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What Do You Find in a Casino?

Even though every casino is unique, they all follow the same pattern. If you were wondering how the casino floor works and what you can find inside casinos, you’re on the right page. In this short guide, we’ll walk you through a standard casino and help you get a better understanding of what to do […]

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How Many Casinos Are in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City is widely regarded as the second most important gambling center after Las Vegas. People from New York, New Jersey, and all nearby states who are into gambling are eager to visit AC whenever they feel like playing slots and table games. Las Vegas is much bigger than AC, though. And if you’ve never […]

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List Of Things You Should Never Do In A Casino

What should you never do in a casino? As it turns out, the list is quite lengthy, as people have tried to do all sorts of things while on a gaming floor or playing online. Therefore, our team decided to come up with an ultimate list of things to avoid in a casino. Without further […]

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How Many Chips in Poker Do You Start With?

So, you bought your poker set and you’re ready to host a game with your friends. Even though you have played the popular game many times, you’ve never been in a position to distribute chips, naturally wondering — how many chips do you start with in poker? In this article, we’ll discuss how to distribute […]

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What Does Poker Face Mean?

If you just sang the popular Lady Gaga song in your head after reading the title, you’ve definitely heard of the term poker face before. However, many people still wonder what it really is. As it turns out, it’s closely related to poker. In this article, we will discuss the poker face meaning and how […]

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What is a Marker in a Casino?

You may have heard the term marker before. But what is a marker in gambling? In this article, we’ll discuss how a casino marker works and what you need to know before you actually decide to use one. Essentially, a casino marker is a loan that’s given to you by the casino. Imagine running out […]

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What Is A Slow Roll in Poker And Why Is It Bad?

If you are wondering what is a slow roll in poker, it means you’ve started to think about a very important aspect of the game — players’ etiquette. Poker is a game of steel nerves and “poker” faces, but when it comes to respecting other players, you need to have some manners, and slow rolling […]

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How Many Casinos Are There in Oklahoma?

If you were wondering how many casinos are in Oklahoma, you’ve come to the right page. This might come as a surprise to you, but Oklahoma actually has more than 110 land-based casinos operating in the state at the moment. Of course, this number might slightly change in the future as new ones open all […]

PokerTexas Hold'em - Casino news

In the Poker Game Texas hold ’em, How Many Cards Are Dealt to Each Player?

There are many kinds of poker games out there, and the main difference between them is how many cards each player receives when playing. If you have no experience with this version, you might now be wondering how many cards are dealt in Texas holdem. The answer is rather straightforward: each player gets two cards. […]

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What Does Insurance Mean in Blackjack?

What makes blackjack the most popular casino card game is the fact that it comes in different shapes and sizes. Each instance of blackjack is slightly different, and the difference is mainly visible in side bets that you can make. However, one side bet stands out as the most popular, and it’s called a blackjack […]

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In Poker, What Is a Straight?

A straight in poker is a hand that consists of all five cards in a subsequent order. Therefore, you have a straight whenever your card combination has five cards that increase by the minimum based on their value. For example, if you have 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in your hand, you have a […]

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What Does Gambling Mean?

The word gambling is defined by several sources as an act of staking or betting something of value, hoping to gain something of even better value but being aware of the risk of losing. Of course, gambling isn’t used for stock or cryptocurrency trading, but it’s essentially that. However, in the modern world, the word […]

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What is a Flush in Poker?

Flush in poker is a powerful hand that can help you win a lot of money in the pot if you play it right. Essentially, it’s a five-card hand with all cards having the same suit. For example, you can have a two, five, nine, jack, and king of diamonds in your hand, which makes […]

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Are Gambling Losses Tax Deductible?

If you were wondering this: are gambling losses deductible? The short answer is yes, they are, but only to the extent of the amount you win through gambling. It’s important to report all the money you win and make it a taxable income on your return. This is only available if your deductions are itemized. […]

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Which States Have Casinos?

The US is a casino nation, and many states in the country have casinos. If you were wondering what states have casinos and how many casinos are in the United States in total, you’ve landed on the right page. Please bear in mind that the casino industry is rapidly changing, and casinos open and close […]

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How Many Casinos Are in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a vibrant city, and casinos open and close all the time. Therefore, answering how many casinos are in Las Vegas is never an easy thing to do. We’ll give you the answer to the current number of casinos, but you’ll have to consider that there might be slightly more or fewer than […]

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Which Casino Games are the Most Popular?

There are tens of thousands of titles in online casinos. As it turns out, some of them are more popular than others. We’re not going to list individual games but entire game categories that are very popular among players. Without further ado, let’s get started. Before we list the games, let’s quickly discuss what makes […]

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How to Withdraw Money from an Online Casino?

One thing that many new online gamblers don’t understand properly is how to withdraw online casino money from their player account to their bank account. In this short guide, we will be making an overview of the entire process to help you understand how withdrawals work in general. Before you learn how to cash out […]

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First Casino in Las Vegas: What Was the First?

What was the first casino in Las Vegas? If you are wondering about that, you’ve come to the right page. In this article, we’ll provide an answer to that question. Furthermore, we will tell a bit more about how it helped the city located in Nevada evolve into what it is today. We will also […]

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What Are the Best Video Game-Themed Online Slots?

The video game industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Some games have even become so popular that online casino game developers have decided to pay tribute to them. Today, there are dozens of video-game-inspired slots. They don’t actually have any elements of the gameplay that they are inspired by (in most […]

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Unibet Offers a 25% Casino Reload Bonus for Thursday Deposits

Unibet is a popular online gambling site offering a wide range of options, including sports betting and casino games. In states where casino gambling is available, Unibet offers several lucrative bonuses for regular customers and promotions for new players. This short overview will discuss the ongoing Thursday promotion for casino enthusiasts. Make a Deposit on […]

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Virgin Casino Offers up to $100 Real Cash Back

Virgin is a popular casino brand that also offers its games online. It features a range of popular options, including online slots, bingo, table games, and more. On top of that, Virgin Casino offers a lucrative promotion for new players, and we’re going to cover it here. Let’s check it out. Get up to $100 […]

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Live Dealer Games: Top Online Casinos to Experience Live Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat

Live dealer games are taking over the US market by storm. They are popular as they offer the convenience of playing your favorite table and card games on your computers and mobile devices while still experiencing the social aspect of casino gaming. In other words, you get to hang out with real and professional dealers […]

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What Is The Biggest Casino in The World?

There are hundreds of casinos around the globe, and some of them are really huge. But what makes them so big? For starters, it’s the actual space occupied by casino games — the gaming floor. Moreover, it’s also essential to pay attention to the number of games, including slots, gaming tables, and more. In this […]

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Legal Gambling Age in the US: How It Works for Land-Based and Online Gambling

Gambling requires responsibility, and some of us aren’t the most responsible at a young age. If a person starts to gamble at a young age, there’s a big chance it would affect their life later on, usually negatively. That’s why all countries in the world have a legal gambling age law, and it’s not very […]

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How to Improve Poker Skills

Poker is a game of skill rather than a game of chance. Even though you might require some luck in certain situations, you will have to rely on your ability to play the popular card game much more.  But how does one improve poker skills? After learning the rules of poker, what can you do […]

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Top 10 Casino Movies: Films Inspired by Gambling and Gamblers

Like it or not, casinos are popular worldwide, and some of the most intriguing stories are told in casino movies. Selecting the top 10 movies inspired by gambling wasn’t an easy task, so please understand that this is just our take as casino fans and movie aficionados.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at […]

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Who Are the Most Popular Slots Twitch Streamers?

Twitch swiftly made a name for itself by bringing together the ever-growing community of video gamers. These days, live streams of charismatic gamers are watched by millions of fans worldwide. In short, Twitch holds huge business potential for those looking to stream live gaming action. So, it was only a matter of time until Twitch […]

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Win $50 in Daily Slot Tournaments in Sugarhouse Casino

Sugarhouse has become one of the leading online gambling platforms in the US. Even though it focuses on sports betting, it also features a fantastic casino section where you can find a range of high-quality games, including slots, table games, and more. What makes the casino stand out from the pack is the selection of […]

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Which Roulette Variation is the Right One for You?

Roulette is the most popular table game in casinos around the world. The secret behind its popularity is the wide range of betting options and the suspense of watching the ball rolling on the roulette wheel. It’s a very old game with many variations, but three are considered the most popular: European roulette, French roulette, […]

JackpotsNew Jersey - Casino news

Harrah’s Casino Online Offers a Daily Jackpot

Jackpots are not common. You have to be extremely lucky to get one, and they happen once in a blue moon. Online casinos are aware of this, and they sometimes want to attract more players to play jackpot games by limiting the time during which they’ll issue a jackpot. Daily Jackpot Explained That’s exactly what […]

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3 Best Easter-Themed Slots for US Players

Easter is the second most important Christian holiday, and it’s getting near. If you’re ready to get in the mood for Easter and have fun, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, we’ll cover three popular Easter-themed online video slots available for US players. These games were hand-picked by our team of experts […]

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Win Lucrative Prizes at DraftKings’ Royal Legends Series

The Royal Legend Series is one of the many tournaments hosted on DraftKings Casino. It started on March 4 and will last until May 22, so hurry up to opt-in and get a chance to receive lucrative rewards. How It Works Here’s a three-step explanation of how this promotion works. Opt-in — You’re free to […]

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Which States Are The Most Likely to Legalize Online Gambling in 2022?

Online gambling has become regulated in many US states, especially for sports betting, which is officially legal in 30+ states. However, several states also legalized online casinos and online poker. At the moment, you can legally play online casino games in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. There are also limited operations in Delaware […]

CasinoCasino Bonuses - Casino news

3 New Casinos with Beefy Welcome Offer

Casino offers are always a great way to get new players started, but they can also be a very effective marketing tool for existing casinos. This article will look at three new US online casinos that have recently launched and are offering some pretty impressive welcome bonuses. These three new sites all offer casino games […]

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Best 3 Game Providers for USA

The American online casino market is rapidly expanding. Some game providers have been part of the industry for years, while others recently entered the market. It’s no secret that some providers stand out from others, and we’re going to list the three most popular (and probably the best) online casino content companies in the US. […]

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Borgata Daily 10K Poker Promo

If you play at legit casinos, then promos are always a great way to get free money and prizes. The Borgata offers a $10,000 promo running daily from Monday to Friday. Players can enter by playing any of their favorite games on the site or through one of their mobile apps. Such huge bonuses are […] - Casino news

Check Out These Online Casinos Offering Free Spins for NJ Users

Online casino players love getting bonuses. What’s better than a general bonus is a bonus for the type of games you like to play, and if you happen to be a fan of online video slots, you’ve come to the right page. These are casinos that specifically offer free spins for NJ players. In this article, […]

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Golden Nugget offers a $500K Prize for a February Tournament

The Golden Nugget online casino is full of surprises for regular customers, and its latest one is called Break the Ice. It’s a tournament-style promotion that aims to distribute a total of $500,000 in prizes to the highest-ranking players on the leaderboard. To take part in this race, it’s essential to opt-in via the My […] - Casino news

NetEnt to Launch Knight Rider Video Slot

The most popular online video slots developer, NetEnt, decided to surprise fans with yet another great title — Knight Rider, which is scheduled for release on Feb. 24. The game is inspired by the popular 80s TV show starring David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight. The Slot Theme and Structure Knight Rider will have a somewhat […]

Pennsylvania - Casino news

Pennsylvanian iGaming revenue strong in November 2021

Revenue up 57% Year on Year Data released from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board shows that online gambling revenue in the Keystone State continued its strong growth trend. Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) from PA online casino operators rose an incredible 57% Year on Year. Although there was a slight drop-off in revenue between October and November, […]

Michigan - Casino news

Michigan iGaming revenue down 2% in November 2021

But it wasn’t all bad news for online casinos in the Wolverine state Data released from the Michigan Gaming Control Board shows that online gaming revenue in the Wolverine State dropped 2% between October and November. However, once October’s extra calendar day is taken into account, then the month actually shows a growth in daily […]

West Virginia - Casino news

WV Revenue down 8% in November 2021

But online casino in the Mountain State still managed to hit another record handle In the month of November (2021), West Virginia broke its string of record monthly revenue numbers, slipping to $5.9 million revenue the month, against $6.4 million in October.  This isn’t as bad as it might first seem for WV casinos, since […]

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The Best Game-Show-Style Live Casino Games of All Time

Ever fancied playing a game show style live casino game? Here are some of the best   Live casino gaming has never been more popular. As the online gambling industry is flourishing around the globe, live dealer games have become a must-have for any online casino. The majority of live dealer games are basically standard […]

BlackjackLive Dealer - Casino news

5 Advantages of Live Dealer Blackjack over other versions of 21

Live Casino Blackjack is taking the US by storm – but what are the biggest advantages of playing the game of 21 against a live dealer? We take a look at 5 reasons you should try live blackjack Live blackjack truly has revolutionized the way we enjoy the popular gambling game of 21. The live […]

Gambling BusinessNew Jersey - Casino news

SBC Summit North America highlights

The SBC (Sports Betting Community) Summit North America took place at the beginning of the month – we bring you the highlights from the show Where and when did it take place? The 2021 Summit took place at Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey from Nov 30th – December 2nd. Executives and analysts from the […]

Live DealerRoulette - Casino news

The Roulette Fibonacci System Explained

The fibonacci method was discovered hundreds of years ago – these days it is still being used by stock market traders, artists – and even roulette fans! There are several popular betting systems that roulette players apply to improve their overall experience when playing the popular casino game. One of the most famous is called […]

Live DealerRoulette - Casino news

Live roulette strategies compared: 666 vs Outside Bets

Roulette players swear by a number of strategies. This week we compare two of the most popular – 666 and the Outside Bet method If you’re new to roulette and are unsure where and how to place your chips to maximize your profit, you’re on the right page. This short guide will explain the two […]

West Virginia - Casino news

West Virginia iGaming revenue jumps 37% in October

WV online casinos joined their counterparts in NJ, PA and MI with a record-breaking month of October 2021 Figures released by the West Virginia Lottery Commission show that online casinos in the Mountain State produced $6.4 million in October 2021. This meant that West Virginia joined New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan in registering record online […]

Live DealerPoker - Casino news

Most Popular Live Poker Variants in the US right now

Want to get into live poker casinos but don’t know where to start? Our introduction to the live dealer poker games will get you up to speed in no time. Live dealer poker is an umbrella term denoting all types of casino poker available played with (or against) live dealers. This casino niche has been […]

Gambling BusinessPennsylvania - Casino news

Another record month for Pennsylvania gaming revenue (October 2021)

PA casino fans produced new monthly revenue records for both online and land—based casinos, as well as sports betting Data from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board shows that PA broke the record for gaming revenue (once again) in October 2021, with total numbers of $425,916,762 – an increase of 33% over October 2020. The figures […]

Gambling BusinessMichigan - Casino news

Michigan online casino revenue scores another record month (October 2021)

MI online casinos produced $109.7 million in revenue – the second successive 9 figure month According to the MGCB, there was another record month for iGaming revenue in Michigan in October 2021, as online casinos in the Wolverine state scored $109.7 million. This is up more than $5 million from September (itself a record-breaking month). […]

BaccaratLive DealerTable & Card Games - Casino news

Essential Baccarat Winning Strategies

Want to boost your performance at the baccarat table? These important tips will see you become an expert at this exciting casino game Baccarat is one of the most famous card games in online and land-based casinos, and if you’re interested in learning more about some of the winning strategies in this game, you’ve come […]

Gambling Business - Casino news

Record Gaming Revenue Recorded by AGA in Q3 2021

Another record quarter of growth for the US gambling industry, according the the American Gaming Association. The American Gaming Association released its Q3 2021 report last week, and the results were even better than expected. The US gaming industry managed to generate $13.89 billion in a single quarter for the first time. The Q3 record […]

Live DealerMichigan - Casino news

Michigan’s live casino offering expanding

Michigan live casino players can now take advantage of branded tables, more games, and possibly soon new live dealer providers There was great news for live dealer fans in Michigan this week, with the announcement that 6 online casinos now have branded live blackjack tables at the Evolution Gaming studios in Southfield. The game of […]

West Virginia - Casino news

Wynn enters West Virginia online casino market

West Virginia is getting ready to welcome WynnBET’s joint online casino & sportsbook, thanks to a deal with Mardi Gras casino operator Delaware North There was great news for West Virginian online gambling fans Wednesday (3rd November) with WynnBet announcing plans to expand its online presence to the Mountain State. The expansion comes thanks to […]

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5 high variance slots with high payouts available in the US

Variance and volatility are two terms used to describe the same thing in the online gambling industry — how often a game would drop a win. Slots with low variance usually drop prizes pretty often, but they aren’t very lucrative. On the other hand, high variance slots are also high-risk games, as the prizes don’t […]

Slots - Casino news

Best Halloween Slots for US Players (2021)

Looking for scary online casino slots to play this Halloween? Here are five all-time favorites to sink your teeth into ‘Tis the season to be scared, and we’re all looking for great costume ideas that will make our friends, family, and neighbors terrified. To get into that Halloween spirit, many people want to immerse themselves […]

ConnecticutNew York - Casino news

Connecticut iGaming soft launch attracts players from neighboring NY

CT online gambling has only been live for a couple of weeks, but it already seems to be attracting NY sports and casino fans – and Gov. Hochul should pay close attention Some fascinating data from iGaming geolocation specialist GeoComply was released in the past week. GeoComply found that during the recent soft launch in […]

MichiganNew Jersey - Casino news

Michigan, New Jersey iGaming revenues hit new highs in September 2021

New Jersey & Michigan iGaming revenues hit new highs in September 2021 – but did the record numbers come at the expense of land-based casinos? And which casinos now enjoy the biggest market share? Michigan iGaming revenues in Michigan topped $100m for the first time in September, with the online casino vertical raking in $102m. It […]

SlotsState Legislation - Casino news

G2E summit 2021: 3 key takeaways

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) summit returned to Las Vegas as an in-person event last week. After the 2020 conference had been cancelled due to COVID, gaming analysts were keen to hear what the speakers at the AGA’s summit had to say about the past, present, and future of US gambling. These were our 3 […]

Live DealerNevada - Casino news

MGM’s Hornbuckle backs online gambling in Nevada

The MGM Resorts CEO encourages other Nevada-based casino operators to embrace the world of online gambling – could this be an important moment in the state’s journey towards online casinos and sportsbooks? Nevada’s land-based casino moguls have long opposed the full legalization of online gambling. The recently deceased Las Vegas Sands mogul Sheldon Adelson was […]

Live DealerNew JerseyPennsylvania - Casino news

Evolution signs agreement with Betway to provide live dealer games in NJ, PA

More good news for US online casino fans, with the announcement that Evolution Gaming has signed a deal to supply operator Betway with live casino and first person RNG-based games in the American market.  Evolution and Betway have a long history of cooperation together, with Betway brands in Europe being among the first to feature […]

Surveys - Casino news

AGA Survey Shows Americans Support Gambling

According to new research out last month, almost 73% of all Americans support legalizing sports betting in their state. The American Gaming Association (AGA), the leading gambling industry body in the US, released the results of a study showing that almost three-quarters of American adults would support regulated sports betting in their respective states.  Moreover, […]

BusinessPennsylvania - Casino news

Pennsylvania Casino Revenue Increases In August

Another good month for casino revenue in PA, but sports betting saw another dip Casinos in Pennsylvania hit record revenue numbers for August, as the gambling industry keeps expanding in the Keystone state. The 16 casinos in PA reported a total of $408.1 million in revenue, which is 31% more compared to the same period […]

ConnecticutState Legislation - Casino news

Could Connecticut enjoy legal online casino action from October 2021?

Connecticut could be on the brink of joining NJ, PA, MI, DW, and WV as a US state with legal online casinos. But what are the chances of the Nutmeg State joining this exclusive club in October 2021? The state of Connecticut took its first step towards in legalizing online gambling in May 2021, when […]

Blackjack - Casino news

Which blackjack side bets to avoid

Blackjack side bets are a lot of fun, and increase the possibility of a big win while playing 21. But most of these side games also come at the expense of you winning over the long run. In this article we look at the blackjack side bets you really should avoid. Blackjack is the most […]

Casino Bonuses - Casino news

The fastest strategies to meet casino wagering requirements

How can you comply with casino wagering requirements in as fast and as efficiently as possible? Our in-depth guide will show you how to become the consummate casino bonus hunter Wagering requirements can sometimes be a real pain in the neck, as they prevent you from cashing out your bonus winnings as quickly as you […]

CasinoRoulette - Casino news

Can you spot the odd one out in this roulette-themed brainteaser?

In our roulette brainteaser, you are tasked with finding the European roulette wheel out of the sea of American-style roulette wheels. The team just loves solving puzzles. When we aren’t trying to break out of our local escape room, you will find us competing over a game of Tetris multiplayer. Besides being a fun […]

Business - Casino news

iGaming hosting supplier Internet Vikings now in Colorado

Internet Vikings have now established themselves in the US online gaming market. But what can this provider offer to operators – and how can that help casino fans? The expansion of online casino and sports betting verticals across the US continues to gather pace. As of September 2021, 13 states have legalized some form of […]

Roulette - Casino news

Alan Turing: Enigma Code-breaker and roulette system researcher

We already knew Alan Turing was a genius, who built the first computer. Now it turns out he was a casino games tester too! Letters recently put up for auction show Turing corresponded with strip lighting inventor Alfred Beuttell on a supposedly profitable roulette system – but did it actually work? Alan Turing was one […]

Roulette - Casino news

The James Bond Roulette Strategy – does it hold the secret to winning the casino game?

The game of roulette holds a special allure for most casino-goers. Many of them also swear by various strategies that they claim gives them the edge over other players, and even over the house itself. One of the more popular roulette strategies out there is the so-called James Bond roulette strategy. You will see many […]

Casino - Casino news

Michigan online casino revenue sees growth in July 2020, aided by live casino

Figures released last week by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) showed that online casino revenue in the state grew by a steady 3.4% month over month in July. These growth figures look even more impressive, given the overall decline of online gambling revenue for the month. Thanks to a drop of 21.6% in online […]

Casino - Casino news

5 Highest US Casino Matched Deposit Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are players’ favorite types of bonuses, as they kickstart each user’s online casino journey with generous matched deposits from the casinos themselves. That’s why we decided to show you 5 of the very best casinos with the current highest matched deposit bonuses in the USA. Without further ado, let’s take a look at […]

Casino - Casino news

DraftKings to acquire Golden Nugget’s online business for $1.56 Billion

DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG) is set to maintain its leading position in the US online gaming industry. The company announced Monday that it plans to acquire Golden Nugget Online Gaming (NASDAQ: GNOG) in a deal worth $1.56 billion in equity to GNOG’s stockholders. All Golden Nugget Online Gaming investors will receive 0.365 of DraftKing’s shares for […]

Casino - Casino news

US Lobbying Group AGA Calls For Responsible Gambling Reforms

Larger and more legible fonts, as well as a single nationwide phone number for at-risk gamblers to call, form the basis of new proposals by the American Gaming Association. Find responsible real money casinos in the USA

Casino - Casino news

PointsBet adds NJ Online Casino to its Michigan operation

Australian sports betting giant PointsBet has added to its online casino in Michigan, with a second one in New Jersey. Does this move herald an expansion across North America? Play at PointsBet casino now!

Live Dealer - Casino news

Golden Nugget Introduces Live Casino Games in Michigan

Michigan live casino fans can look forward to a new era of engaging and thrilling live dealer fun. Evolution Gaming’s tie-up with Golden Nugget means that the award-winning provider has entered another state in its quest for US dominance. Why not try the new live casino games at Golden Nugget now?

Casino - Casino news

Top Online Casinos For Real Money

The online casino industry is becoming more popular in the US, as several states already licensed and regulated this type of entertainment. Right now, you can legally access online casinos and play games in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia. Our team of online gambling experts embarked on a journey to find the best […]

CasinoCasino Bonuses - Casino news

888 Premium Welcome Package

888 is one of the most popular online gambling operators in the world, which is why it’s able to offer lucrative bonuses to its players. The 888 Casino, one of 888’s main products, offers a premium welcome package for new players to receive up to $1,500 in bonuses during their first week as casino members. […]

Casino - Casino news

Virgin Casino Offers a Summer Bonus up to $50

Summer has officially started, and we could all use a break to enjoy the Sun and do the things we love. If playing casino games is your favorite pastime, you’re in for a real treat. Virgin Casino has a special offer for you — a summer bonus that can award you up to $50 in […]

CasinoTable Games - Casino news

DraftKings Introduce Craps to its Online Casino

DraftKings improved its online casino portfolio with a game of craps. It’s a branded title that’s simply called DK Craps, offering an immersive craps experience to players in New Jersey. How’s DraftKings Doing? Overall, DK has been doing pretty well in the online casino industry, and it is already one of the leaders in online […]

Card GamesCasinoTable Games - Casino news

Top 5 Casinos to Play Online Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular card games in the world, and many online casino players enjoy playing it on the platform of their choice. However, many baccarat enthusiasts who are new to the realm of online casinos aren’t sure where to start playing the popular card game, which is exactly what we’re going […]

CasinoSlots - Casino news

Top 5 Online Slot Games to try in New Jersey

Online slots are an important part of every casino. Many players from New Jersey have had an opportunity to enjoy the huge offer of slot machines in Atlantic City.  Still, things are even better nowadays, as many new jersey casinos offer online gambling and a wide array of online video slots. In this article, we’re […]

CasinoCasino Bonuses - Casino news

Top Welcome Bonuses

When it comes to sign-up bonuses, nearly every Casino offers one these days. However, not all welcome bonuses are created equal in the USA. Each online casino has a unique set of bonus requirements and rules associated with the reward. To help you choose the right casino, we have compiled a list of the most […]

Card Games - Casino news

Gender-Neutral Playing Cards – The Next Big Trend for 2021?

With all that has changed in the world over the past few years, the simple deck of playing cards is not immune. A person named Indy Mellink felt the deck of cards was racially and gender insensitive and needed an upgrade. Indy, A Ph.D. student based in Rotterdam, took it upon itself to come up […]

Casino - Casino news

What does your Gambling Horoscope have in Store for you Today?

So if you’re ready to win big money in the casino, let’s find out what your gambling horoscope is going to be for the year 2021. Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th) Aquarius’s are showing to be ambitious and bold. As strategic thinkers, Aquarius should be using their skill sets at the poker table, especially […]

Card GamesPokerTable Games - Casino news

Who is Viktor “Lsildur1” Blom?

Viktor Blom was born on September 26th, 1990, in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is where he first learned to play poker at the age of 14. Blom credits his older brother Sebastian for teaching him to play poker. They would play heads-up no-limit Hold ’em in their spare time, and eventually, it spilled over to the […]

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Golden Nugget Announces Epic Giveaway

Buckle-up, this is where the rubber meets the road; at the Big 3 Giveaway, there is over $150,000 reason to get excited! The Big 3 Giveaway is an exciting time of the year for the Golden Nugget Casino. The giveaway takes place over three months and is valued at $150,000 in prizes. It begins on […]

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Top 5 Legendary Blackjack Players of All Time!

Blackjack, originally known as 21, is a card game played one on one, player vs. Dealer. The object of the game is to have the cards you are dealt add up to 21. If the cards go over 21, it is called a bust, and the player is out. Whoever is the closest to 21 […]

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Conscious Gaming Launches ‘Bettor Safe Than Sorry’

The Bettor Safe campaign raises awareness about the issues revolving around illegal betting websites. The main objective is to help consumers who frequent gambling websites to differentiate between legal and illegal betting sites. The campaign was put into motion by Conscious Gambling. Who is Conscious Gaming? Conscious Gaming is an independent non-profit that is compelled […]

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Which States Will Legalize Online Gambling in 2021?

Online gambling is legal just in a couple of states in the US. By online gambling, we mean that every popular type of gambling you can find in land-based properties and on online gambling platforms. This includes online casinos, online poker, and online sports betting. The good news is that many states’ lawmakers are working […]

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Trends for US Real Money Casinos That Can Happen in 2021

Online casino gambling is expanding in the US. Truth be told, online sports betting has undergone a much more significant expansion than online casinos or online poker, but the latter isn’t completely neglected.  If you’re interested in the online casino gambling industry and like to stay up-to-date with the latest changes and trends in it, […]

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10 Most Successful Poker Players

Ever since the game of poker underwent a huge expansion in the 70s, many poker players turned into real rockstars. After all, why wouldn’t they be? They are great at what they do, and they have a lot of money. The question here is — what makes a successful poker player? Is it their lifetime […]