Why Women Love Slot Machines

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in possession of casino chips must be in want of a slot machine. or is it? Well, perhaps it is more of a prejudice than a truth… after all there are many a great female card players nowadays, and around the craps and roulette tables there is about the same number of guys and dolls.

Still, the ladies do love their slot games, but hey, why wouldn’t they? Slots can make women feel comfortable, relaxed and entertained, here are 5 interesting reasons:

1) Yay Me! – Undoubtedly, life would be much cooler if they had sound effects and a little bell would go on to mark a moment where something nice is happening (not to mention the whole pomp and circumstance that comes with the sweeter things).

Had a good spin? The machine will chirp and tweet a lovely serenade. Many women are going through their day to day routine, doing so much for their family and workplace who sometimes just take it for granted.. So keep in mind to give yourself a pat on the shoulder every now and then, and don’t be embarrassed to let others hear it!

2) A Little Goes a Long Way – Won a dollar and 75 cents? Hip hip, hurra! The machine will show its appreciation and a small dose of loyal sympathy and appreciation is not to be overlooked, especially when you think of how competitive or society is, where at times some people will crack a smile at you only while they’re gloating. Scary, isn’t it?
Women are constantly presented with more and more demands as the bar of success and self-accomplishment keeps going higher and higher. Motivation and ambition are wonderful qualities, and yet you know what? There’s no better life lesson than learning to celebrate even the smallest achievements! Every little triumph counts, because it’s yours.

3) No More Drama – sometimes things roll different than what we expect, and we beat ourselves up about it. Women get judged on so many levels in our everyday we, and if things didn’t roll to well, sometimes you can just keep on going instead of making a big deal out of it. If there’s something we need to learn is not to take set backs to heart, and just dust ourselves off and try again.

4) I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty.. – No one knows better than women that aesthetics matter. Surrounding ourselves with things that are visually pleasing simply gives us delight. Well, slots are definitely the dandiest of all casino games, and letting your eyes feast on rich graphics is definitely nicer than staring at the green felt. Surround yourself with pretty things, it just feels better!

5) Girls Just Want to Have Fun – They say that the best way to stay young is to keep yourself amused, after all, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. Taking exciting chances for the thrill of wining is a great way to keep you entertained, and slots guarantee the easier ride out of all of the casino games. When you feel like having fun and let your hair down, allow yourself to leave the decision making at the office and just see what luck has in store for you.

Even cubs know that sometimes games have a way of teaching us about life, and if the lesson we pick up can only help make our life more enjoyable, why not embrace it? Get a free bonus to play realistic online slots for money. Read our article on Women And Gambling for more information.

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