What to Drink at the Casino

The casino experience isn’t just about sitting around the tables, working your strategy, it’s also loosening up and mixing with new people, especially on vacation resorts. If you’re there to play your system, cash out, and leave, you better stick with the virgin drinks. If you want to ease up, mix it up, or just get liquored up, this is how we do it.

So you want to relax and ease up around the roulette table? cool. And that’s the key word. This is not about doing shots like crazy, but a time for long drinks. Don’t gulp it down, take your time, the night is young.

Cold draught beer is the international alcoholic equivalent of a back-rub. Take it as a chaser, and you’ve got a foot massage too. You can sauce it up with a stronger mix like John Collins or Long Island Iced Tea and their relatives, but a good glass of wine or brandy is always a nice way to let your hair down.

Mix to Mingle
When alcohol is referred to as the ultimate social lubricant, these drinks are exactly that – something that makes people feel more comfortable in their own skin, while making other people’s hide a tad more attractive or interesting. And yeah, this is the glue that keeps 99% of business conventions and family gatherings.

A part of mingling is walking around with your drink so the best glasses for this purpose are tall wine glasses, or whisky tumblers. The slender champagne flute glasses always look sexy and elegant, which is why you’ll find them in the hands of many woman, even if they’d secretly rather be holding a beer mug.

Whisky and soda is always a safe and solid choice, and so is a glass of wine. But if you feel like mixing it up a bit, there are mouth-watering martini and kir cocktails out there. A good choice for the summer can be Caipirinha, the Brazilian cocktail that turned into a hit and overthrew the margarita from its long lasting reign as the party queen.

The key about drinking and mingling is balance – don’t go too far, because when the tongue starts slurring and the eyes are blurring, you’re heading to a whole other track.

Getting Way Wasted
Enter the shots. Once in a while you may feel like going over the top – leaving behind all thoughts and cares, probably the meal you just had, and possibly your consciousness too. In short, being utterly and ridiculously shitfaced. Hey, who doesn’t like reminiscing about college?

Okay, okay, it’s not something you do every day, and definitely after, and not before you play, but if you’re in the mood to get sloshed, here are some drinks that will take you there in style (it won’t last long – count on your friends’ mobile phones to carry some pretty funny pictures of you the next day).

You can always go for solid choices – a whisky bottle or vodka shots. Just make sure it’s a decent brand otherwise your head will find out how an atom feels when it splits. Yup, a whole lot of unwanted damage there. But there are some more adventurous choices.

The infamous Absinthe has made a pretty big comeback, and the good news? It’s not that toxic anymore…Death in the Afternoon is not only a delicious mix of Absinthe and Champagne, it’s also the brain child of one Ernest Hemmingway, a man who knew his spirits.

Other members of the ‘forget my own name’ family include the Jagermeister (you can get it mixed with a bit of rum and Cointreau – a third shot of each – under the promising name “The Undertaker”). Chartreuse is also lethal – in the good sense of the word – and it plays well with others in weaker cocktails too.

Whatever you order, take it easy. You’re here for fun, not liver transplant. Don’t play more than you can afford, and make sure you have a ride home.

And while you’re home, you can always treat yourself to the classic Casino Cocktail: Mix 3 shots of Gin with 2 dashes of Maraschino liqueur, a bit of fresh lemon juice, and two dashes of orange bitters. Shake it with ice, pour to a cocktail glass, and enjoy!

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