Wonder Woman Slot Machine Review

wonder-woman-slotI was never really fond of Wonder Woman as a child, so as I was walking round dozens of different Las Vegas Casino on my recent trip there I was never in any rush to play the brand new slot machine which is based around this now quite elderly super hero, or should that be super heroine?

However, as my mission on that trip was to familiarize myself with all of the very latest slot machines which can be accessed and played in Las Vegas, I finally got around to giving it some play time. The slot in my personal view is something of a boring slot to play and the lack of a bonus game triggering whilst I played it did back up my views that I was never going to convert to a fan of Wonder Woman.

The way in which this slot machine has been designed is that you are obliged to play it for a minimum of 50 coins, and as it is a penny slot that minimum stake spin will cost you 0.50. Just keep in mind that you can increase the stakes you play it for upwards in value in 50 coin increments and the maximum stake will vary from casino to casino.

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Wonder Woman Slot Machine – Key Features

The Wonder Woman slot is one of a growing number of brand new slot machines being wheeled out onto the gaming floors of Las Vegas casinos that have a curved screen and the slots I saw all had a double sized chair in front of them, which is ideal if you are playing with a friend or loved one.

There are progressive jackpots, bonus games and also plenty of winning combinations that can be spun in and when playing it you will have 40 paylines in play for your 50 coins, the remainder of your stake is feeding the progressive jackpot and will of course enable you to trigger the bonus games when playing it.

Below is an overview of each of the main key features of the Wonder woman slot so read on for whilst I am certainly not a fan of this slot it may just appeal to you.

Stacked Reel Symbols – You will find that the reel symbols in play on the Wonder Woman slot feature plenty of stacked symbols, and as such it is possible to spin in a screen full of matching reel symbols which is going to be the way you will hopefully win big via the base game or the free spins feature mentioned below.

Expanding Wild Symbol – Another interesting reel symbol in play on the reels of the Wonder Woman slot game are the expanding wild symbols. When one single wild symbols makes an appearance on any of the five video reels of this slot machine it will then expand and cover the entire reel it spun in on with wild symbols.

Progressive Jackpots – By taking a look at the top of the Wonder Woman slot you will see the current value of the progressive jackpots that can be won from any base game spin. It doesn’t matter at what stake you are playing this slot machine for each spin will give you a chance of being awarded with one of the progressive jackpots.

However, the way in which you will win one of those progressive jackpots’ is by you spinning in anywhere on the first reel a progressive jackpot awarding reel symbols whilst in the same base game spin another of those symbols spins in on the fifth reel.

The lowest valued progressive jackpot does appear to be awarded quiet often as you would expect, however I never own one of those jackpots and I did play this slot for a fair amount of time. But being random you just never know when you will finally be awarded with a progressive jackpot and you will never know which one you will win until those matching symbols appear on the first and last reels.

Free Spins Bonus – It will be the free spins bonus game that you will hope triggers when playing the Wonder Woman slot, for whilst I never triggered it from what I discovered that bonus game can be a very high paying one.

Three of the scatter symbols spinning into view will be all that is needed to award the bonus round feature game and once you have triggered it you then are given a choice in regards to how you want to play off a set of free spins.

You can opt to select a set of 8 free spins a you bonus game feature and when you do the Wonder Woman symbol is going to replace every single Ace, King, Queen and Jack symbols that is spun in.

However, if you want a much lower variance bonus game and one that could still award a big payout then you can opt for 16 free spins on which the Wonder Woman reel symbol will replace the King, Queen and Jackpot symbols whenever they have spun in on any of those free spins.

You could also opt instead for 25 free spins and when you do the Wonder Woman reel symbols will then stand in for and will replace each Queen and Jack symbol that spins into view.

My Opinion on Wonder Woman Slot Machine Online

Before I launch into my thoughts, let me just say that we all have our own preferences and that, though this game is clearly not my cup of tea, should you wish to try it out and make up your own mind, then here are two great online casinos where you will find it, and, masses of other great games too!

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When I played the Wonder Woman slot I did find it a tedious slot to play, the way in which you will be awarded with one of the progressive jackpots is by spinning in on the first and last reels a matching symbol.

However, whilst the first reel symbol did appear often enough that last reel symbols never did spin in at the same time as the first one, and even though the progressive jackpots were quite modest in size, try as I may I never actually won one of them.

The main bonus game which can be triggered on this slot as mentioned above did not trigger once as I play this slot game either, and as I did play off a fair few hundred base game spins that is reason enough in my mind to never play it again.

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