Online Blackjack Game Variants

blackjack01One of the benefits of becoming a real money online Blackjack player as opposed to playing this popular card game in a physical land based casino is that you are going to come across many different variants at various online casinos and as such you are not going to be limited to playing often just a tiny collection of high house edge Blackjack games which many land based casinos tend to only offer.

However, even the most experienced Blackjack player can get slightly confused with the many different online versions of Blackjack that can be accessed online and as such in an attempt to allow us to give you a much better understanding of playing Blackjack at casinos online, we have put together a range of Blackjack game guides.

Below you will find an overview of some of the most played and also some often overlook Blackjack game variants available at many of our top rated casino sites, alongside each of them you will find a short overview and introduction to these games, and by clicking on the name you will find a much more in-depth review of each respective variant.

Best Blackjack Casinos

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To make selecting a Blackjack game to play easier we have listed the following game overviews in order starting with the games offering the lowest house edge and then working our way down to the games with much less appealing house edges.

Should any of the following games appeal to you they can all be accessed and played at any of our top rated Microgaming Casinos. In fact many of the sites we have listed are giving away new player bonuses many of which can be used on Blackjack games, so make sure you take a look at some of our Microgaming casino reviews as one way to guarantee lots of playing value is to take as many sites up on their welcome bonuses as is possible.

Classic Blackjack – You will find that Microgaming casinos offer a single hand and multi hand variant of their low house edge Classic Blackjack game, and this game when played as a single hand game is going to be the one out of the entire suite of Blackjack game variants that boasts a very low house edge. Be aware that with more decks in the shoe the multi hand variant returns a much higher house edge to players and as such the multi hand game is much less attractive.

Vegas Strip Blackjack – The second lowest house edge Blackjack game variant that you can readily get stuck into playing at a Microgaming powered casino site is their Vegas Strip Blackjack game. This is a game on which the playing rules have been based on the most commonly found game playing rules found attached to games located in casinos on America’s famous Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. This is a game we do know a lot of players enjoy playing and with a fair set of player rules you could have hours of fun playing it yourself.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack – The Vegas Single deck Blackjack game that you are going to find readily on offer at all Microgaming powered casinos has one similarity to the above Vegas Strip variant and that is its house edge is 0.35%.

However, that is where the similarities end as the game is played to a slightly different set of playing rules and to be perfectly honest those rules are quite liberal making this game a very playable one and one you should have plenty of fun and winning opportunities playing.

Atlantic City Blackjack – You may have noticed that the number of land based casinos that have closed their doors and gone out of business recently is quite large, and whilst this is not in any way due to the generous nature of their Blackjack game variants, more due to market conditions, if you have played Blackjack in that part of the world and enjoyed it then you will find Microgaming powered casinos have their own variant of this game on offer.

Microgaming’s Atlantic City Blackjack game is one of their regional variants of Blackjack that have been designed to replicate the rules and payouts attached to Blackjack games from many different parts of the world, and this variant is their fourth lowest house edge Blackjack game on offer.

European Blackjack Game Variants

When you play at a Microgaming powered site you are going to come across a quite interesting European Blackjack game, and what makes this game unique is that not only is it available as a standard game, but Microgaming have used this variant as the base game for several additional versions which offer additional side betting opportunities.

Whilst it is always worth noting and remembering that any side bet opportunity offered on a Blackjack game is going to come with an additional house edge on those side bets, the range and diversity of the actual payouts can make these games quite sought after by players who are looking for some very large winning payouts when playing Blackjack online.

We have therefore compiled a set of Blackjack game reviews on which you will find out what additional side betting opportunities are available on these following games, and remember that all of these games can be instantly accessible at any of our featured and rated Microgaming Casinos, of which we have many of reviewed throughout this website.

European Blackjack – The base game for many of Microgaming’s more exotic types of Blackjack games is the European Blackjack game variant and with its house edge of 0.42% it is a fairly generous game and whilst not boasting the very lowest house edge it is a game than many players now and recognise and are happy to play.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack – The base game of the Perfect Pars Blackjack game is the European variant and when playing this variant you will be able to place a side bet that is going to start kicking out a range of bonus payouts when you are dealt out, as your first two cards a pair of suited or mixed suited cards, the bonus payouts for reference can be as high as 30 to 1, so it is a game that will appeal to a lot of Blackjack players.

High Streak Blackjack – Think of just how many Blackjack playing sessions you have played over the years and how many times have you been dealt more than one winning hand on the trot and add them up. Your answer will probably be of course way too many to remember, and one Blackjack game that is going to reward you with a bonus payout whenever you are dealt two or more winning hand consecutively when you have placed the optional side bet available on that game is the High Streak Blackjack game.

Hi Low 13 Blackjack – One additional European Blackjack game variant that offers players a range of different bonus betting opportunities is the Hi Low 13 Blackjack game, when you are playing this variant online you are tasked, if you choose to place the bonus bets, with having to guess what the value of your first two playing cards dealt out to you will be when added together. You can guess that they will be worth exactly 13 or higher than 13 or lower than 13 and if you guess correctly you will be awarded with a bonus payout, irrespective of whether you go on to win that hand or not.

Other Microgaming Blackjack Game Variants

Below is an overview of some of the other Blackjack games variants you will find on offer at Microgaming powered casinos, however it should be noted that these games all come with slightly higher house edges and as such should not be your preferred games of choice, for there are some much better paying variants available, namely all those listed above.

Spanish Blackjack – One game that is going to call for you to put into play quite a different basic strategy than all other Blackjack game variants is the Spanish Blackjack game, and this is due to the 10 cards (not the picture cards) having all been removed from the decks! To make up for there being no 10’s in the deck a range of bonus payouts which require no additional bonus bet can be awarded to players playing this popular but very unusual Blackjack game variants online.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack – Another of Microgaming’s popular regional variants of Blackjack is their Vegas Downtown Blackjack game, it is available as both a single hand and multi hand game and you can also play those versions as classic games or via their graphically enhanced Gold Series versions of the game.

Bonus Blackjack – The Bonus Blackjack game is another of Microgaming’s very fun to play games on which you can place an optional side bet which sits alongside your base game stake. That bonus bet will allow you to have the chance of winning a range of bonus payouts if and when you are dealt out a range of different hands, those payouts could be small in size or quite large in size, so do take a look at our review of this game for more details.

Big Five Blackjack – The Big Five Blackjack game is an exclusive game found in Microgaming powered sites, it is not particularly a very low house edge game to play, but it is one that comes with a range of different playing rules one of which is the surrender option, so it may just appeal to many players out there looking for a game on which they can give up their hand in return for getting half of their stakes back when their hand has very little chance of winning.

Double Exposure Blackjack – This Blackjack game may appeal to players who like to know where they stand at all stages of the game, for when playing this variant the Dealer makes an unusual playing move, and that is to reveal his cards, so this does of course mean you know what hand he is holding and can make your playing and betting moves based on that knowledge.

Super Fun 21 Blackjack – One other Blackjack game variant that you may be interested in solely thanks to the fact that when playing it online you can win lots of bonus payouts without the need to place a bonus bet, it the “Super Fun 21” Blackjack game, there are a few compromises to be made when playing this game due to those bonus payouts and as such do take a look at our review of this game for more details of what those compromises are.

Triple 7’s Blackjack – It should be noted that the Triple 7’s Blackjack is not available to play at all Microgaming powered casino sites, and this game is very unique for it offers players the chance of winning a progressive jackpot in addition to a range of other bonus payouts. However, playing it will call for you to place an obligatory side bet wager onto the table which may prove expensive over time.

Play Online Blackjack for Free or for Real

If you do wish to play any of the above named Blackjack game variants, then you will find each and every one of them on offer at the following online casino sites, be aware that you will be given the option of playing the Blackjack games named above for free or for real at each of our handpicked and approved Microgaming casinos.

Click or tap on the respective links below if you wish to learn more about what any of these casinos have to offer you by way of player comps and/or new player and ongoing bonus offers.

Platinum Play Casino – The new player sign up bonus offered to first time real money players at the highly rated Platinum Play Casino is going to be the very first thing you notice when visiting their website, as that bonus offers excellent value for money then it is a site worthy of checking out and one where your gaming bankroll can and will become worth much more when you take advantage of that bonus offer.

Ruby Fortune Casino – A smaller and more boutique type of online casino is what you will find if you choose to play at Ruby Fortune Casino, however you will be impressed by their high standards and their ongoing commitment to giving players the best gaming experience.

Royal Vegas Casino – Another Microgaming powered sites that is as reliable as time itself is the long established Royal Vegas Casino, should you wish to play Blackjack games online you will have access to both a no download and fully downloadable gaming platform and this leading casino site has also just launched a new mobile casino site allowing you to play Blackjack on the go.

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