Video Poker is Growing on Me

The truth is I never liked playing video poker for money until we met on the online casinos. Up till then, for me it was always a lowly game with small payoffs going on the back rooms of bad drinking halls. The absolute opposite of the grand casino experience I dreamt of.

Where I grew up casino gambling was illegal, so naturally like any other no-gambling territory there were more than plenty of dives you could play at, usually back rooms of pubs or arcades, lottery stations, sportsbooks, and more. Since the old video poker machines were convenient to use, easy to install, and much quieter than any other table or machine, they were the most popular choice about a decade ago, next to regular video games. [My Video Poker Passion] The problem was that whenever I got to lay my hands on the machine – after waiting way too long for my turn – it was always filthy like you wouldn’t believe. Dirtier than the oldest, busiest machine you could find in a dumpster in Vegas. With finger stains and grease spots on the buttons and screen, you’d think it went under millions of players, instead of the guys from my neighborhood. The center piece of it all was our local never-shaving, weekend-only-showering semi-thug who used to hog the thing for hours. So the whole smelly, grimy back room atmosphere didn’t do it to me, and with time I got tired of the game.

But why did we keep on playing? After all, with no regulation our half-assed casino was no man’s land, and payouts were pure imagination. Our video poker game was this big box that eats your coins and never gives something back. And yet …for us this was the closest we could get to the Las Vegas gambling experience. It had the gambling thrill, fueled by the urban legends about big winners. Plus, the fact it was illegal made our adrenaline pump harder…I bet all my money that if Vegas turns illegal it will thrive more than ever on nothing but one slot and a dirty video poker machine…

Now the years past and I moved on. I’ve been to a lot of casinos in Europe and the US, and wouldn’t touch a video poker game to save my life. And it would have gone on like this for years if I hadn’t started playing online. Just like meeting an old girlfriend after a bad breakup, first I avoided it, but then curiosity got the better of me. Well, turns out my Ex was looking good! No more bulky nickel video poker machines, but a smooth, slick software with amazing looks and sound. Instead of the indifferent shrugs of the pub operator, here I have 24/7 customer service and guaranteed supervision. And hey, you can actually win here.

After years of playing Video Poker in sad holes, the new games are nothing short than sweet. I play other games too, but I always go back to Video Poker every now and then because it reminds me of old times, and now that the game actually pays, I can afford to be nostalgic.

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