4 Reasons I’d Rather Use a Casino Betting System Online

I won’t lie. I do enjoy testing out different casino betting systems from time-to-time. No matter what the math geeks say, it’s always fun to try different ways of beating the house.

After trying systems at both online casinos and brick-and-mortar casinos, I’ve started to lean more towards online for my tests.

Here are 4 reasons I would rather use casino betting systems at an online casino rather than a brick-and-mortar one.

1. No pressure

I’m sure casinos don’t mind players who try different betting systems. After all, the math says they’ll win anyway. But still, I can’t help but feeling like they’re watching and judging every move I make. I even felt weird using a video poker strategy card years ago when I first started playing.

So for me, using a betting system online is a lot less pressure to deal with.

2. Easier to keep track of

This is no big deal if you’re using a simple system such as the Martingale. However, if you’re using a more complicated system such as Labouchere or Fibonacci, it’s much easier to keep up with online.

3. Smaller betting units

I’ve learned the hard way how quickly you can blow your bankroll using a system at a live casino. What I love about online casinos is that you can bet as little as $1 on most games. That’s a big difference from the $5 (or $10) minimum on a lot of tables now.

4. Free practice

Online casinos offer something you’ll never find a live casinos; the ability to practice the exact casino games you would play for real money.


If you do plan to try out different betting systems, it’s much easier and more cost-effective to do it online. Just make sure you choose a safe online casino to play for real money. One like Aladdin’s Gold Casino that has a solid reputation and great customer support.

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