What Slots offer the Same Gamble Game Option?

untamed-giant-panda-slot-gambleYou can often have the option of trying to increase any winning combinations payout value that you have spun in when playing slot games online, and as such we would like you to take a good look through this slot game gamble option guide for we are going to introduce you to a range of online slots that offer you the ability of hopefully boosting the value of your spun in winning combinations.

Be aware that there are several different types of slot game gamble game options that you are going to be able to make use of when playing slot games at all of the featured casino sites reviewed throughout our website, and as such below we are more than confident that at least one of those gamble game options are going to appeal to you, if of course you are prepared to take a few little additional risks when playing slot games.

Guess the Suit or Red or Black Playing Card Based Gamble Game

The most commonly found bonus gamble game you will find attached to dozens of different online slot games are the card game predicting games. These will see you having one of two different types of ways to increase a base game spun in winning payouts value.

For a double or nothing type of gamble game feature you will need to simply predict whether a card to be dealt out of a standard fifty two card deck will be red or black in colour, predicting correctly will see the winning payout you gambled doubled but you will lose what you won if you predict the incorrect colour of that playing card once it has been revealed to you.

You could choose to take a much higher risk type of gamble option when playing one of the following slots and that is by you predicting the suit of the next card to be revealed, with there being four possible suits then it does of course go without saying the winning payout awarded for a correct prediction is 3 to 1 so you will, if you predict the suit correctly get to quadruple the amount of cash you gambled.

Avalon Slot – The Avalon slot has one of the playing card predicting gamble game options and you will possibly be interested in play this multi line slot if you enjoy triggering free spins feature rounds as it has just such a bonus game on offer.

Cabin Fever – You will find when playing the 20 payline Cabin Fever slot you can spin in multiple winning combinations and if you spin in a bonus symbols on the first and last reels then a free spins bonus game is awarded, this slot does of course offer the playing card predicting gamble game mentioned above so you can try and increase the value of any winning payout spun in.

Cashville Slot – You could bag one of the largest non progressive jackpots when playing the Cashville slot game for the base game jackpot payout is a massive 50,000 coins, but you can also win big if you choose to take the gamble game repeatedly and keep on selecting the correct colour or suit of the playing cards dealt out.

Kings and Queens Slot – One final slot game which has the exact same type of playing card predicting gamble game is the Kings and Queens slot from Microgaming, this slot can award some mega winning payout as the free spins bonus game has multiplier values in place which boost winning payouts by x8 of their usual values.

Your Gamble Game Option

The following four slot games are all part of Microgaming’s Untamed Series of slot, and these four slot machines all offer a unique type of gamble game option know as the Your Gamble Game Feature, which is going to suit players who do not enjoy the playing card predicting bonus game mentioned above.

When you spin in a winning combination on the following slots and choose to take the optional gamble game feature round then you are faced with a large wheel type display. You will be able to turn a segment of that wheel into a winning segment and a losing segment. You can adjust the size of the winning and losing segments to suit the level of risk you are seeking from this gamble game.

The larger the win segment you select the lower the winning payout will be and conversely the smaller winning segment you choose the higher the winning payout will become. An arrow type animation will then spin in the centre of the wheel once you have chosen your level of risk and you will be hoping that the arrow stops spinning and points to the winning area for you to receive a winning payout.

Untamed Bengal Tiger Slot – A set of free spins could be awarded to you when playing this slot which all comes with sets of Trailing Wild symbols in play, you can of course choose to gamble any base game spun in winning payout by taking the wheel spinning bonus game.

Untamed Giant Panda Slot – One slot which has a unique playing structure in addition to the wheel spinning Your Gamble game mentioned above is the Giant Panda slot, when playing this slot you save up spun in wild symbols and when you have amassed enough of them they will attached themselves to the reels for a number of consecutive spins.

Untamed Wolf Pack Slot – When playing this slot you could suddenly see an out of view scatter symbol being nudged onto the payline and if any other two reels have a scatter symbol on them then you will get to play of a set of free spins.

Untamed Crowned Eagle Slot –The last slot game Microgaming launched as part of their Untamed Series of slot was the Crowned Eagle game, this slot offers that unique wheel spinning base game game and is something of a high variance type of slot, so keep that in mind when playing it online.

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