Yahtzee Online Slot Machine Review

Facts and Figures

Certified Payout Percentage – You are never going to get short changed when playing any Williams Interactive slot game for they all, including this Yahtzee slot, boast high payout percentages, and they are very noticeable as they allow the game to be more generous in regards to winning combinations and bonus game payouts.

Stake Levels – This game has a special bonus bet option which can be placed alongside your standard payline combination wagers. There are 25 paylines on this slot and when playing on coin values of 0.05 you will be required to place a total bet wager of 2.00 of which 0.75 of that staked amount is to pay for the bonus bet.

Jackpot Payout – Please consult the pay table of this slot game for details of the maximum jackpot you can be awarded per spin, and this is determined by a series of different factors which are explained in detail on the pay table of the slot.

Standard Reel Symbols – The standard reel symbols in play on all five video reels of this Yahtzee slot machine from William Interactive include Pizza and Fizzy Pop symbols, two Couple Character symbols, and also a couple of Yahtzee Board Game reel symbols.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols – The bonus symbol is the Multi Dice reel symbol which can spin in on the fifth reel, this will also boost the value of any winning payouts awarded during the bonus game by up to 5 times their usual payout amounts.

Wild Symbols – The Catherine Wheel Firework symbol is the Wild symbol on this slot game, you will find at least one of them on each of the video reels and they will stand in for all of the standard reel symbols.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

Free Spins – There are no free spins bonus games that can be triggered on this slot but the bonus games listed below more than make up for the lack of free spins.

Bonus Game – You can trigger a Wild Multiplier base game feature when two Wild symbols spin in, and when they do two dice will be rolled on the screen and the two numbers that get rolled in are then multiplied together and are used to increase any winning combinations formed with the wild symbols.

When the bonus symbol spins in on the fifth reel it can trigger a special Yahtzee Party Bonus game, here you are tasked with rolling a set of dice several times in the hope that you can roll in five dice of the same value to achieve a range of potentially very large winning payouts.

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