Which NetEnt Slots Pays the Most Progressive Jackpots?

mega-fortune-slotA progressive jackpot paying slot is of course completely random, and as such for you to discover in advance when the jackpot attached to any such game is going to drop is impossible.

However, one question that pops into the mind of many slot players is which slot games award their progressive jackpots more often than others, and it will possibly be those slots that will be the ones a player will then opt to play.

The only way you are going to get any significant data in regards to which slots are more likely to award their progressive jackpots much more regularly than other slots is by you studying the hit rates of those slots over a considerable amount of time.

With this in mind we have been tracking the progressive jackpots attached to a large number of NetEnt slots over the last year, and as such we can now reveal to you, in order, which slots have something of a track record for paying out their respective progressive jackpots much more regularly than other slot games.

NetEnt Slots Awarding the Most Progressive Jackpots

Below are a range of progressive slots game which you are going to be able to freely play at casinos such as the RedBet Casino site or the Guts Casino, and remember that as two of our top rated casino sites by signing up today you will be able to claim some large welcome bonuses to give your casino account balance a boost.

These slot games are listed in order with the one at the top being the slot that has paid out its highest valued progressive jackpot the most times over the last 12 months, then working down the slots which have awarded their highest value progressive jackpot the least number of times over the last year.

Fishy Fortune Slot – There have been an amazing 100 winners of the progressive jackpot on the Fishy Fortunes slot game in the last year, which does average out at one winner every 3 days or so managing to bag the progressive jackpot.

That does of course mean this is currently the progressive jackpot paying NetEnt slot to play if you want the best chances of winning one of those often illusion jackpot payouts.

Mega Joker Slot – Whilst it is very true to say that the three reel structure and design of the Mega Joker slot game from NetEnt is not going to be to everyone’s tastes, of you are seeking a slot which does award its progressive jackpot much more often than many other slot games then this may just be a slot worth playing.

In the last twelve months this slot game has paid out its progressive jackpot to 31 lucky players and as such it does have a very good hit rate for awarding its jackpot.

Super Lucky Frog Slot – There are a total of three progressive jackpots that are up for grabs if you choose to play the Super Lucky Frog slot game at any of our approved NetEnt casino sites. The smaller valued progressive jackpots attached to this slot game are won very regularly which does make it a slot worth playing.

However, in regards to the highest value progressive jackpot that has been won just 9 times over the last 365 days, so when its jackpot does get high in value it may just be worth playing this slot online.

Mega Fortune Slot – It may surprise you to learn that the Mega Fortune progressive slot game which is a slot renowned for turning its highest valued jackpot winners into millionaires has dropped that jackpot a total of six times in the last year.

That means if you are looking for a slot that could award you with an instant life changing jackpot payout this slot should be high up on your list of slots games to play. The reset value of that Mega Jackpot is huge and as such even if it has been won recently you will still be paying a slot that can award in excess of one million Euros when the jackpot hits.

Wonders Jackpot Slot Series – There are several slot games that make up the Wonders progressive slot game series available to play at all NetEnt Software powered casino sites. It is worth remember when playing any of their range of slots you will be accessing them in a no download required gaming platform, so you are not forced to wait until the slots download onto your computer before you can get stuck into playing them.

There are two different progressive jackpots that can be won when playing this series of slot online and it is the Mega Wonder Jackpot that will award you with the largest amount of cash. There have been a total of four winners of the Mega Wonder Jackpots in the last 365 days and that does of course mean this series of slots is not therefore famed for the frequency at which they award their highest valued progressive jackpots.

However, each of those slots that make up this series do come with a high payout percentage and with their own unique themes and some potentially large winning payouts that can be achieved via their respective bonus games they may be slots worth playing if you are looking for something new to play.

The first slot in the series is the Icy Wonders slot which as the name suggests comes with a cold and icy theme! The other slots in the series are the Tiki Wonders slot which is always going to give you an exciting slot playing session and the final slot game in this series is the Geisha Wonders slot.

Be aware that the slot games are networked only in the casinos they are on offer at and are therefore local jackpots fed by the pools of players playing at just one casino site, and unlike the slots mentioned above they are not network wide linked slots.

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