Why Playing Microgaming Video Poker Games is Advisable

We always advise all of our website visitors who have a passion for playing video poker games online to make sure that they at least take a good look over the range of video poker game variants offered at our featured Microgaming Casinos, for when they do so they will be guaranteed of finding exactly the type of game they are looking to play, and can often find several other variants that they may be interested in playing.

Unique Microgaming Video Poker Games and Variants

You will always have plenty of choice in regards to the video poker game you can access and play at a Microgaming powered casino site, for not only do casinos offering their range of games offer the standard single hand variants but you will also find available multi hand variants on which you can play up to 100 hands per game.

You will also find the Jackpot Deuces video poker game on offer along with the Supajax game, and both of those two variants of video poker offer a progressive jackpot. Microgaming also have released a range of Level Up Video Poker Games and when playing those games you can boost your winning payouts by being dealt out multiple winning hand combinations consecutively.

One final very unusual variant of video poker that has recently gone live in all Microgaming powered casinos is the Reel Play Poker slot game which is an unusual slot which plays in a similar fashion to a video poker game, and may appeal to both video poker players and slot players alike.

Microgaming Video Poker Jackpot Payouts

Below you will find the jackpot payouts you could possibly win when playing any of the following Microgaming video poker games, be aware that to have any chance of winning the number of coins listed below you will need to have put 5 coins into play on each hand played and then be dealt out the highest valued hand combination listed on each games pay table.

Jacks or Better 4000 Coins – It is the Royal Flush hand which pays 4000 coins when playing maximum coins per hand on the Jacks or Better game and this games pay table should see you getting an RTP over the long term of 99.54%.

Joker Poker 5000 Coins – The jackpot payout on the Joker Poker game is a large 5000 coins when you play this variant with 5 coins per hand dealt out to you and its 98.60% RTP ensures you should get a reasonable amount of play time for your money, for reference the jackpot paying hand combination on this variant is a Natural Royal Flush hand and not a Royal Flush hand formed with the help of the wild Joker card.

Deuces Wild 4000 Coins – The multi hand Deuces Wild video poker games pay tables returns an RTP of some 99.37% which is higher than the RTP offered on Microgaming’s single hand variant and that does of course mean to have the best chances of winning then stick to playing the multi hand game. The jackpot offered to players of this variant when playing with 5 coins in play per hand is a large 4000 coins which much like the game above is paid for a Natural Royal Flush hand.

Tens or Better 4000 Coins – You could be tempted to play Microgaming’s Tens or Better video poker game variant due to its 4000 coin jackpot paid to anyone getting dealt a Royal Flush hand when playing 5 coins per game, however the RTP of this game is 99.14% which is lower than a lot of other variants offered at Microgaming sites.

Bonus Poker 4000 coins – When playing the Bonus Poker variant you will find some slightly adjusted and enhanced hand payouts listed on its pay table and the RTP of the pay table is some 99.17%, and to win the jackpot 5 coins per game need putting into live play and the Royal Flush hand in any suit and in any order needs dealing out to you.

Aces and Faces 4000 Coins – The only way you are going to get anywhere near the 99.26% RTP of the Aces and Faces video poker game variant is by playing 5 coins per hand, and when you do the Royal Flush hand is going to award you with a 4000 coin jackpot payout, be aware this along with all other video poker variants listed can be played for different coin values and free play options are also on offer.

Double Joker 4000 Coins – This is a very low paying game for when you play 5 coins per hand you can win a 4000 coin jackpot when you have been dealt out a Natural Royal Flush hand but its pay table has been configured to return an RTP of just 98.10%.

Deuces and Joker 10000 Coins – The best paying video poker game variant in regards to what you can win when playing 5 coins hands is the Deuces and Joker game, this games RTP is 99.07% and when you are dealt out the four 2 cards and the one Joker card that jackpot worth 10000 coins will be awarded to you but only when you play 5 coins per hand, so make sure you do play max bet hands should you ever give this variant some play time online.

Double-Double Poker 4000 Coins – The Royal Flush hand will give you a jackpot payout of 4000 coins when you play this variant for 5 coins per hand wagers and its RTP is quite off putting for its pay table returns a long term expected payout percentage of just 98.98%, so not a game for you to make any effort in tracking down and playing.

All Aces 4000 Coins – The RTP of the All Aces video poker game variant is massive working out at 99.92% and as such this is the best valued game you can play at Microgaming powered sites the 4000 coin jackpot is paid when you play 5 coins per hand and manage to get dealt out any Royal Flush hand.

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