Video Poker Machine Cheats and Scams

Many video poker machines are as vulnerable in regards to being cheated and scammed as slot machines, however there was recently a major bug discovered on a land based video poker machine that could turn a small winning payout into a much larger sized one.

Imagine playing a multi denomination video poker game and being able to increase the coin values at which you are playing at, but after you have actually played off a hand. If you could do that then you would be able to play that game for low stakes and then when you have a decent winning hand combination increase the coin values and get paid out much more.

Well, that has actually what you have been able to do on one of the most commonly found video poker machines in many land based casinos for many years now! The only problem was that not everyone knew how to do it and recently a case went to court regarding two men who accidentally stumbled on this design flaw on the Game King video poker machine.

How to Game King Video Poker Bug Worked

Let us explain how this very unusual bug in the Game King video poker machine worked. You would first need to locate a machine on which the double up gamble feature option was switched on and available. The machine you choose must always have been a multi denomination one. It is worth noting that many casinos chose to deactivate the gamble option as many players found it annoying as it slowed down their game play.

However, by asking a passing slot attendant a player could request that the double up option was turned on and this would be something any slot attendant would be more than happy to do for those players.

Next you would simply have to choose one of the different video poker games offered on the Game King machine to play, and set that game to play with just one coin which must be the lowest valued coin option available. The majority of Game King Machines would give players the option of play for coin values of 1.00, 2.00, 5.00 or 10.00 and obviously in such case a player would simply choose the 1.00 coin value setting and then play off five of those coins per hand dealt out.

You would have to keep playing that video poker machine on stakes of 1.00 for as long as it takes to get dealt out one of the better paying hand combinations on the pay table, and as soon as one was dealt out to you this is where the bug could be exploited.

As soon as that high valued hand combination was dealt out, you should not cash out those cash but instead click on the More Games button and locate a different video poker game to play and then start to play that game until a wining hand combination of any value has been dealt out to you.

Next you need to insert more money into the machine which should be enough in value to cover the largest possible valued bet you can play. You then click on the More Games button once again but this time increase the coin denomination setting to the maximum one, which in most cases was 10.00 and then once you have changed the coin denomination to the highest setting simply select the original game you was playing on which you had been dealt out the high valued hand but hadn’t yet cash it out.

Once the game is loaded the original winning payout for that hand combination will now be waiting to be cash out not based on the original 1.00 setting, but due to a bug in the machine it would suddenly become a win based on coin values of 10.00 and as such you are awarded a much bigger winning payout.

What made this bug a very profitable one was that once you played around with the games and found other ways to exploit the bug a player could repeat the cycle of cashing out a big win over and over again by repeating the above cycle repeatedly on the same one original hand combination, and a player could also do the same on other peoples jackpot or high valued winning payouts by jumping on those machines if a player had won the jackpot or a high valued win.

Does the Game King Video Poker Bug Still Work?

This bug was exploited to great effect by two guys who discovered it, however eventually suspicion was aroused in one land based casino when they chose to repeatedly rinse the same winning hand combination more than once.

An alert security team member who was viewing the CCTV footage noticed something wasn’t quite right and upon further investigation by reviewing the footage repeatedly the casino employees were able to replicate the bug and those two men were subsequently arrested and charged.

However, when the court case date came around both men refused to plead guilty and the prosecution were trying to find something that they could be charged on, even a plea bargaining was offered, however eventually the Justice Department decided to drop the case and both men were free.

As soon as Game King became aware of this bug on their gaming machines an urgent patch was launched and each machine, it is thought, has now been given a software update which means sadly you are unable to make use of this bug anymore, that is unless of course you chance upon a machine that has not had its software updated.

It is not known whether the two men who were discovered exploiting this bug were the only people doing it as no one else has ever been discovered using it, however it may have been the case other players know about it and were ever so discreetly putting it into practice and if that is the case then over the years this exploit would have cost the gaming industry a lot of money.

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