Wagers You Should Not Place on Roulette Games

The chance of winning a payout worth 35 to 1 on each spin of a roulette wheel is going to be very attractive to casino game players, for it will not take a player very long to amass a huge amount in winnings should they successfully predict a series of consecutive numbers that are rolled in on a roulette wheel.

However, over the years there have been lots of different roulette game variants launched and released and then made available at all online casino sites, and half of the battle of becoming a much more successful roulette player is of course knowing which bets are the ones you should never place on a roulette which whilst also knowing which ones are going to give you a fair and very low house edge.

With that in mind below you will find listed and mentioned a range of both different roulette game variants and a range of bets and wagers that you should avoid placing on those roulette games. Those are of course the bets and wagers which offer no real value due to their respective house edges being so very large.

Should you be interested in playing roulette online or on your mobile phone for the first time then please do read through this following guide and take a note of what we will be enlightening you on, for there are many best and wagers that you should never, ever be tempted to place on a roulette games betting layout, no matter how attractive the payout odds may seem.

American Roulette – You will find that an American Roulette game is very easy to spot for the roulette wheel and also the betting layout will have not the usual one single zero displayed on it but you will also find an extra double zero in play on the wheel and on offer on the betting layout.

That does of course mean that whenever you play the American Roulette game you are going to find there are 37 possible ball wells that the ball can and in, however the odds attached to the single number wager and in fact all of the other betting opportunities are the same as on a single zero roulette wheel.

There the house edge is massively increased on any American Roulette game due to that additional double zero and that means the house edge on the vast majority of wagers is 5.26% and not the 2.70% offered on a single zero roulette game. That massively increased house edge is going to give you very poor value and as such this is one roulette game variant you should never play.

If you have no other option in regards to which roulette games you can access and play and do decide to play American Roulette then one bet that you should always avoid placing is the Bucket Bet, which is a bet which covers the two zeros along with the numbers 1, 2 and 3. The house edge on that particular bet is even worse that the other betting opportunities and it has a house edge of a very unappealing 7.89%.

Roulette Royale – You will be able to play quite a number of roulette games online on which you will have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot, one of the most played progressive roulette game sis the Roulette Royale which is available in Microgaming casino sites.

When you play this game you are only ever able to access and play it for real money and no matter what wagers you choose to place onto the roulette wheel you are also obliged to play an obligatory 1.00 side bet wager.

That side bet awards playing with a range of cash prizes whenever a single number is spun in two or more times consecutively.  When you play this game by you spinning in the same number on the roulette wheel five times on the trot you will then win the progressive jackpot.

However, that side bet wager which you are obliged to place alongside you base game bets will slowly eat away at your bankroll and the actual house edge attached dot the progressive side bet bonus wager in enormous and as such unless you are feeling extremely lucky you should never be tempted to place any wagers on this game.

Mini RoulettePlaytech are an online, mobile and land based casino game designer and suppliers and when you are looking round for an online or even a mobile casino site at which to play at you will find some of the more well know land based gaming companies will offer their own standalone casino sites which use their gaming platforms.

Having been in business for over 20 years Playtech have of course designed and released a huge number of different roulette games over those years, and as such by choosing to play at any site powered by their software you will never go short in regards to the roulette game variants you will be able to access and play.

One of their most recently launched and released roulette game variants  is the Mini Roulette game, and you will find this game listed in the Arcade Games menu at any online casino sites offering the Playtech range of games.

This roulette game has one single zero on its wheel and just the numbers one to twelve on the roulette wheel, and as such you have fewer betting opportunities available to you which may give you the impression your winning chances will be increased by playing the Mini Roulette game variant.

However, this is sadly a roulette game which is not going to be appealing to any serious roulette player for the house edge that it has been designed to have attached to it is 7.69% which is even worse that the house edge on offer on the American Roulette game and as such this is a game you should also avoid playing when you see it offered at any casino site you are logged into.

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