Utah Online Casinos – Gambling in Utah

If you’re looking for the latest news about online casinos in Utah, you’re on the right page. Unfortunately, Utah is one of the few states that restricted all forms of gambling. Therefore, in this overview, whether there are at least some possibilities for Utah residents to enjoy online casinos. Read on.

History of Gambling Legislation in Utah

Utah has been very hostile towards the sheer idea of gambling in the state. That said, pari-mutuel wagering was shortly legal in 1925, becoming the only form of gambling to receive the green light. However, it was soon made illegal once again, and nothing has happened in the gambling legislation world in Utah ever since.

Future of Online Gambling in Utah

The future doesn’t look bright for Utah residents when it comes to gambling. Simply put, even DFS is criminalized, although it operates in the grey legal area. It will take a long time before at least one form of gambling becomes legal in the Beehive State.

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