Why Do Online Progressive Games Have Higher Jackpots?

mega-moolah-jackpot-wheelWander around any land based casinos gaming floor and you will of course come across plenty of slot games which will have a progressive jackpot connected up to them. Some of those jackpots will be local jackpots, meaning that jackpot can only be won on that one single slot machine.

The other types of jackpot you will come across are what are known as networked progressives. These jackpots are linked up to several slot games and a small percentage of your stakes feed them and they can be won on any slot that is linked up to the network.

Due to the number of slot games which are networked usually being numbered in the dozens or possible the hundreds the amount of play time those slots are given collectively will have an effect on just how quickly those jackpots grow, which can be quite slowly at times.

However, when you log into an online casino you will find lots of networked slot games and the jackpots on those slots tick away and increase in value very quickly. There is a reason why online progressive slot game jackpots have much larger and much quicker growing jackpots and that is there are often thousands of players playing them 24 hours a day.

Therefore if you do fancy trying your chances and beating the odds of winning such a progressive jackpot then you will have a much better chance of winning one of them and a higher valued one at that, when you choose to play them online as opposed to playing them in a land based casino.

What Types of Online Progressive Jackpot Slots can I Play?

There are a number of different progressive slot games which you are going to be able to access and play online and to give you some ideas in regards to which one you are going to be able to play at our featured online casino sites, we have an overview of the most played progressive slots listed below.

3 Reel Progressive Slots – The most basic type of slot game you cam playing online if you want to try and win a progressive jackpot are the 3 Reel slots. These slots as the name suggest will only have three stepper like reels in play and you ill often find only a very tiny number of payline can be activated when playing them.

One thing to remember if that the only way most 3 reel slot games will have the progressive jackpot active and in play when you play them is by you playing the maximum number of lines offered and/or playing the maximum number of coins on every single payline those slots have available.

Randomly Awarded Progressives – Randomly awarded progressive jackpot paying slots are available at Real Time Gaming, Microgaming and Playtech powered online casino sites, and the main attraction of those slots is that anyone has the chance of winning the jackpots attached to them.

You will not usually have to line up any type of real symbols to be awarded with the jackpot payout and often it will be via a randomly awarded bonus game on which those jackpots can be won, so they can be awarded instantly at any time of the day or night.

Many random jackpot awarding slot games will be linked up to several different slots, and that ensure you are always going o find a slot game you like the look and feel of when you are trying to bag yourself one of those ever growing jackpot payouts.

Progressive Video Slots – The most fun to play slot game son which progressive jackpots can be won are video slots, for whilst you will always have the chance of winning a jackpot when playing them with maximum lines and/or maximum coins, there will often be one or more bonus features that can be triggered as you play them online.

Which Casinos Have the Most Progressive Games?

Let us now give you an idea of just which online casino sites you should be playing at if you want to play certain types of online progressive slot games. Each of the casinos listed below come highly recommend and each of them have a different range of progressive games on offer.

Grand Parker Casino – It is going to be the Real Time Gaming range of Real Series slots that you will find available in very large numbers at the Grand Parker Casino site, and these slot game jackpots can be won by any player who chooses to play those slots for any stake amount they may be ideal slots to play yourself.

This casino is famed for some very large and generous deposit match type bonuses and as such checkout our review of Grand Parker Casino for details of just how large those deposit match bonuses are as you will be very impressed by the size of them when you do.

Omni Casino – You will find the Playtech suite of slot games on offer at the Omni Casino site and that will mean that you are going to be able to play both a mix of 3 reel slot games which have a progressive jackpot attached to them plus a range of video slots including slots with randomly awarded progressive jackpots.

When playing here you will find they are a fast paying casino offering regular bonus offers and you will also be earning comp points when you play any of their slot or other casino games in a real money playing environment.

Royal Vegas Casino – You can play the range of Microgaming designed and networked progressive slot games as a player at the Royal Vegas Casino site. The one major feature and benefit of playing at this casino site if you are a progressive slot player is that if you win one of the jackpots attached to nay of their progressive slot games those winning can and will be paid out to you in a single payment.

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