You Might Be an Online Casino & Poker Player If

Playing online is one of the most popular pastimes today, but some are more passionate than others. Here are 10 things that can happen only to a bona fide online casino and poker player.

[Online Player] 1) You know you’re a player when you see a website’s “# of visitors” counter and you think it’s a progressive jackpot ticker. (Though I’m sure they’ll appreciate the dollar you’re willing to put for the side bet)

2) You’re definitely an online player if you think clay chips are just computer hardware from the eighties. (Not to mention that the only green felt you know is made of pixels)

3) If you ever look for the DEAL button when all you want to do is check for new emails, then yes, you have the heart of player. (And I bet you wish there was a FOLD there for all those mails you just don’t feel like replying to).

4) When your most frequently used chat acronym is not brb, ty, or even lol, but nh (nice hand), then that makes you a real online poker player.

5) If the poker face reflected in your screen is a) gloating grin joined by screams of joy b) hair curlers and a cold cream beauty mask or c) a mouthful of snacks, then you’re looking at the face of an indisputable home player. (and it only gets better when it comes to pajamas and slippers)

6) And you can tell you’re a player if you inquire about rollover terms when your boss hands you your holidays bonus. (And just try to ask for a match bonus on your paycheck…)

7) When you’re an online poker player you’re looking at your checkbook account balance and thinking where’s the REFILL button… (and remind yourself that in Play Money you’re a freaking millionaire)

8) An online slots player who walks into a sushi restaurant will be somehow surprised to see that the menu doesn’t offer bonus symbols. (and instead of payout tables there’s just plain old dinner tables)

9) When your favorite poker buddies are called “Gr8estPlayerEverr”, “cMeWin”, and “$traightFlush$ultan”, then know that these are the true friends of a genuine online player.

10) And you know what, if you feel it’s a real injustice that when you go out to dinner instead of getting a bonus for inviting your friends the check just gets bigger, than plenty of online players would absolutely agree!

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