Why do Online Casinos Have Different Sign-Up Bonuses?

bonusOne question which is often asked by online casino players is in regards to the welcome sign up bonuses that all sites offer to newly registered players. It is often the case that the vast majority of casinos using one type of software will tend to offer a welcome bonus of the same value, and when you compare them to other casinos using different software the value of those bonuses can vary quite dramatically.

The idea behind any sign up bonus is of course to get you to sign up and play at any casino offering one. However, with players becoming savvier and as they always have the ability to shop around, knowing the pitfalls of taking one casino bonus over another one will allow you to make an informed decision on which ones offer you true value.

Below you will find an overview of the sign up bonuses offered at Microgaming, Real Time Gaming and Playtech, along with what you need to look out for in the terms and conditions of those bonuses. Take a look through this guide for it really will prove valuable when you are next comparing bonuses from different casinos and will allow you to make an informed decision in regards to which ones to take and which ones to possibly avoid taking.

Microgaming Casino Bonuses

Casinos that utilize Microgaming software tend to offer one of two different types of bonuses. The first is a deposit match bonus which is usually valued at 100% of your initial deposit amount.

The beauty of the vast majority of casinos offering such a bonus using Microgaming software is that the play through requirements are often quite modest, and you will often find that there is no maximum amount of cash you can win with such a bonus.

There may be a handful of casinos using this gaming platform that will impose maximum cash out limits, but they are few and far between, and as such whenever you take such a bonus you will always have the chance of winning big, subject of course to you following any rules attached to that bonus.

The other bonus offer available to new players at many Microgaming powered sites are those which give you a set amount of no deposit credits and you are then faced with playing for a certain amount of time in the hope you win more than was awarded to you.

Once you have made a certain amount of profit you are then able to get those winnings converted into bonus credits upon making a nominal deposit. The only downside of these types of bonuses is that the amount of winnings from the initial free play no deposit bonus that can be converted into an actual playing bonus is usually the same as taking a 100% sign up bonus.

So if you win for example 50.00 you have to deposit 50.00 to get those winnings as bonus cash! However, do shop around as some of these free play bonuses can offer much better value, and you can occasionally find depositing as little as 20.00 could see you being able to claim up to 100.00 in bonus credits.

Real Time Gaming Casino Bonuses

Many RTG software powered casinos use a high bonus type business model. Meaning they tend to give away very large bonuses not only to brand new players but also to regular players.

It is not uncommon for players to be offered an initial sign up welcome bonus at many Real Time Gaming sites valued at over 300%, and this is often way too generous a bonus for players that not many of them can resist taking.

There are of course several downsides to taking a bonus from an RTG powered casino, the one thing you need to be fully aware of is that they often tend to come with lots of rules, more so in regards to just how much you can win with such a bonus.

So if you do come across a Real Time Gaming powered casino offering a huge sign up bonus, then make sure you read through all of the attached terms and conditions of that bonus, and decide whether you are prepared to take the bonus if you are only permitted to withdraw a certain amount via maximum cash out rules.

Taking a 500% bonus on a 100.00 deposit may see you only being able to win a maximum of 5 times your deposited amount, so keep that in mind and if you do take such a bonus make sure your stakes never exceed any additional maximum stake limits imposed on playing with such a bonus also.

Playtech Casino Bonuses

You are going to find a wide range of different sized sign up bonuses offer at online casinos using Playtech software. They majority of them tend to be around the 100% to 200% range, and can be quite attractive bonuses to take.

However the actual play through requirements are what is going to make one bonus more appealing than any other bonus offered, so always look for those sign up bonuses which have the lowest play though requirements attached to them.

One other thing you so need to be aware of when taking a Playtech software powered casinos bonus is that they tend to restrict you in regards to which games you can play. For example you are not usually allowed to play progressive slot games with such a bonus.

Many of Playtech’s standard video slots have the optional Dollar Ball bet on offer, which even though this is an optional side bet on a lottery type of game, those slots that do offer it are classed as progressive slots by many Playtech casinos, and even if you do not place the optional Dollar Ball bet wager when playing those slots, if you do play them with a bonus in your account you may find the casino will treat those slots as progressive and may void any winnings you make if played with a bonus.

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