Online Slot Machine Game Play Control Buttons

You are going to find the control panel of most online slot machines come with a whole host of different buttons on which you are able to set the game into live play and make a range of different playing decisions and playing options irrespective of the type of slot game you have chosen to play.

You will find that due to there being several different categories of slot games available online there many also be several more unique game play control buttons displayed on the control panels of some slot machines, and with this in mind below we are going to guide you through all of the different buttons and game play options attached to every single type of slot game found online.

If you have been struggling to understand what some of the game play buttons do on slot games or have been put off playing certain type of slot games online as you haven’t been 100% sure of how to operate and control those games then all of your questions should be answered below, so please have a good read through of this guide as to be perfectly honest once you have mastered playing every type of online slot you can have hours of fun and winning opportunities putting as many of them through their paces as you can.

Coin Options – The only slot games that you are going to come across online that will not let you adjust the actual coin values you are playing for are the fixed coin progressive jackpot paying slot games, however in most cases when playing any other type of casino game online you will find you are in full controlling regards to the coin value setting you can play each slot game for.

Whilst some slots will let you play just one coin on your preferred setting per payline per spin you will find more and more of them will allow you to increase the number of coins per payline, and some of the newer All Ways structured slots will let you play hundreds or even thousands of paylines for one set number of coins per spin.

But before you start to play any online slot game always adjust the coin value settings and values to those that you can comfortably afford to play for even when you play for tiny stake amounts the chance to win big is always on offer.

Bet One –  The Bet One button is going to allow you to bet one coin on the slot game you are playing per spin, this button is found on Classic slot games and each time you click on it one additional coin will be put into play.

Max Bet – You will find the Max Bet button on every single online slot game including three reel slots and video slot games as well as progressive slot machines, and when you click on this button the slot will put the maximum number of coins into play on every single payline available on the slot you are playing, so make sure you only every click this button if you do want to play for high stake amounts.

This button can be clicked on accidentally from time to time as it is often placed quite near to the Spin button, and as such do pay careful attention to the slot game you are playing, for if you get distracted you may accidentally click in which will mean you end up playing a maximum bet spin even if you only intended to play that spin for low stake amounts.

Spin – The Spin button is what you need to click on to send the reels spinning, do not click this button until you have put into play the stake levels you wish to play for and have also chosen just how many paylines you put into play, as soon as you have clicked on the spin button you will not be able to adjust in any way, shape or form the stake amounts you are playing for.

Bonus Bet – On quite a number of new slot games you may be given the option of placing a bonus bet, and as such you will find the Bonus Bet button is what you need to click if you do wish to put into play that bonus side bet option. Always check the slot games pay table to see just what it is that bonus bet is offering you before you place it though.

Auto Play – The Auto Play button is going to enable you to select a number of spins and a range of different stake options that you are going to be able to set on which the game will then play itself automatically, with this in mind if you have other thing you need to get on with you can set the slots you are playing to play off automatically whilst you get on with those other tasks.

You will be given a range of options in regards to when the Auto Play will cut off automatically such as when you are lucky enough to spin in a jackpot you can set the Auto Play settings to stop when such a winning combination has been spun in and you can also set the Auto Play to stop when you have triggered a bonus game feature round, allowing you to then return to your computer and watch that bonus game playing off.

Option Settings – There will also be attached to many online slot games a general Options Settings button, and when you click on that button up will pop a range of different options that you can pick and choose form in regards to how the slot will play out.

You will find it is possible to slow down or speed up the rate at which the reels spin, and you will also be given a range of audio and visual options including having the ability to turn on and off certain sound effects or play the game in the full screen size mode.

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