Which Playtech Slots Have Payout Percentages Higher than 97%?

It does not need a mathematical genius to work out that when you are logged into any Playtech software powered online casino site the slot game you ought to be playing are those which boast the highest long term expected payout percentages.

What Playtech Casinos do which not many casinos powered by different gaming platforms do is to actually publish all of their slot game payout percentages on the help files of each slot available, and as such with some considerable time and effort on your behalf if you are prepared to go through ach of the hundreds of slots available making a note of which slots have the highest RTP’s then you will be able to compile a listing of the highest paying ones, which should of course be the ones you end up playing.

However to save you a lot of time and effort below we have listed the Playtech slots which all have payout percentages published as being higher than 97%. Be aware Playtech slots re random so on any single session you play your actual payout percentage for that session can and will vary, but by playing the following slot you will have the best chances of ending your session in profit due in no small part to these slots having higher than average RTP’s.

High Paying Multi Spin Slots

The Multi Spin slot games which are found in all Playtech powered online casino sites have got some of the very highest payout percentages attached to them, and as such if you enjoy playing the more basic type of slot game online then make sure you play any of the following slots are the payout percentages are way higher on these slots than most other Playtech powered slot games.

The Goblin’s Cave has a huge payout percentage and that has been published as by 99.32%, another high paying game is the Ugga Bugga slot which has a RTP of some 99.07%. The Ocean Princess is a nautical themed slot game on which the RTP is some 99.07% and the Tropic Reels has a huge base game jackpot and a payout percentage of 98.95%. The final multi spin slot game which has a high payout percentage is the Triple Profits which returns to players over the long term a payout percentage of 98.72%.

Best Paying Playtech Video Slot Games

The list of Playtech designed video slot game is quite huge as over the many years this company have been around they have always been busy designing then releasing all manner of different slot games regularly. If you are thinking of playing Playtech slots today and if it is the best paying video slots that you wish to play then all of the following slots are highly recommended.

The first slot we would like to introduce to you which is designed as a video slot is the Football Rules which like the a Night Out slot the Halloween Fortune a lot and also the Lotto Madness comes with an expected payout percentage of 97.06%.

Other slots from Playtech that boast huge payout percentages include the Santa Surprise and Easter Surprise slots which boats have RTP’s of 97.05%, the Dr Lovemore and Skazka slots which have payout percentages of 97.01% and the Wild Gambler slot that has a payout percentage of exactly 97.00%. One Golf themed slot which you may enjoy playing is the Golden Tour slot and that games has a payout percentage of a very high 97.71%.

Highest Paying Progressives Slots from Playtech

It is worth remembering that when you log into any Playtech powered online casino site you are going o some across a very large suite and rage of slots all of which have progressive jackpots attached to them.

The main problems when playing progressive slots either online or in a land based casino is that due to a percentage of your stake money being used to feed the progressive jackpot, the base game payout percentage of these slots are usually much lower than on other slots.

However when playing the following slot game you will find the base game RTP’s are high and when playing hen you will find they either come with their own unique progressive jackpot for you can place an optional side bet wager to take part in the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot game.

So if you do fancy getting stuck into another set of very high paying slots games but slot games on which you could walk away with a huge progressive jackpot then make sure you gets tuck into play the Diamond Valley slot that has a payout percentage of some 97.16%.

The Captain’s Treasure slot may be quite an old slot game as it has been around for many years but that slot is a popular one with players than in no small part to its very high 97.06% RTP. Another game that should give you lots of play time for your money is the Highway Kings slot which has a payout percentage of some 97.06%.

Two other slot games that we are convinced that you are going to enjoy playing thanks to their high payouts and their respective progressive jackpots are the Gold Rally slot that has a long term RTP of some 97.01% and the Wall St. Fever which returns to players over the long term 97% of all stakes fed into the slot.

Playtech’s Best Paying Classic Slots

Finally let us now move on to showcasing to you the Playtech range of classic slot games but slots on which the payout percentages have been set higher than 97%. If you wish o play fast paced slots and slot that are always going o return the highest amounts of the stakes fed into them and played off as payouts, then the following games are the ones you should be looking to play online.

The following Classic slots from Playtech have the highest RTP’s: The Jungle Boogie has a payout percentage of 97.40%, the Alchemist’s Lab RTP is 97.32% and the Sultan’s Fortune slot has a high payout percentage of 97.26%.

You will also find slots worth playing include the Crazy 7’s slot which has a payout percentage of 97.21%, the Neptune’s Kingdom slot boast an RTP of some 97.19% and the Safecracker comes with a published RTP of 97.06% and one final classic slot you may find appealing is the Reel Classic 5 slot which has a payout percentage of a very high 97.05%.

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