Android Video Poker for Real Money

video-pokerIf you make the very wise decision of playing Android Video Poker games at any of our featured Microgaming powered mobile casino sites, then you are going to be able to access and play six different variants of this popular casino card based game.

Below we will introduce to you each variant and also present you with a few playing hints and tips and also let you know which online casino have recently launched their very own mobile casino sites, all of which are fully compatible with any type of Android device.

Aces and Eights – The Aces and Eights Android Video Poker game comes with a revamped pay table, and when playing this particular variant the four of a kind hands containing four Aces or four 8’s have a much larger payout attached to them than the other four of a hand combinations. This game plays out with a payout percentage of 99.09% when played perfectly.

Aces and Faces – This is another variant on which some of the “four of a kind” hand combinations have been boosted in value, and when playing it you will notice that enhanced payout when you get a hand which contains any four Aces or any four matching Picture Cards. The house edge of this variant when played optimally is a large 99.26%.

Bonus Deuces Wild – This is an Android Video Poker game which has a slightly higher jackpot payout when you play it with 5 coins in play compared to many other variants. A 5000 coin jackpot will be paid to you if you play all five coins per hand and then get dealt out a Royal Flush hand. This game has an RTP that works out at, with perfect playing strategy 99.15%.

Deuces Wild – With its set of wild 2 cards the pay table on the Android Deuces Wild Video Poker game may take a little getting used to as there are many addition hand combinations on offer. The most noticeable addition to this variants pay table is a 1000 coin payout when played with 5 coins when you are dealt out all four of the 2 cards with any fifth playing card in the deck. The long term and expected payout percentage of this game is 96.76% which sadly is quite low.

Double Double Bonus Poker – Another Android Video Poker game variant which may take your fancy is the Double Double Bonus Poker game, this is another variant offered at Microgaming powered mobile casinos, and when playing this game due to its unique pay table over the long term you should get a payout percentage of 98.98%.

Jacks or Better – The most popular Android Video Poker game is of course the Jacks or Better game variant, a relatively simple game to master when played with perfect strategy which includes playing five coins per hand you will be up against a long term expected house edge of 99.54%.

How to Play Android Video Poker Games Perfectly

As you have just discovered the actual payout percentages offered on the above Video Poker game variants are very attractive to players, but you are only going to be getting playing sessions on which you receive as near to those RTP’s as it possible when you play each hand dealt out to your perfectly.

With this in mind below are a few hints and playing tips that we would like to pass onto you to ensure that every session of Android Video Poker you do end up playing gives you the maximum winning opportunities.

Holding and Discarding – The one aspect of playing Video Poker is that you need a strategic mind, and as such these types of casino games are not boring to play and will always keep you on your toes as you have to think about each initial hand and then make the best decision in regards to which cards you hold and which you discard.

It is therefore important that you understand the basics of the variant you have opted to play and this will mean you have to learn which cards to hold and which cards to discard. So it may be worth your while getting some playing experience by using the free to play, demo mode option on any Video Poker game that has taken your fancy, and playing it for free will allow you to master the way the game plays and pays.

Number of Coins – The coin values of all Video Poker game variants, with the exception of any progressive variants you come across will offer you the ability of choosing one of several different settings. You can play for small coin values or high coin values, but whichever way of staking your hands you choose you must always opt to play the maximum number of coins on each hand.

The reasons for this is simple, if you take a look at the pay table attached to most if not all Video Poker games you will notice that the maximum coin payouts for the highest valued hand combination is enhanced, and by playing for the maximum number of coins the payout percentage on that variant will be the one you are playing for. Playing less than the maximum number of coins will reduce the jackpot payout and also your expected payout percentage over the long term.

Gamble Feature – A double or nothing gable game option will be offered to you when playing many different Android Video Poker game variants as soon as you have been dealt out a winning hand combination. This will involve you having to select one of four cards in the hope that when the one you pick is turned over it will be a higher valued one than the first card in the sequence.

It is best to refuse to take the gamble option when offered, as this game does of course affect the payout percentage of the variant you are playing, and you are just as likely to lose when taking this option as you are of winning, and a series of losing outcomes will see your Video Poker playing budget vanish rather quickly.

Where to Play Android Video Poker for Real Money

All of the Android Video Poker games listed above can be played at the following casino sites. However, you are going to be unable to play these games if you live in the USA, but you will find an equally impressive range of Video Poker game variants offered at the Lucky Red Casino that is a US player friendly casino site that offers a full suite of Android casino games at their newly launched mobile casino site.

Red Bet Casino – Rapid winning payouts are the main attraction of the Red Bet Casino site, you will often find your winnings have been paid into your web wallet in minutes of you requesting a winning payout. Take a look at our review of this casino site for there is currently a not to be missed sign up bonus available to all new players singing up to their mobile casino site.

Go Wild Casino – You should find exactly the type of Video Poker game you are looking to play when logged into the Go Wild Casino site for in addition to their mobile casino they have an online casino at which you will find single hand Video Poker games, multi hand variants a brand new collection of Level-Up Video Poker games an also a couple of progressive variants, on which a massive jackpot can be won.

It is always worth noting that if you do decide to play their progressive Video Poker games which are their Supajax and Jackpot Deuces games, and you win the progressive jackpot, as this casino is linked up to Microgaming’s progressive network you will get the entire jackpot paid out to you in one lump sum. The only downside of those progressive Video Poker game variants is that they are fixed coin games so when playing maximum coins which is required to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot each hand you play will cost you 5.00 in total.

Platinum Play Casino – The Platinum Play Casino site operators have many years experience under their belts and as such as a new player you will find everything about their casinos have been designed with the player in mind. Their range of Android casino games is impressive and you will also find they have plenty of new games going live onto their gaming platform, so you can always find a new game to play.

Royal Vegas Casino – It is the generous player loyalty scheme in place at the Royal Vegas mobile casino site that attracts a lot of players, for not only does their loyalty club award you with lots of comp points when you play any of their games for real money which you can then exchange of casino credits, but they also tend to offer a lot of ongoing mobile casino bonuses which are often quite high valued reload bonuses.

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