Why Does Online Blackjack Feel Different to Live Blackjack?

Blackjack-TableWhen you start playing certain online casino games you may often getting a feeling that they play and feel somehow different to the same games you play in a land based casino, if you have ever played online Blackjack for example you may have the feeling that something is not quite right when playing it, and today we are going to take a look at why this happens to a lot of players and explain what causes it.

The first thing to point out about playing Blackjack online is that unlike when you are playing Blackjack in a land based casino the number of hands you are going to get through is way higher, and the result of playing many more hands per session is that you will often find the swings and volatility of the game appears to be a higher variance one than you may have experienced in a land based casino.

This has nothing at all to do with the way the games are playing out or the rules of the game regarding online Blackjack, it is purely that as you are playing many more games per hour, you will notice both winning and losing streaks much more readily online than you would when playing in a land based casino.

With no physical Dealer dealing out and shuffling the cards and without the need for Dealers to remove losing Player’s bets from the table or to pay winning Players bets out this enables you to play more hands per session and has nothing to do with the games fairness. So rest assured if you have the impression online Blackjack is much streakier than land based casino playing, it isn’t, it is simply down to the fact you are playing at a much quicker rate online.

Shuffle Performed before a New Hand is Dealt Out

There is one question that you may have regarding online Blackjack and that is due to the fact that the casino software has been designed to shuffle the cyber deck of cards before every new hand and game of Blackjack is set into live play, will this have an effect on the actual house edge of that particular game.

In regards to any affect at all on the cards being shuffled before a new game is dealt out there are no major fluctuations in regards to the house edge or your winning chances, the only thing that you are never able to do when playing online Blackjack due to this ongoing shuffling of the cards, is to be able to count cards.

So if you do choose to start playing online Blackjack then remove any ideas of you being able to sit there are make a note of which cards have been dealt out and which cards remain in the shoe, for it is not possible to count cards when playing Blackjack online.

Are Online Blackjack Games Slot Machines in Disguise?

Many online Blackjack players will become convinced that some online casinos are using a Blackjack game that has been designed in much the same way as an online slot machine has, and as such is not playing to the same rules as a true game of Blackjack and is in fact somehow RTP dependent, meaning if you have recently won playing Blackjack at that casino the game will adjust the cards dealt out to you to make you lose and therefore balance the games house edge and payout percentage.

Whilst we cannot truly say that some of the newer and unregulated or unlicensed online casino game designers do not design their Blackjack games in this way, we can state that all of the well known software and casino game designers such as Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt for example have designed their respective Blackjack games to play exactly as they should, and you are just as likely to win when playing their games are you would when playing Blackjack in a land based casino.

Many of these software and casino game providers go to great lengths to prove that their Blackjack games are fair and this includes casinos being powered by their software platforms then handing over their gaming logs to third party companies each month who then supply detailed certificates which are displayed on the casinos own websites, giving a breakdown of the RTP’s achieved on each game during each month.

Many online casinos also submit to an annual audit of their random number generator, and this audit sees the entire history of the random number generator for the past year being reviewed to ensure the way in which it works is exactly as it should be, that being constantly churning out a stream of random numbers and random events.

In fact many licensing authorities that issue online gaming licenses to casinos regulated by them also demand that every single casino game, including Blackjack games, are to be designed and are to play out exactly like a real life game of Blackjack, and as such by playing at casinos licensed by any of the respected online gaming licensing authorities you are always going to ensure you are getting access to and are always playing fair and completely random games.

Online Blackjack and Prefect Playing Strategy

One final point we would like to draw to your attention, is that when you are playing any online Blackjack game that is proven to be 100% fair and random, is that you should always be playing that variant with perfect strategy.

If you haven’t truly mastered the game playing rules of any online Blackjack game and you repeatedly play those games without putting into play perfect Blackjack strategy then you will find yourself losing more hands than you will have winning hands.

So always learn to play any online Blackjack game optimally, for by doing so the expected house edge of that game is the one you will be getting as close to as is possible during your long term playing of that particular Blackjack game variant.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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