Vegas Single Deck Blackjack for Real Money

vegas-single-deck-blackjackIf you are a Blackjack player who regularly plays in land based casinos, then you will not need us to tell you just how difficult it is to find and locate a casino offering a single deck Blackjack game variant. These types of games are much sought after by players as they offer low house edges and are perfect for any player wanting the maximum winning opportunities.

Should you be a fan of single deck Blackjack games then as part of our series of informative Blackjack Game Variants guides that look at all of the variants of Blackjack found in Microgaming Casinos we invite you to have a look through this guide which is dedicated to their highly playable Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

Microgaming only offers a single hand version of their Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game and as such you are not going to find it offered as a multi hand game. However, as it will just be you playing a heads up game against the dealer you will be able to play a large number of games per session as you can speed up the rate at which the cards are dealt out to you via the player adjustable options settings.

Should you be looking for multi hand Blackjack game variants to play then do have a look at our other Microgaming Blackjack game reviews as there are no shortages of single hand games that are also available at multi hand games, and you are going to quite easily find a game to suit your own unique playing style.

Dealer and Player Rules

Microgaming never overcomplicate the way in which they design their online Blackjack games, and as such when you do decide to get stuck into playing this Vegas Single Deck game you are going to find the dealer and player rules are very easy to understand.

To begin with as this game is a single deck game then there is of course just one deck of cards in play, do be aware that once you have played off any single game the deck is going to be fully shuffled before you send the next game into live play.

The dealer is going to deal his hand out as a hole card hand which means he will deal out one of his cards face up and the other face down, he will be peeking at the face down card when he may be holding a Blackjack hand, so expect to see him peeking any time his up facing card is either a ten valued card or an Ace.

All hands and additional cards the dealer deals out to his hand that have a combined total value of lower than and including a soft 17 hand will see him hitting those hands, and standing on any hard 17 or higher valued hand.

There are several ways in which a player can play off certain hand combinations, for a start if you are dealt out an initial hand combination that is worth a hard 9, 10 or 11 then you will be given the option of doubling down on that hand, this is where you pay to get one additional card dealt to that hand, and the amount you need to pay for that additional one extra card will be the same as your initial base bet.

Players are permitted to split some cards, but be aware that players will only ever be allowed to split once per game played and also players are not allowed to double down on any split hand. The cards a player can split are any matching valued cards and this include any two cards that share the value of ten, such as a Jacks and a King for example.

Payouts and Playing Tips

The one major downside you will find when you are playing a single hand Blackjack game in most land based and some online casinos is that they compensate for the fairly low house edge of their games by lowering the payout attached to a winning players Blackjack hand.

However, this will not be the case if you choose to play Microgaming’s Single Deck Blackjack game as a winning players Blackjack hand is paid out at odds of 3 to 2 and not that much lower 6 to 5 payout odds many other casinos tend to offer! The winning payouts for all other non Blackjack player hands and this will include any split tens dealt an Ace or any split Aces dealt a ten is even money.

There will be times when the dealers hand could be a Blackjack hand and this is of course when he is holding a ten or Ace card, and as such when he is holding such a face up card he will offer you the option of placing an Insurance bet, this will be charged at half of your initial base game bet, and if he does end up with a Blackjack hand then you are paid out at odds of 2 to 1.

This Insurance bet is purely a money making side bet option for any casino and has a massive house edge attached to it, so if you want to play Microgaming’s Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game optimally then amongst other things you should always refuse to place the Insurance bet.

You can play this game for a stake level of just 1.00 and the maximum bet per hand is 2.00. The house edge when played optimally is just 0.35% making it a value packed game and one you should have hours of fun playing online.

Two easy to remember playing tips for playing this variant of Blackjack online is to always split any pair of Aces that have been dealt out to you and if you have been dealt any pair of ten valued cars then always stand them, too many players will end up splitting a pair of ten valued cards, and casinos love it when layers do that as it increase the house edge quite noticeably.

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