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Gambling in Canada by province

In Canada, each province sets its own rules with regards to sports betting, casinos, and lotteries. There are 10 provinces of Canada in all, along with 3 Northwest Territories administered from Ottawa. Which gambling activities are legal in each province and territory? Let’s take a brief look.


Ontario’s gambling landscape is administered by OLG (which oversees sports betting via the PROLINE+ mobile app), horse racing, lotteries, and charitable gaming. Slot machines are present at


The province of Quebec has offered games of chance since 1970. The 9 land-based casinos are governed by the Quebec Alcohol, Racing & Gaming Commission. Sports bettors can play Mise-O-Jeu, and online casino fans can bet at Espacejeux or at foreign operators.

British Columbia

Gaming activities fall under the scope of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, including the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver (the largest in the province). In terms of online casinos, BC residents have the choice between PlayNow and offshore operators.


One of the most liberal provinces in Canada, almost 30 land-based casinos are operated by a mix of charities, First Nation tribes, and the provincial government. Alberta residents can also gamble at offshore online casinos and sportsbooks without facing any legal problems.

Nova Scotia

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation organizes lottery and sports betting gambling, while the government-owned Casino Nova Scotia has venues in Halifax and Sydney. Online casino players must look outside Canada for operators – and there are no legal repercussions for doing so.


According to Statistics Canada, Saskatchewanians are the most prolific gamblers in the country. The province has 9 land-based casinos operated by First Nation tribes and the SLGA. For internet gambling, SK residents must look to offshore online casinos.


Gambling activities fall under the auspices of the LGCAMB, which administers the PlayNow Manitoba casino site, as well as land-based venues in Winnipeg. Sports bettors use the parlay-focused Sport Select system, and online casino players can also gamble offshore.

New Brunswick

This province was the first to introduce video lottery terminals in 1990, and there is a land-based casino in Moncton. Horse racing fans can visit tracks in Saint John and Fredericton, and internet gambling fans are free to sign up with foreign online casinos.

Newfoundland & Labrador

The easternmost province of Canada allows almost every gambling activity, including Pro-line sports betting and lotteries. The only exception is casino, which is illegal in this province. Residents of NL must look for offshore online casinos for this kind of action.

Prince Edward Island

The smallest Canadian province, Prince Edward Island’s gambling activities are overseen by the PEI Lotteries Commission. This covers sports betting, horse racing, and video lotteries. There is no official local online casino site, so residents need to look for foreign operators.

Northwest Territories (NWT)

Canada has 3 territories in its northern half, with the most populous being NWT. All gambling activities are legal here – including online casinos and sportsbooks. However, there are no brick-and-mortar casinos, and land-based sports bettors must use Sport Select.


Yukon law is quite strict with land-based gambling activities. Apart from one venue in Dawson City, only non-profits are allowed to operate physical casinos, and for just 3 days at a time! Fortunately, there are no such limitations for Yukon residents who gamble online.


Canada’s smallest territory by population, Nunavut has a full range of gambling options, including slot terminals and lottery retailers in the capital Iqualit. The Sport Select betting system is available, and online casinos are legal – although getting strong enough internet reception can be a problem.

Gambling in the 3 largest provinces

The provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia comprise 75% of the population of Canada. What options do residents of these 3 largest provinces have when it comes to gambling online?

Ontario gambling laws

Ontarians can wager at sports betting sites based abroad or rely on the national Sport Select product (known as Pro-line, or PROLINE+). There is currently no local online casino, meaning that gamblers must play offshore.

Quebec gambling laws

The Sport Select product is known as Pari sportif, and there is also the Espacejeux online casino organized by Loto-Quebec. While Quebecois can gamble at offshore sportsbooks and casinos, some propose blocking future access.

British Columbia casino regulations

BC residents have long enjoyed decent options for online gambling, as the PlayNow site has operated since 2004. It offers sports betting, lottery, poker, bingo, and casino games. Despite this, offshore gambling sites are still popular.

Gambling trends amongst Canadians

There are 4 main trends which stand out amongst Canadian gamblers. We discuss these below.

mobile play in canada

As we spend so much of our lives on our smartphones, it is little surprise that mobile casinos have become a growing trend among the Canadian online gambling community. In fact, how well a casino site or app performs on a mobile device is one of the first things that many players in Canada consider when choosing a new casino.

live casino popularity in Ca

One of the biggest trends in Canada-focused casinos in recent years has been the growth of live casino games. These live dealer titles from the likes of Evolution Gaming and Playtech are streamed directly to your desktop or mobile device in perfect HD. Canadian favorites include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and even live poker variations.

games for canadian players

High variance (sometimes called high volatility) games typically involve longer waits between wins, but when these wins happen, the payout is much larger. And in recent years, Canadian gamblers have increasingly enjoyed high variance slots from the likes of Pragmatic Play and Push Gaming, as they seek out those potential mega wins.

Cryptos in canada

As it became more and more difficult for Canadians to deposit and receive funds from offshore casinos, many players turned to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Although not without issues (speed of transaction and insane price volatility), crypto payments are a growing trend for Canada’s favorite online casinos.

The main benefits of playing online casino games

There are plenty of advantages that online casinos offer when compared to their land-based counterparts. Here’s a quick overview:

The main issues that Canadians encounter gambling online

  • Differing legislation by province: Canadian gambling legislation is largely set on a provincial basis. When a casino player moves from BC to Ontario, for instance, they may need to learn a whole new set of rules and regulations.
  • Strict AML issues: Casinos have long been a route for money-launders to wash their ill-gotten gains. All respectable casinos will ask for detailed documentation before you can make withdrawals – and this process can be exhausting.
  • Deposit and withdrawal problems: Canadians have seen their banking options at offshore casinos steadily reduced over the past decade. Many banks, credit card providers, and payment processors have withdrawn from the Canada market.
  • The Sport Select product is a poor one: Most Canadian provinces allow legal betting via Sport Select. But this product only allows for parlay betting – and these kinds of bets offer notoriously poor value for sports betting fans.

Depositing and withdrawing

Here we briefly guide our Canadian players to the steps they require for depositing or withdrawing their money at online casinos in Canada.

Are my winnings taxable?

One question that many Canadian gamblers have is about taxation. Specifically, they ask if they must pay taxes on their winnings to the Canadian authorities. And for recreational gamblers, the answer is no. Whatever you end up winning in games of chance such as slots, roulette, and at most card games, is considered tax free.

For those who earn a living from their gambling activities, it might a different matter. Those who regularly win at games of skill such as sports betting, and poker, may well have to pay taxes on their winnings. Of course, tax authorities would look closely at your activity to figure out if any significant winnings were actually the result of skill, or simply luck.

And for those who cross the border to bet in the US or further afield, any winnings must be declared when you come home, and could be taxed at a rate of 30% of your income.

Here are some facts about online gambling amongst Canadians

  • According to research by the Canadian Gaming Association, Canadians spent C$17.1 billion on the local gambling scene in 2017.
  • On top of that, it was estimated that Canadians spent a further C$4 billion per year at offshore gambling sites.
  • Problem gambling in Canada is relatively low, estimated at between 0.7% and 1.4% of the population.
  • The number of casinos has increased by twice as much between 2002 and 2018 – from 78 casinos to 147.
  • 57% of males in Canada are regular gamblers, tending to prefer sports betting. 43% of women regularly gamble, with bingo being the preferred option.
  • The biggest gambling win in Canadian history occurred in January 2019, when one lucky Canuck gambler won a jackpot of over $20 million on NetEnt’s popular Mega Moolah online slot.
  • Canadian gambling directly supports more than 182,500 full-time jobs and generates C$9.2 billion each year, helping fund government and community programs and services.

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