Women and Gambling

Up until the internet stormed into our lives it seemed that the battle of the sexes stopped at the gates of the casino. At an age when women are taking leading roles in politics and business, when it came to gambling, women often played bingo, lotto and scratch cards, and never seen around the card tables. Well guess what ladies, the revolution is here.

What kept women away from the green felt? When you play a table game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and you always have some say in what goes on as you make your play decisions. No one likes to lose in public (especially when you sit next to the winner) but losing is a part of the learning process. Sometimes the fear of looking bad makes you quit before you even started; the fear of losing makes you lose the entire experience altogether.

So what’s changed? Thanks to free practice games, tips and strategies, everybody can play online blackjack, poker, or any game you ever thought was too complicated for you. After playing for free, proceeding to real money play and gradually playing for larger sums, every online casino today has its own resident high rolling ladies (fondly referred to at Money Casino as a highroller-ess, sounds like heiress or actress).

Competition is one of the greatest stimulations to hone our skills in every aspect of life, but in our society women were often raised to play second fiddle to men, to be a team player rather than taking the pedestal to their selves. Being more assertive and claiming your stake was frowned upon, and when you’re not experienced in confrontations, you lose 99% of them in advance. Now there’s a recipe for timidity.

Well, when you are playing internet multi-player games like online poker you can be whoever you want to be. You are free from constricting social norm and you can play as aggressive as you want. When you get the hang of it you can play people’s prejudgment for your benefit; and make them think you’re a weak player and just when the guys get all condescending unleash your inner shark. It feels great and puts you in the right attitude for real life: don’t let narrow minded people stop you from getting what you want! Take our friend Lucky Lois and Crafty Coni as a good example, they are never afraid to play any game they want.

Play-money poker games are a great way to start practicing playing against other people. But for women’s cause it’s all about real money games. Why? A review of studies regarding differences in management styles among the genders shows that women have one major thing to caught up with: the ability to mix up personal relations with making money, or in a word, networking. Basically, you can take a social situation like a poker game, use your intuition and people reading skills to translate them into making money, and still make friends in the process. You’ll be surprised to discover that the poker table is an awesome lab for your personal research of people.

Gambling is like sport in many ways since it involves learning, practice, and competition. The guides are out there, the practice games are available 24/7, and you’ll find meet a lot of people like you along the way. The time for the girls team to take the trophy is here, so don’t be afraid to play; all you need to do is join in and bring the right spirit.

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