What are the Chances of Winning a Slot Jackpot?

jackpotIf like many other slot players you have been sat there spinning the reels on an online slot machine and have been willing the jackpot symbols to line up on any of your activated paylines, and have been wondering just what are the odds of you doing so, then we have some interesting information to reveal to you.

Having found out the reel strip layouts for several of Microgaming’s slot machines we are able to present to you the actual odds of you spinning in all five jackpot paying symbols. Have a look through the list of slots below, and use it to help you make an informed decision on which slot offers you the most realistic chance of spinning in a jackpot paying winning combination.

Microgaming Slot Machine Jackpot Odds

Below we have handpicked a selection of Microgaming’s most popular video slot games, if you have ever played any of these slots online then have a look through the guide below for you will find the true odds of winning a jackpot on any listed slot when playing each slot games maximum number of paylines per spin.

Big Kahuna Slot – One of Microgaming’s older video slots and one that offers you the chance of winning 8000 coins whenever you line up five of the Big Kahuna jackpot symbols is of course the Big Kahuna slot. The actual odds of spinning in all five of the jackpot symbols on one payline, when you have put into play all nine paylines is one in 3,645,600.

Loaded Slot – One Microgaming slot that will offer you the best chance of spinning in the jackpot paying winning combination is the Loaded slot game. A total of 7000 coins per coin per line wagered can be won when you have all five Wild symbols lining up on any activated payline, the true odds of you doing this when playing all 25 paylines is one in 1,866,110.

Tally Ho Slot – A fast playing slot game which has a 10,000 coin base game jackpot and also an additional free spins bonus game which can be awarded, plus an option gamble type game is the Tally Ho slot. The true odds of spinning in all five Wild symbols and therefore winning the jackpot when playing all nine lines of this slot game are one in 3,960,000.

Cash a Pillar Slot – One game that a lot of slot players look at and decide to play, thanks to its 100 paylines and its stacked jackpot Wild symbols is the Cash a Pillar slot. You may however be a little put off playing it once you discover the true odds of you spinning in the Stacked Wild symbols so that every single visible reel position is covered is a mind boggling one in 4,029,109,968.

Tomb Raider Slot – One slot game that is always sure to give you plenty of excitement and one that is available on both Microgaming’s online gaming platform and their new mobile gaming platform is the Tomb Raider slot. Five of the Wild symbols on any activated payline awards 7,500 coins when playing just one coin per line, and should you activate all 15 of this slot games paylines then the odds of one of those lines having all five of the jackpot symbols lining up on it is one in 1,218,560.

Secret Admirer Slot – One Microgaming bonus video slot which has a unique type of bonus game is the Secret Admirer slot machine which is a 5 reel, 9 line slot game. There is a quite generous 5,000 coin jackpot up for grabs and when you set into live play all of those 9 paylines per spin the true odds of lining up five Wild symbols on any activate payline is one in 6,097,778.

Cashville Slot – Let us finally tell you about a great slot to play if you want a slot on which the jackpot is won more often by virtue of its true odds on spinning in. This is the 20 payline, 5 reel Cashville slot, it has a massive 50,000 base game jackpot and when you play this game will all of its paylines activated the true odds of seeing the jackpot paying combination spinning in is just one in 930,893.

Microgaming Progressive Slot Game Jackpot Odds

Below are three of the more popular progressive slot games found in all Microgaming casino sites, have a look through the information provided below for it will enlighten you on the true odds of winning either the slot games progressive jackpot or in the case of the Mega Moolah slot the base game jackpot.

Major Millions Slot – The Major Millions progressive slot is available as a Classic slot game and also additionally as a 15 payline, 5 reel video slot. When you are playing the video slot variant, and have activated all 15 paylines then should the five Major Millions jackpot symbols appear in a row on the fifteenth payline you will win the progressive jackpot. The true odds of your doing this are one in 7,484,400.

King Cash a Lot Slot – Another slot game from Microgaming which boasts a large progressive jackpot and one that can be only won when playing all nine of its paylines and lining up the jackpot paying symbols on the ninth payline is the colourful King Cash a Lot slot. The odds of you actually spinning in the jackpot symbols all in a row on the ninth payline are one in 7,917,000.

Mega Moolah Slot – It is worth noting that the Mega Moolah slot has a randomly awarded bonus feature on which one of four progressive jackpots can be won. As this bonus game is awarded completely at random the odds of actually being awarded it and winning one of those progressive jackpots is unknown.

However, we can work out, due to the reel strip layout, the odds on you winning the base game jackpot which pays a large 15,000 coins whenever five of the Wild Lion symbols line up on any activated payline, the true odds of you spinning in the jackpot paying winning combination when playing all paylines is one in 3,103,457.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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