Why Reversing a Withdrawal at an Online Casino is Dangerous

atmWhen you have had a winning session at an online casino and have requested a withdrawal then you will find some online casinos will put your withdrawal into a “pending” state, during this pending state you have the ability to reverse the withdrawal and get it added back to your casino account to allow you to carry on playing.

Moving money from its pending state and having it put back into your account is known as revering a withdrawal, and it is one of the most dangerous things you can do when gambling online,  for there is a very real risk that you will lose those winnings you accumulated back to the casino.

Whenever a player has had an extended session of playing slots, card and table games or any type of gambling game and then make a withdrawal they can often feel invincible, and even after they have made a withdrawal and exited the casino, they will know that their withdrawal is often going to take a few days to be processed by the casino and it will be sitting there available to be reversed, and this is sadly what a very large proportion of players will do.

Having reversed a withdrawal a player will often continue playing their chosen casino games but at a slightly higher stake level than they usually do and this often leads to them losing back their entire withdrawal quite quickly.

Flushing Your Withdrawal

If you do have a pending withdrawal there is one way that you can remove it from harm’s way and this is by requesting the casino to flush your withdrawal, whenever you flush a withdrawal it is removed from the pending state and is sent off to be placed in the queue to be paid by the casinos cashiers team.

Whilst the flushing of a withdrawal may not speed up the withdrawal process by requesting a withdrawal be flushed then it is not going to be sitting there in the casinos banking interface screaming at you to reverse it, and as such once flushed you will never risk losing those winnings back before they ever get paid back to you.

You do need to be aware that not all online casinos have a pending state as some will more or less instantly pay you your winnings once you have requested a withdrawal, however there are a large number of casinos online who have pending periods from four hours to four days.

So when you are looking for an online casino at which to play always ensure that one of the things you check for is just how long that casino will take to pay their winners, you will often find this information on the banking page of a casino website or sometimes it will be hidden away deep in the terms and conditions of that casino site.

Much like some casinos do not have a pending state for withdrawals some casinos will not let you flush a withdrawal once you have requested it, so try and stick to playing at online casinos that pay their winners in a timely fashion for if you don’t you may find yourself regularly reversing a withdrawal you have made time and time again, a lot of online players do find themselves doing this and it always leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you win, request a withdrawal then end up losing it all back by reversing it.

Weekly or Monthly Cash Out Limits

Another thing that any would be online casino player needs to be fully aware of is that some sites will have in place a set of rules which state that a player is only permitted to cash out a certain amount of cash per week or per month.

It may surprise you to learn that some online casinos will only let players withdraw 500.00 per month, and these casinos do need avoiding, for those cash out limits being so low do mean that any player winning a sizeable amount of cash is going to have any winnings in excess of 500.00 sitting in their account for a long period of time until the next withdrawal time period is reached, and the temptation to lose those winnings back is always going to be there.

Also you do have to ask yourself why has a casino got so low withdrawal limits in place in the first place, if it is not a trap to get players to lose back their winnings by reversing them, then the low weekly and monthly cash out limits may be in place due to the casino being underfunded, and that would be a very risky site to play at for if you do win big you will have many restless nights wondering if you are going to get paid your winnings each week or month.

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