Video Poker Games Gamble Feature

As part of our Beginners Guide to Playing Video Poker Online series of articles we are now going to take a look at one very important aspect of playing video poker, and that is in regards to the optional gamble game features that are going to be offered to you on various video poker games whenever a winning hand has been dealt out to you.

As we informed you in our Highest Paying Online Video Poker Variants article there are several online video poker games that are worth playing due to the pay tables being attached to those games offering the very best payout percentages, when of course you play maximum coins and additionally play those highlighted video poker game variants with perfect strategy.

One part of playing video poker games perfectly will call for you to forget about taking the gamble game option when playing any kind of video poker game, for if you take several gamble game options repeatedly and end up losing those bonus type games then your overall and long term payout percentage is going to be affected in a negative way.

However the lure of trying to increase a winning payout is often too great to ignore for many online video poker players, and as such we will now give you a run through of what you can expect should you decide to take the video poker gamble game offered when playing on one of several different software providers games.

Playtech’s Video Poker Games Gamble Option

Playtech have quite an interesting gamble game option which is attached to many of their video poker games, and when you are playing these games once a winning hand has been dealt out to you the game will offer you one of three different options.

You can instantly choose to collect the entire amount of your winning payout by clicking on the Collect button, and once you do that you can then carry on playing the base game, however you will also be given the option of gambling either half of that winning hand combinations value by selecting the Double Half button or should you wish to gamble everything you have just won then by clicking on the Double All button then you will be given the chance of doubling your winning payout.

Once you have chosen to click on either the Double Half or Double All buttons then the bonus gamble game screen will load, and one up facing playing card will randomly be displayed on the screen.

You now need to correctly pick one of the four face down cards shown on the screen and hope when revealed it is higher that the up facing one, if so the amount of cash you gambled is doubled, if that revealed card is lower than the up facing card you will lose.

If both the up facing card and the one you reveal are the same then that game is classed as a tie, and you can then choose to collect or take the gamble game option again. All Playtech video poker games come with a maximum gamble limit, and once you have reached this amount your winnings will automatically be collected and added to your credit meter.

Microgaming’s Video Poker Gamble Game Option

You will also find that when you are playing Microgaming’s very large range of video poker games you are going to get offered a double or nothing type of gamble game each and every time a winning hand combination has been dealt out to you.

Should you wish to try and increase the value of the winning hand combination you have been awarded then simply click on the Gamble Button which is highlighted on the game control panel and then the bonus gamble game screen will load.

Quite similarly to what you will find on Playtech’s video poker gamble game when opting to take Microgaming’s gamble game option a bonus gamble screen showing one single face up card is displayed on this screen along with four individual face down cards.

To double your original winning payout one of those four face down cards has to be selected in the hope that once it is revealed it is a higher valued card that the up facing one, if it is then you win, however pick a lower valued card and you will lose the entire original win.

Should you wish to completely remove the temptation of Microgaming’s video poker game option then you can click on the Options tab and when the options screen loads simply remove the tick from the Allow Double option and then whenever a winning hand is dealt out to you then you will no longer have the double or nothing gamble game option offered to you.

Bonus Play Through and Gamble Games

Please be aware that we have not come across one single online casino that will let you use the value of any amount of cash you gambled during a video poker games gamble game as part of the play through requirement of any casino bonus that they have given you.

So do keep this in mind when playing any type of online video poker game with a bonus in your account. It should also be noted that due to all video poker games coming with such very high payout percentages many online casinos may either not permit you to play video poker games with a bonus in your account or will have very high play through requirements attached to any bonus you have been granted when playing video poker games online.

So always check all terms and conditions of any such bonus you are thinking of claiming or may have sat in your casino account before attempting to play a video poker game, for if you fall foul of these rules then any winnings you make will be voided.

Finally please do remember that you are just as likely to have a series of losing winning gamble games as you are winning ones, and that is going to affect your overall expected payout percentage and often not is a good way.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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