What Kind of Slot Player Are You?

Book-of-Ra-Slot-MainThere are many different ways to play slot games online, which does of course mean that everyone can and does have the ability to play their favourite slots in their own unique way. We have previously taken a look at the way some players prefer to Play Slots using a Boom or Bust Strategy, however we are aware of several other ways of playing slots and as such have compiled a range of different slot playing guides that will introduce you to these ways.

Before we introduce you to these many different slot strategies and systems, we should point out there are pros and cons of using any of them, and as such invite you to have a look through these guides individually by following the respective links, as by doing so you will discover more about each way of playing slots and will be able to make an informed decision on whether any of them are worth adopting and using yourself.

Low Risk Slot Playing Systems and Slot Strategies

Let us now walk you through the more low risk ways of playing slots online, and as such we shall now enlighten you on some ways slot players will play slots in the hope that they can guarantee a winning session or will put into play one of more less risky slot playing strategies.

As you are able to Accumulate Slot Bonus Games when playing online, we have found that many players choose to play slots in such a way that they log out of the slot they are playing the second a bonus game feature has been triggered, and will then use those bonus game feature rounds to guarantee that their next session will be a winning one.

You will find that there are a lot of Superstitious Slot Players out there, and there are many ways that players will behave when playing any online slot game. Have a look through this guide on these types of players as some of the ways they play slots will amuse, confuse or make you wonder why they do the strange things they do sat in front of a slot machine.

Medium Risk Slot Playing Strategies

There are a couple of medium risk types of playing strategies that many slot players tend to adopt whenever they are logged into one of the hundreds of casinos available online. One type of slot player you will often find in both land based casinos and online casinos is one who will use an Alternate High -Low Stake Slot Playing System.

These players are easy to spot in a land based casino as on one spin they will give the Max Bet button a tap and then on the following spin they reduce to stake down to the minimum bet. This is more of a medium risk type of playing strategy but one that can often bear fruits.

With slot game designers and gaming software platforms often offering a range of unique features, settings and options to users of their games and gaming platforms, this has led to some players opting to use those additional features as a way of playing the range of slots offered in a strategic way.

You will now find that it is possible to start Slot Machine Stalking, which is a way of using the Jackpot Thermometer offered at Microgaming powered casinos as a way of determining just which slot games you play at sites using their state of the art gaming platforms.

High Risk Slot Playing Strategies

Let us finally move our attention to the more high risk types of slot playing strategies that many slot players have adopted over the years, and enlighten you on the pros and cons of using these types of slot playing systems.

Whilst all slots are random, and as there has never been a guaranteed slot playing system, that does not involve a slot game malfunctioning or players somehow cheating the slot games, then you are always going to be at the mercy of Lady Luck when playing any type of slot game whether online or in a land based casino environment.

Below are therefore some slot systems which will not appeal to everyone as they are more riskier than the other systems and slot playing strategies named above, but much like everything else in life if you are prepared to take a few risks with your slot playing bankroll then some of these systems and strategies may just be successful.

Another way of playing slot games either online or in a land based casino that many players enjoy doing is by those players first selecting a slot, and then playing off a number of maximum bet spins in the hope that the first few spins on that game will award them with some large valued winning payouts.

This playing strategy is known as the Ten Spin Max Bet Slot Strategy, and much like any other type of playing slot playing system there can be many differences in regards to the level of success players can achieve.

By talking a step back and patiently waiting and studying the way several slot games are currently performing, it is possible to use this feature to determine which slots are overdue to start paying out, and a player will then jump on that slot and give it their best slot once it has been playing cold for a predetermined amount of time.

There are many players that online casinos will not want playing their slot games nor will they want them to utilize their bonus offers, and these are known as Slot Game Advantage Players. By using a very well thought out, pre-planned and high risk type of playing strategy they can often put fear into most casino operators, more so if they are working as a group or team of players.

Playing slots in such a strictly controlled and predetermined way may not appeal to everyone however Advantage Players can often take casinos for thousands of Pounds, Dollars or Euros with their very well thought out playing strategies which are usually based around a poorly devised slot bonus offer or promotional offer awarded to them by an online casino.

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