Woods/Manning Favorites as Golf Betting World Ready for Massive Action

Once upon a time, Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning was all the rage. The best QB matchup in the NFL and one that fans would love to see every time.

The same is true of Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson on the golf course. And now folks, we have got the ultimate event, re-igniting the rivalries.

Taking place less than two weeks from now at the Medalist Golf Club in Florida is the “Champions for Charity” golf event. It is going to pit Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson. This is an event that is sure to do big numbers in the sportsbooks.

The odds at Unibet favor Woods and Manning as winners (-225), with Brady and Mickelson as the underdogs (+180). Since Manning retired from the NFL, Brady has continued with his success and won several more rings. Tiger bounced back in a MAJOR way by picking up a first-place finish at the 2019 Masters.

Mickelson is going to turn 50 next month but is still out there grinding and playing. So, for he and Woods, this is a great chance to show the world what to expect during the next non-charity event.

Not The Gridiron But Still Good

It is not surprising to see Manning and Brady both out here, though. Manning has accumulated plenty of action on the green since his retirement from the game. He’s taken several guests during Peyton’s Places, a show he does for ESPN+, onto the course.

And for Brady, if you’ve ever seen the show Entourage, you’ve seen him on the green. But, with all of the time he has spent in the NFL, he’s also had plenty of moments trying to accumulate par on several different holes.

This event is a great way to get the sportsbooks going for golf in a big way. Folks, this is a golden opportunity to get to the sportsbooks in New Jersey and make your wagers. Whatever side you supported in the old days of Peyton vs. Brady, you can now do once again.

The same goes for Tiger and Phil. This wasn’t as big of a rivalry at its peak, but still, it’s a fantastic blast of nostalgia for those who grew up betting on the showdowns. This is the chance to pick your favorite duo and ride them until the end of the matchup.

All four of these guys, even in their “advanced” age, have managed to stay relevant in their sport with new content, more titles and major victories, and just being around the limelight.

Brady is going to be playing for the Buccaneers after two decades playing for the Patriots, as a new chapter is set to begin. Peyton moved to the Broncos after 15 years with the Colts. Now they meet again on the green with a chance to make some huge charity noise.

This event is expected to generate up to $10 million. It’s always great to see players at this magnitude using their platform to help so many others.

Make sure to hit your local NJ Sportsbook. Don’t miss the action!

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