racing – The Premier Racing game is a virtual horse race game. Before you set the game into live play you have to pick one of the ten horses about to take part in a race and can wager any amount you like on that horse either as a Win Bet or as an Each Way Bet. The odds of each horse will vary so pick a horse, place your bet, and then set the race into motion and sit back and cheer your horse home.

Premier Trotting – This game is almost identical to the one listed above, in as much as you will be hoping to pick the winner of a soon to start horse race. However, the horses you can place a wager on are taking part in a Trotting race. So if you fancy a very unique game to play having played the Premier Racing game above, this is one you will also enjoy playing.

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