Vegas Strip Blackjack for Real Money

vegas-strip-blackjackAs part of our growing number of casino game playing guides and strategy articles, we have been very busy recently looking at all of the Blackjack Game Variants that you will find on offer at Microgaming Casinos and have spent quite some time dissecting these games to give you a meaning full set of facts and figures surrounding how they games are structured and the mathematics of how each game works and plays.

The Vegas Strip Blackjack game is currently Microgaming’s second lowest house edge Blackjack game variant, and as such it is a very popular game with players. If you enjoy playing Blackjack or are new to this casino card game then do spend some time having a look through this and all of other other Blackjack variant guides, as they will enlighten you on how to play each variant optionally and will help you in your quest to find a perfect game to suit your own playing style.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

You will have a choice of whether to play Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack game variant as either a single hand game or as a multi hand game. If you choose to play the latter then you will be able to play from one of five hands per game played.

It should be noted that unlike some other Microgaming Blackjack games both the single hand and multi hand variants are played with exactly the same number or of decks of cards in the shoe and as such you are not going to notice a difference in the long term expected house edge when playing and comparing these two types of Vegas Strip Blackjack games. For reference there are four full decks of playing cards in play in the shoe of this game.

Dealer and Player Rules

To begin with let us inform you that you will be playing a Blackjack game variant which uses four decks of playing cards when playing this Vergas Strip game. The stake levels at which you can play it for are fairly standard with the minimum stake allowed per hand you choose to play being just 1.00 and the maximum amount you can place on each hand per single game played is a much larger 200.00.

Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack game is one on which a hole card is going to be dealt out by the Dealer to his hand, this is a face down card dealt along his facing upwards card, and he will peek at that card when his hand could potentially be a Blackjack hand. The Dealer is obliged to keep on hitting his hand until it has a value of 17 or higher, so any 17 valued hand whether a soft or hard hand will see the Dealer standing that hand.

The rules regarding how a player can play his or her hands are quite liberal, for a start you can double down and buy a third card on any two initial cards dealt out to you, when performing such a move you need to have enough funds in your casino account to allow you to buy that third card which is going to cost you the same amount as you staked on the base hand.

Not only are you permitted to double down on any two initial cards but when you have split two cards you can also double down after that split on one or both of the new hands formed. Aces can only be split once however and one card only will be dealt out to both of them. Any two cards that share the same value can be split so if for example you have a Ten and a Queen then if you so desire you can split those cards, however do keep reading as splitting ten valued cards is not the correct playing strategy.

Payouts and Playing Tips

There are no nasty surprises in regards to the winning payouts you will be awarded with when playing the Vegas Strip Blackjack game at any Microgaming software powered site. All winning player Blackjack hands are paid out at odds of 3 to 2 with the exception of any split Aces or Tens, should any split Ace get dealt a ten valued card or any split ten get dealt out an Ace then a winning hand formed this way is paid out at odds of even money.

All non blackjack winning hands are paid out at the industry standard even money. As you will be offered Insurance when playing this blackjack game variant you do need to be aware this is one bet you should never place due to its highly inflated house edge. When playing the Vegas Strip Blackjack game perfectly you can expect the long term house edge to be a fairly modest 0.35%.

Let us now pass onto you some very valuable and easy to remember playing tips that will enable you to play this game optimally whenever you choose to give it some play time online. The first tip is in regards to playing a hand worth eleven in value, as you can double down such hands then the optimal playing strategy will call for players to always double down their eleven valued hands unless the dealer has an Ace on show, in which case you should opt to hit your hand instead of doubling down.

Get dealt any hand which has a value of a soft 19 or is a soft 20 then the best way to play those hand is to stand them, do not be tempted to play those hands any other way no matter what face up card the dealer is showing, as playing those hands in any other way is the incorrect strategy for this game which will ultimately increase the house edge of the game.

One additional playing tip is in regards to how to play any soft 14 valued hand, always hit this type of hand unless you can see the dealers card is a 5 or 6 valued card, if it is then the best playing strategy will call for you to double down that hand.

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