Online Lottery Canada Guide 2022

Online lottery is a great way to test your luck and win some lucrative prizes. This type of game is available on many online gambling platforms, and plenty of them are available to Canadian players. If you’re interested in playing lotto on a safe, secure, and trustworthy online gambling site, you’re on the right page. In this guide, we’ll show you how online lotto works in Canada and how to find the best option for you.

A little bit of history about lotto

It’s very difficult to determine the exact history of lottery games, as they have appeared all over the world in different periods of time. Perhaps the earliest recording of players enjoying a lotto-like game was in China between 205 and 187 BC. Many Medieval countries also had a game similar to modern-day lotto.

The popularity of the lotto started increasing in the 16th century, especially in France and England. English settlers even brought the game to the New Continent, where it became very popular in some areas. It’s important to mention that many official lottery games were charitable back then. For example, even Benjamin Franklin hosted a lottery game to raise funds for buying cannons to protect Philadelphia. Nowadays, the lottery is one of the most popular games of chance in the world, and many countries around the globe have official lotto games.

How do you play lotto online?

Playing lotto online isn’t that much different from playing it in retail properties. Here’s a short explanation of how to do it.

  1. Select a lotto site available in Canada: make sure that the site is licensed and regulated.
  2. Open an account and make a deposit: all Canada-friendly platforms will feature payment options available in the country.
  3. Select a lotto game: some sites might feature several games from which you can choose.
  4. Pick the numbers: different lottery games might have different rules about picking the numbers.
  5. Pay for your ticket: all you have to do is wait for the draw and see whether you managed to win anything.

6 reasons you should play lottery

Lotto is a really popular game across the globe. Here are the six major reasons why people enjoy this type of entertainment.

Easy to play

You don’t have to be a genius to understand how the lottery works. In fact, it’s a pretty simple game that revolves around choosing numbers and hoping they will be drawn. The player whose numbers are drawn wins.

Doesn’t take much time

It takes less than a minute to choose your numbers and buy your ticket. Also, the drawing is pretty fast and you don’t even have to watch the process. You can just compare the results to your ticket after it’s over.

You can win a lot

Some of the best lotteries in the world offer you a chance to win millions of dollars as a prize. Still, even if you don’t score the highest award, you can always win smaller rewards for guessing some of the numbers right.

It’s regulated

Lotteries around the globe are usually regulated by the committees that are part of the government from where the lottery you want to play comes from. It means that they are not rigged and are regularly checked for fairness.

You don’t have to spend much

Buying a single lottery ticket is usually very affordable, as you won’t have to spend more than a couple of dollars to play this game. Of course, you’re allowed to buy more than one ticket in most cases.

It’s fun

Lotto games are entertaining, especially during the live draw when the suspense builds as you wait for the right numbers to be drawn. If you like this type of excitement, the lotto is a perfect game for you.

Types of lotto bonuses & offers

Lotto platforms usually offer various bonuses for new and regular customers. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus awards you with more money on top of your deposit, increasing your total cash for buying lotto tickets.

Free lotto bets

You can sometimes make a bet free of charge to play the lotto with this type of bonus.


Get some of the cash you spent on buying lotto tickets back to your balance in cases where your ticket doesn’t generate a win.

Cheap lotto tickets

Not exactly a bonus per se, but you can get a better deal for certain lottery tickets and pay less money for playing the lotto.

More info about deposit bonuses

What are the odds you will win the lottery?

The odds of winning a lottery depend on the type of lotto game you play. One thing is certain — the chances of getting the main prize aren’t exactly huge. For example, the odds of winning Lotto Max are approximately 1 in 33.4 million. For the sake of comparison, the odds of getting struck by lightning are 1 in a million. The good news is that you can still earn smaller prizes when playing lotto games. They might not be millions of dollars, but some will still put a smile on your face.

Lottery, slots and jackpots

When you think of lottery jackpots, think of Mega Millions and Powerball. These run into 100s of millions and are endlessly endearing to those dreaming big.

What about lottery jackpots?

Lottery jackpots are the highest possible payouts for a single lotto game. Choosing the best jackpot for you is a matter of personal preference. Some players like jackpots that are more attainable, while others like to shoot high and test their luck against jackpots that are worth millions of dollars. Therefore, we suggest testing as many lottery sites and games and possible to see which type of jackpots you prefer.

Play jackpots

Jackpot slots vs lottery

You’ll find plenty of online casinos offering online slot machines with huge jackpots. As a matter of fact, some of these machines offer multi-million dollar jackpots. One such example is Mega Moolah, perhaps the most popular online video slot with a progressive jackpot. So, are jackpot slots better than the lottery? Once again, that’s mainly up to you to decide. Some players like spinning the reels of online slots and find lotteries not engaging enough. Other players prefer picking numbers and waiting for the outcome. We suggest you test both options to determine which one you prefer more.

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