Venetian Macau: The World’s Largest Casino

Venetian Macau

Even though Las Vegas is famous for its grandiose construction projects, the home of the world’s largest brick-and-mortar casino hotel resort is not America, but Asia. The Venetian Macau’s 10.5 million square feet make it not only the largest casino in the world, but the second largest building in the whole world! The building cost the owner, the Las Vegas Sands hotel-casino chain of American billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a whopping $1.8 billion. No worries, they could probably afford it..

Opened in August 2007, the Venetian Macau was themed like its sister casino, the Venetian Las Vegas, on the Carnival of Venice. The lavishly decorated casino hotel resort, inspired by the architecture of one of the most romantic destinations on earth, celebrates the carnival every day with its street entertainment featuring street performers and opera musicians dressed in rich Venetian costumes.

With yet another replica of its main attractions (complete with gondola rides to the sounds of Italian opera) looks like the city Venice keeps on multiplying for the sake of those of us who wants to visit the famous Rialto Bridge without boarding a plane to Europe. Well, if one day Venice will indeed sink – as architects have been warning for years – Italy could always ask the Venetian casino to build her a new one.

With 550,000 square feet of casino space, a whole lot of gambling action goes down in the Venetian Macau. It packs 3400 slot machines and 800 tables. And there’s plenty of room of other attractions: the humongous casino resort offers 3000 suites in its 32 floors, and encompasses huge spaces for leisure and entertainment. Visitors can take a walk (a l-o-n-g walk) through the 1.6 million square feet mall, or book tickets to the 15,000 seat arena that hosts first rate international performers such as Beyonce and the Black Eyed Peas as well as sport events like the Sampras-Federer tennis showdown.

The Venetian Macau was designed to be the anchor of the new Cotai Strip – Macau’s version of the Vegas strip. With this latest addition, the only place in China where gambling is still legal, is experiencing a fast economic growth that is only expected to increase thanks to tourism and construction projects. In fact, Macau has already surpassed Veges as the highest-volume gambling centre in the world, producing greater gambling revenues. But don’t worry too much about old Vegas, she will fight back no doubt and we can’t wait to see what’s she hiding up her sleeve.

By the way, now that you’re familiar with the world’s second largest building, you are probably wandering who is number one. Well, maybe Vegas was robbed of the world’s largest casino but the American pride can be consoled with the massive Boeing Everett Factory in Washington where the aircraft manufacturer builds its planes. The factory’s size is no less than 472 million cubic feet.

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