Wild Symbols on Online Slot Machines

We have chosen to put together this guide to the many different types of Wild symbols that you are going to find on many different online slot games reels for there are so many of these types of symbols and many of them offer you a completely different type of additional way in which they work and operate.

The basic Wild symbol which many of the older online slot games have on their reels perform just one task, and that is to stand in for all other symbols in play on that slot game, usually with the exception of any bonus or scatter symbols, and as such whenever one of this symbols drops in alongside other matching symbols then they will help you to complete a winning combination and therefore you will receive a winning payout.

However below we have listed some of the brand new types of Wild symbols and to give you an idea of how they work we have added an overview of any additional feature or task that they offer when they spin in on any of your activated paylines.

Sticky Wild Symbols

As you may already be aware when you choose to play slot games online, you are going to come across lots of different slots offering a plethora of different types of Slot Game Wild Symbols. In fact so large are the number of Wild symbols that can and will be spun in on many slot games we have dedicated several of our slot playing guides to presenting you an overview of each type of those symbols you could see spinning in.

Sticky Wild symbols are one of the new breed of wild symbols, and as such you may never have come across a slot offering them before, and if that is the case then read on for we are about to let you know how this type of symbols works and will also enlighten you on just which slot games have them attached to their reels.

When you are playing any online slot game on which Sticky Wild symbols can be spun in, once those symbols land on any of your paylines via either the base game and/or via a free spins bonus game, they will then attach themselves to the reel position they spun in for, and they can stay locked into position for several consecutive spins.

You may also find Sticky Wild symbols are known as Frozen Wild symbols, and there are a growing number of slots now offering these types of symbols. The obvious benefit for you playing such slots is that as wild symbols can and will stand in for most other standard reel symbols, the more of them that do spin in and attached themselves onto the reels the more chance you will then have of forming a winning combination with those reel symbols.

Which Slots Have Sticky Wild Symbols?

Below we have listed many slot games from a range of different casino game designers and suppliers who games can all be accessed online for free or for real money, and each of these slots come with their own set of Sticky and Frozen Wild symbols, so read on if you fancy tracking down these slot games and giving them some play time online.

Attraction Slot – One of the most recently launched online slot games which come with a set of Sticky Wild symbols is the Attraction slot game which is found in all No Download NetEnt Casinos. This slot has a rather unique type of base and bonus game feature which is triggered by spinning in both a wild symbols and a magnet symbols on any position on a payline.

When those two symbols line up together players are awarded are-spins on which one or more sticking wild symbols attached themselves to the slot game screen, which hopefully could allow you to form lots of winning combinations with the help of those Sticky Wild symbols, dependant on where they spin in and land.

Muse Wild Inspiration Slot – Another slot game from NetEnt which comes with a set of Sticky Wild symbols is their Muse Wild Inspiration slot game, in fact this was one of their very first online slots which came with these new types of reel symbols and it is a slot well worth you tracking down and playing.

In fact this slot also comes with additional wild symbols other than the Sticky Wild symbol and as such you could spin in an Expanding Wild symbol or an Expanding Sticky Wild symbol and those symbols can also boost the value of any winning combination that they help to form by two times the payouts that are listed on this slot games pay table.

Cazino Zeppelin Slot – If you choose to play at some online casinos that offer more than one suppliers ranges of slot games then you are likely to come across slots that have been designed by a new company that being Yggdrasil Gaming, and they have launched quite a number of brand new slot games recently one being the must play Cazino Zeppelin slot.

When you are playing that particular slot and then trigger the free spins bonus game you can spin in a set of Sticky Wild symbols onto your activated paylines during that bonus game and then see those reel symbols locking themselves onto the reel position they spin in for and they will stay locked in place for a consecutive number of those free spins you are playing off. So the more of them that spin in the better.

Crime Scene Slot – One quite high variance slot game that you are going to come across online is the fun to play Crime Scene slot, this slot offers playing a lot of different stake options and as such can be played for relatively low cost spins or thanks to the high stake options settings if you are looking for a slot to play on which you can play it in a high risk high reward type of way this is one for you to consider playing.

As soon as one or more of the Sheriffs Badge reels symbols spins in, and those symbols are this slot games Sticky Wild symbols, then they will attach themselves to the reel positions that have appeared on and can stay there for up to five consecutive base game spins. It is possible to get lots of those symbols spinning in and when they do and stay locked into position then some of the highest valued winning payouts can be achieved.

Online Casinos Offering Slots with Sticky Wild Symbols

If you do fancy playing at an online casino offering by far and away the largest range of slot game boasting sets of Sticky Wild symbols then we can highly recommend the CasinoRoom site. They have the entire suite of NetEnt Slot Games on offer and have a very generous sign up bonus which you are going to be able to make full use of. Please check out their website for more details as that new player sign up bonus is too big to miss out on.

Expanding Wild Symbols

As part of our ongoing series of Slot Game Wild Symbols articles that takes a much closer look at how those symbols work and operate when you find them attached to the reels of online slot games, in this one we are looking at how Expanding Reel symbols have been designed.

Whilst it is always going to be a welcome sight seeing several wild symbols spinning in on any of your activated pay lines when playing any slot game, when you spin in a set of Expanding Wild symbols they look just like any other reel symbols until the reels have stopped spinning.

Those Wild symbols will then expand both upwards and downwards and will cover the entire reel in Wild symbols, and that could potentially see you being awarded multiple winning combinations depending on which reel symbols fall in either side of them.

However, there are several slots online that have Expanding Wild symbols on many of their reels and as such it is possible to spin them in and see several reels all covered in Wild symbols and when that happens you are going to be in line for a potentially massive paying winning payout.

Which Slots Have Expanding Wild Symbols?

As you are possibly going to be interested in playing slot games online which boast a set of Expanding Wild Symbols we have listed further down this slot playing guide a range of slots on which you will find plenty of those types of reel symbols, should any of them sound appealing then following the links for more information on these highlighted slots.

Hitman Slot – You should have plenty of winning opportunities when playing the Hitman slot game online for this slot has several unique bonus games which can be triggered, however it also boasts three Expanding Wild symbols and those symbols can and will spin in on reels two, three and four, and as such ideally you will want all three of them to spin in when playing maximum lines spins for the highest valued base game winning payouts.

The Grand Journey Slot – The Grand Journey slot game which is one of Microgaming’s 30 paylines slot has just one Expanding Wild symbols in play on its reels and you will find it on the centre reel. A soon as it makes an appearance on any of the visible reel positions on that centre reel, of which for reference there are three visible reel positions then it will expand and cover the entire reel in wild symbols.

Gone Sweet Home Slot – If you choose to play slot games at any of our featured Rival Casinos then you are going to find they have a number of slots on which Expanding Wild symbols can make an appearance, one of their very latest slot game releases is the Gnome Sweet Home slot game and this slot has lots of those types of reels symbols that can be spun in on any of its five video reels. So if you like playing Rival powered slot games then this one make be worth playing.

The Mummy Slot – When you are logged into any Playtech software powered online casino site you will find plenty high action video slots, many of which offer Expanding Wild symbols. The Mummy slot game has a range of built in bonus features which can be awarded to you as you play this slot online, and one of those features on this multi line slot is a set of Expanding Wild symbols, which could help you achieve some large valued winning payouts when they spin in.

Devils Delight Slot – You are always going to find plenty of brand new online and mobile slot games when playing at any of our listed and approved NetEnt Casinos, and it is always worth checking out and play those slots is you are looking to play some high paying slots offering lots of bonus features. The 20 payline Devils Delight slot game is a highly playable slot possibly more so thanks to its unique set of Expanding Wild symbols that can spin in form time to time and increase the chance of you forming multiple winning combinations on your put into play pay lines.

Iron Man Slot – If you want to play slots with Expanding Wild symbols, but you are also looking for a slot on which you could additionally win one of several progressive slot games then you need to play any of the many different Marvel Jackpot slot games online as many of them come with those types of reel symbols and when playing any of them you could win at random a progressive jackpot via their unique randomly awarded bonus game. One slot worthy of your attention is the great playing Iron Man slot so check it out and give it a whirl soon.

Daring Dave Slot – If you enjoy playing slots with only a modest number of paylines that can be sent into play and are therefore very affordable slot games to play, then make sure one you add to your list of slots to play sooner rather than later is the Daring Dave slot game. This is a fully configurable slot so you can pick and choose the stake levels you play it for and as you are playing the slot you can of course spin in Expanding Wild symbols which can increase your winning chances.

Where to Play Video Slots with Expanding Wild Symbols

We have full reviews of all of the top rated online and mobile casino sites dotted around this website, and as such you are going to find it beneficial to checkout those reviews for we have been able to negotiate some high valued sign up bonuses at each casino showcased to you on this website.

You will find casinos powered by all of the leading software companies such as Microgaming, Playtech and Real Time Gaming and as such you will be able to play a plethora of different slot games at those listed sites either for free or for real money.

Wild Multiplier Symbols

Having played plenty of slot games online, we have to say that the number of different Slot Game Wild Symbols that you are going to come across when you start to play slot games at any of our rated casino sites is going to be huge! You can often get a little confused with how many of the newer wild symbols actually work and operate and as such below we shall be enlightening you on what you can expect to find on offer any slot offering Wild Multiplier reel symbols.

As you are probably aware a Wild symbols is going to help you form possibly lots of winning combinations whenever they spin in, as on most slots those reel symbols will stand in for all other reel symbols in play on the reels of any slot, with the usual exception of scatter symbols and bonus symbols.

However, when you spin in a Wild Multiplier symbols then those symbols will not only help you form a winning combination but they will increase the value of each winning combination that they help to complete. The amount they will multiply the winning combinations payout value by will be determined by just how high the multiplier value that has been attached to those symbols.

We have trawled through our database of online slots and below you are going to find listed some of the most highly playable online slots, all of which have their own unique set of Wild Multiplier symbols in play on their respective reels. Please do check through this list for we have included slots form all different categories, and as such are convinced you will find at least one, if not more slots listed below that you will take a shine to.

Best Slots Offering Wild Multiplier Symbols

Finding a slot game online which offers Wild Multiplier reel symbols is not going to be too difficult in fact below are some of the must play slots offered by some of our top rated online casino sites, so do have a quick read through of this listing.

If you are attracted to playing any of the slots listed below then make sure you test them out either via the free play option available or for real money, and by doing the latter all of our approved casino sites will give you access to some high valued sign up and ongoing bonus offers which can be utilized on the following slot games.

Dolphin Coast Slot – If you choose to play at any of our Microgaming Casinos you are going to come across the Dolphin Coast slot game at those sites, and this slot is one on which whenever you play off a base game spin you have 3125 paylines live and activate during that spin and as such have thousands of ways of forming a winning combination.

However, on reel number three there is a special Wild Multiplier symbol that can be spun in and whenever it does appear on any reel position on that centre reel it is going to stand in for all other standard reel symbols but will then go on to reveal a random multiplier value on which any winning combination formed with that symbol will be boosted by.

Crocodopolis Slot – One slot game that has a very unusual set of Wild Multiplier reel symbols in play on its reels is the Crocodopolis slot game which you are going to find exclusively on offer at Playtech Casinos, this slot is a multi stake slot so you can play it for any stale level your budget can afford to play it for.

However, what makes this slot so unique is that it will be dependent on just which reel you spin in the Wild symbols that will determine the value of the multiplier. For example by spinning that Wild symbols in on reel number one the multiplier value will be worth x2, however see that reels symbols spinning in on the second reel and helping to form a winning combination then the multiplier value becomes x3.

Couch Potato Slot – You will find the three reel one single payline Couch Potato slot game on offer at all Microgaming powered casino sites, for this slot is one of their classic slot games which can be accessed and play on their instant play, downloadable and now also on their mobile gaming platform.

This slot comes with a set of Wild Multiplier reel symbols and spinning in one of them if that symbols help form any winning combination it boosts the value of that payout by a very large and attractive x5. However the multiplier values are accumulative and as such when you spin in two of them and they help form a winning combination the value of that winning payout is boosted by an enormous x25 its normal payout amount.

Just be aware this slot is obviously high variance slot and may not appeal to all players, however for a high risk high reward type of slot playing experience it is a slot game we can highly recommend thanks to the way those Wild Multiplier symbols work and operate.

Online Casinos with Wild Multiplier Slot Games

Whilst all of the casino sets we have reviewed through this website are going to offer their players a wide and varied range of different slot games, many on which sets of Wild Multiplier symbols can be found, if you are looking for a massive range of slots from many different suppliers then do take a look at utilize a casino offering the Quickfire Gaming Platform.

For those casino sites have lots of different slot games on offer and you will find they are available to play for free or for real money via a no download, instant play gaming platform, and as such you are never going to have to download any software to be able to access and play those slot games online, and by playing them for free first you can then compile a short list of slots you have enjoyed playing.

Spreading Wild Symbols

A Spreading Wild symbol can go by several different names depending on which software providers games you are playing, however they all work in a similar fashion, and when one of these symbols spin in they can make other reel symbols on other reels into Wild symbols by sprouting branches or arms which when they touch other reel positions then make them wild.

Stacked Wild Symbols

As you may have noticed we have quite a number of Slot Game Wild Symbols articles available on this website and the reason for that is simple, there are such a wide and varied range of different Wild symbols that are found attached to the reels on many different slot games many slot players need a little help getting their heads around how they all work and play.

One type of slot game reel symbols that you will always want to see spinning in in are Stacked Wild symbols, what makes these symbols fairly unique is that they are Wild symbols which have been placed onto a slots reel strips in such a way that there will be several of them all stacked one on top of the other.

That does of course mean that you could quite easily send a slot games reels spinning and then see one or more of the reels coming to a stop with all of the Wild symbols covering the in view and visible reel positions on the reels.

With some luck in playing you could get the entire set of reels spinning and then stopping in such a way that every single visible reel symbol is a Wild symbol on all five reels, and when that happens if you have activated every single payline on that particular slot game a huge winning payout will then be awarded to you.

It is however true to say that spinning in a screen full of Wild symbols on any slot game is a very rare event, but by playing slots offering these types of reel symbols you will always have the chance of doing just that. With that in mind below you will find a range of slots which we think you are going to enjoy playing for not only do they have sets of Stacked Wild symbols in play on their reels but they also have different bonus games which can be triggered and awarded to you.

Best Slots to Play with Stacked Wilds Symbols

Let us now give you an idea of just how highly payable a range of slot games all offering Stacked Wild symbols can be, there are lots of differently structured slots you can access at various different casino sites, and below are the ones we just know are going to give you a very exciting slot playing session whenever you choose to play them.

CashaPillar Slot – There are 100 optional paylines on offer on the CashaPillar slot game, and when you choose to put into play all one hundred of them, which may not be too expensive as the coin value settings on this Microgaming designed video slot can be set as low as 0.01, then you will have the chance of winning a massive 2 million coins if a screen full of Stacked Wild symbols spin in.

However, this slot game also offers a free spins bonus game which is triggered by spinning in three of the scatter symbols anywhere in view, and as all of the winning payouts are tripled during that bonus game should a screen full of scatter symbols then spin in you will be awarded with a 6 million coin jackpot payout instead.

Tigers Eye Slot – Another slot game found in each of our top rated and fully reviewed Microgaming Casinos is the Tiger Eye slot which comes with its own unique set of Stacked Wild symbols. Those symbols are found on each of the five video reels of this 40 payline slot and as such you could spin in a screen full of them at anytime.

What makes this slot even more playable is that a set of 10 free spins can be triggered, and the free spins come with a growing multiplier value, so on the first free spin the multiplier values are worth x1 but on each one you then play off the multiplier values grow by one and as such on the final one spinning in any winning combination will see the value of that payout enhanced and boosted in value by ten times its pay table listed payout amount.

Sir Winsalot Slot – If you do want to play a slot game offering two different types of bonus games but also a slot on which sets of Stacked Wild symbols can be spun in then make sure you give the Sir Winsalot slot game a little play time online.

The Stacked Wild symbols are in play on the base game of this multi line slot and also on the free spins bonus round which can be triggered from time to time, plus on any base game spin you could also trigger a very unique pick to win styles bonus feature round, and as such it is a great slot to play and one that is guaranteed to give you a very exciting and entertaining slot playing session.

Which Casinos Have the Most Stacked Wild Symbol Slot Games?

You will find the downloadable gaming platform offered by our listed and approved Microgaming Casinos has a massive suite of slot games on offer and a large number of them come with Stacked Wild symbols on their reels.

However, if you are looking to play slot games online but would prefer not to have to download any software and gaming platforms to access a range of slot games which boast a set of Stacked Wild symbols on the reels then head on over and checkout our range of instant play NetEnt Casino sites as they have an enormous range of slots we just know you are going to find very appealing.

Remember that all of the casinos you will find listed on our website offer players both a free play and real money range of games so you can always log onto their gaming platforms and can give any of their slot games some free play time to allow you to judge for yourself how playable any of their slot games are as they play the same way and to the same payout percentages no matter whether you play them for free or for real money.

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