FOBT Virtual Racing Games

virtual-horse-racingOne category of game that you are able to play on FOBT’s are the virtual racing games, and these games will let you place one or more bets on the outcome of a horse or greyhound race. What makes these games slightly different from those virtual races shown every few minutes in the betting shops via their betting screens is that the payouts and odds of winning are the same on each virtual race held.

Also once a player has chosen to place a wager on one of these FOBT virtual races then a random number is generated and sent to the FOBT and the machine will then run a pre-filmed video of that race being run.

Should the players’ selected dog or horse win then they are of course paid out at the fixed odds they took whilst making their selection, and then a player can make a selection on another race.

The FOBT virtual racing therefore differs from the bookmakers standard virtual races in as much as those races shown on the screen in the betting shop have a different number of runners, and each race held has different odds on each runner of that race, and computer graphics are used to display the outcome of the race instead of the video footage of the races as played out on the FOBT machines.

FOBT Greyhound Racing

The virtual greyhound racing games that you can play online will give you the option of betting on a six dog greyhound race of an eight dog greyhound race. Once you have chosen which type of greyhound race you wish to bet on then a betting screen will appear on the FOBT screen.

Win Bets

With either just six or eight dogs to choose from you will be able to select a range of different win bets to place and every single dog listed will have a set of win odds attached to it. You simply opt to pick one of the stakes available and as long as the winning payout of that bet does not exceed £500 then that bet will be accepted.

Place Bets

Should you prefer a more cautious approach to virtual dog racing then do opt for the Place betting options, as long as your dog finishes first or second you will be paid out at a percentage of the win odds on that dog irrespective of whether it finishes in first or second position.

Forecast Bets

The virtual greyhound FOBT bet with the biggest range of options is the Forecast bet, when placing such a wager you have to pick which dog you think is going to win the next race and also which dog you think is going to finish second, the dogs must however finish in first and second place for this wager to be a winning one.

You can place low or high stake bets on all of the available dogs in any race, however be warned the winning payout cannot excess £500 per single bet on any single virtual greyhound race! Should your stake be too large for the odds attached to any bet then the FOBT will not permit you to place that bet.

FOBT Horse Racing

Horse race betting is available on FOBT machines and there are usually only eight horses involved in each horse race, once you have chosen to place any of the following listed FOBT horse bets then the screen will play out video footage of the race selected by the random number generator.

Win Bets

You will find the odds offered on all FOBT horses in any race about to start will differ in value, the horse with the lowest odds attached to it has a greater chance of winning than the horse with the highest odds, however the random number generator will decide which horse will win the race based on the odds.

Place Bets

If you are not willing to place a win bet then another type of bet which gives you a slightly better chance of placing a winning bet is the Place bet, and when you place such a bet you are going to have to pick which horse you think will fill one of the placed positions, which are either first, second or third place.

If you chosen selection does end up coming in first, second or third you are paid out a percentage of the win odds offered on that horse.

Forecast Bets

Picking the horses you think will pass the finishing line in first and second place can and will award the largest payouts and the largest odds when you are betting of FOBT horse races, the actual win odds of each horse is going to determine the winning odds attached to all Forecast bets as they are known.

Your chosen horses have to pass the finishing line in the order you chose for a Forecast FOBT horse race bet to be a winning one, should you wish to bet on any two horses to finish first and second in any order then you need to place two separate bets, one will cover horse A to finish first and horse B to finish second and the other bet will cover horse B to finish first and Horse A to finish second.

As with all of the greyhound FOBT bets listed above when you place a virtual horse bet you cannot win on any single race more than the permitted maximum payout which is £500. The machine is not going to permit you to place any wager which exceeds its maximum payout.

Random Games

All of the virtual racing games offered on FOBT’s are completely random, and once you have chosen a bet to place the FOBT machine then request a random result from a random number generator, this ensures you have a fair and sporting chance of selecting a winning runner in any race and ensures the complete integrity of the game itself.

The previous result of any FOBT Horse or Greyhound race does not have any effect on the outcome of the next race.

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