Vegas Downtown Blackjack for Real Money

vegas-downtown-blackjackIf you are after playing many of the Blackjack Game Variants that you may have played when on holiday in places such as Spain, Atlantic City or even Las Vegas, then the casinos you need to be played at online are our top rated and recommended Microgaming Casinos for when you play at such sites you are going to come across a very wide and varied collection of Blackjack game regional variants that replicate the game playing rules and payouts of those games you may have played when on vacation.

One of these regional variants is the game of Vegas Downtown Blackjack, now you are probably more than aware that the downtown area of Las Vegas is renowned for offering Blackjack and other casino games that come with very liberal game play rules and generous house edges, and as such this game may just be one that will appeal to you.

Below you will find a complete overview of what this real money Blackjack game has to offer you including the game playing rules for both the Dealer and player along with a few hints and playing tips which we just know will be of interest to you.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

Never let it be said that Microgaming do not give casino game players a truly enormous range of games to play, and this is very evident when you take a look at just how many different Blackjack game variants they have on offer. Be aware though that for the maximum selection of games make sure you opt to use their fully downloadable gaming platform on which you will find dozens of different Blackjack games.

The Vegas Downtown Blackjack game was one of the very first variants Microgaming made available to players when they first launched their online gaming platforms over two decades ago, and that original game was available in two versions, one being a single hand game and the other a multi hand variant.

When Microgaming revamped and fully updated their gaming platforms they tweaked and fully enhanced a lot of their original games and as such you will now find a much more graphically enhanced Gold Series version of both their single hand and multi hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack games, both of which have the same number of decks in the shoe and the same set of winning payouts attached to them.

Dealer and Player Rules

The Dealer is always going to be dealing cards from a two deck shoe when you are playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack for real money, and at the end of any game played and before the next one is sent into live play all of the playing cards in that shoe are fully shuffled, so card counters out there will have no benefit of counting cards when playing this game at any Microgaming powered casino site.

Another Dealer rule is that he is going to deal himself a hole card, if you do not know what this means it is simply a second card which will be dealt alongside his up facing card however the hole card is dealt face down, when the Dealer may have a Blackjack hand he will check his face down card and this is known as peeking.

The only other Dealer rules that will affect how you play your hand is that whenever he has dealt to himself a hand worth a soft 17 or any lower valued hand then at that point in the game he is always going to hit his hand.

There are several player rules which you may just find very beneficial and liberal when you play this Vegas Downtown game online, the first being that as soon as you have been dealt out your first two cards of any hand, then you can, if you wish double down on that hand, by doing so you are dealt out just one additional card to that hand for which you have to pay another stake equal to the amount of cash you wagered on that base game hand.

You are able to split a hand up to 3 times and end up playing off four separate hands when you do so, also if you have split any hand then the Dealer is going to allow you to double down on each of those hands once he has dealt out a second card to each split card.

Aces can only get split once and just one card is going to be dealt out to each of them, in regards to which card you are allowed to split you can split any pair of cards that have the same value and this includes unalike 10 valued cards.

Payouts and Playing Tips

All non Blackjack hands that you are dealt out that beat the Dealers hand will be paid out at odds of even money when playing this game, and if your hand beats the Dealers and is a Blackjack hand the winning odds awarded to you on those hands are 3 to 2. Insurance which is never worth taking due to its huge house edge is paid out at odds of 2 to 1 if placed and ultimately successful.

We shall now give you just a handful of playing tips for playing Microgaming’s Vegas Downtown Blackjack game, first off let us start by letting you know how to play a pair of 4’s optimally. When dealt out such a hand always hit your hand unless the Dealer is showing a card valued at 5 or 6 and if he is holding any 5 or 6 card then split that pairs of 4’s.

Two other tips we can pass on to you is for you to always split any pair of Aces you have been dealt out and always stand any pair of like or unalike 10 valued cards. Playing those hands any differently will increase the house edge of this Blackjack variant which for reference when you play it perfectly with optimal playing strategy returns a long term expected house edge of just 0.39%.

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