Water Park In Atlantic City

Bart Blatstein is a developer that has been popular as of late. His latest idea has Atlantic City in a rush of excitement, at least for family-friendly environments.

How about a water park in Atlantic City? It was serious enough that there was a press conference about it with full details and blueprints. It will supposedly be a glass enclosure with a retractable roof.

What Is Inside?

As far as what will be included inside this new water park, the Showboat Casino will be no more at least for right now. The amenities inside the proposed water park will be at basic:

  • Water slides
  • Pool
  • Lazy river
  • Food and beverage outlets
  • Party rooms

Once the building of this water park gets underway, we will see more specifics of what will be included. Indeed, it will take some time to get this resort to what is included in the blueprints.

This blueprint also was presented to the Casino Redevelopment Authority. The estimated $100 million rebuilding project, in Blatstein’s eyes, will be regarded as the best pound-for-pound water park in the country.

Why A Waterpark?

If you visit Atlantic City during the summer months with your family, you have offerings of the beaches and even Steel Pier. But what about the days that it rains or has unfavorable weather?

With this indoor water park, the answer has been solved for that problem. If you are asking Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. what he believes, he is on board for this as well.

In the mayor’s eyes, they cannot simply survive alone just in casino income. Call it an “Achilles heel” if you will, but there is a weak spot to this area for vacations and families that will be addressed once it is able to open.

When Will It Be Open?

The digging has not been discussed just yet. However, it will be located on an empty parking lot between the Showboat and Ocean Casino Resort.

The next steps will be coming up very soon. The CRDA board of directors is expected to be taking application requests at their next meeting on July 21.

To get all the necessary permits, Blatstein needs to have his final plans for the site in place. It is unsure as to when he needs this done, but it is looking like he will need this done very soon and maybe before the July 21 meeting.

Once everything has been signed off and digging begins, the indoor water park will take some time to get built. It is possible that early September of this year will begin groundbreaking, and then another estimated 18 months for the park to be completed.


With increased competition in land-based casinos and hotels, it makes it more difficult each day for one to have the highest standards for guests to keep returning. However, when it comes to water parks, there are none in the Atlantic City area.

Having the only water park in the area will be a game-changer. When families are planning vacations to the area, they will have everything they loved before in addition to the huge water park.

It has also been rumored that the casino will not feature this one, at least for the time being. The plans are to be strictly a water park with the appeal to families with kids.

Making a bigger splash in a water park will possibly be more profitable in the long run than a casino would. Time will tell if this inclusion in the area will be a big hit or bust.

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