Hi Low 13 Blackjack for Real Money

hi-lo-13-blackjackOne of the more interesting Blackjack games that you are going to find offered to you when logged into any of our featured and top rated Microgaming Casinos is the Hi Low 13 Blackjack game. This is one of several European Blackjack Game Variants that offer players the chance of placing a range of different side bets which are optional and are placed alongside your base game wager.

Being based around the European Blackjack game variant then the basic playing strategy required for this variant is of course identical to that game, and as most people will have played this game at one time or another it will be a fairly easy game to play. However, below we will give you an overview of how this game works plays and pays and will explain in a little more detail what is on offer via the side bet and will also pass on to you a few playing hints and tips.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

You will not be given a choice when playing the Hi Low 13 Blackjack game in regards to you being able to play one or more hands per game, as this game is only currently available as a single hand game. However, thanks to the unique side betting opportunity we doubt you will be making any compromises playing just one hand per game played.

Bonus Betting Opportunities

There are three different bonus side bets which you can place when playing this game, and they are all based on the value of the very first two cards that are going to be dealt out to your single hand. You have to correctly predict whether those first two cards are going to be worth higher than 13, lower than 13 or exactly 13 in value.

All of the Aces will be counted as one valued cards for the side bet, and all picture cards will of course be worth ten and all other cards will have their standard face values.

If you place a bet on the exactly 13 side bet option and that turns out to be the exact value of your first two initial cards you will receive a winning payout of 10 to 1. If you place a bet on either the higher than 13 or lower than 13 side bet and your prediction is correct then you are paid out at even money on your side bet wager.

This is an optional side bet so you are never forced to have to place it, however if you do not have any intention of placing the side bet and do not want it distracting you then opt to play the standard European Blackjack game instead.

Dealer and Player Rules

As the base game of this Hi Low 13 variant uses the standard European Blackjack game play rules then as soon as you have mastered the following Dealer and player moves and betting decisions you should be able to play it quite easily.

The game is played with just two full decks of playing cards, and they will always get shuffled before a new game is sent into play. The Dealer has no option other than to stand his hand as soon as it reaches a value of any 17 or higher in value. As this game is a no peek game then the Dealer will only deal out to himself one face up card and will not deal out the rest of his cards until you have finished playing your hand.

If you have been dealt out as your first two cards any hand that is valued as a hard nine, ten or eleven then you will have the option of doubling down on that hand, when performing this move you are forced to pay an additional fee for that one extra card which will be the same amount as the one you placed as your initial wager.

Any matching pair of cards, but not unalike ten value cards can be split, but be aware you are only able to split your hand one time, and if you have split any pair of Aces then you can have as many cards dealt out to those Aces as you like, but as soon as the value of any initial Ace based hand goes over 21 in value then you have bust.

Payouts and Playing Tips

As we have already told you about the bonus betting option payouts so all that remains for us to tell you about is the standard base game winning payouts. All of these payouts are all industry standard ones so a winning player Blackjack hand will receive the enhanced payout to 3 to 2, all other winning players hands are paid out at odds of even money, and this includes a split hand which contains an Ace and any ten valued card.

There is an Insurance wager which will be offered to you and that bet pays out at odds of 2 to 1, but as is always the case this extra side bet option it is never worth taking it due to the massive house edges attached to it.

There will be times when you are dealt out a pair of 5’s, and this hand can often cause a little confusion to novice players are there are of course several different ways that you can play that hand, however the best and most strategic way to play any pair of 5’s is to double down on that hand unless the dealer has a 10 or Ace showing and if so simply hit that hand instead.

One additional tip we can give you when you are playing this game is in regards to how to play a soft 13 valued hand, no matter what card the dealer is showing as his initial card if you are dealt out a soft 13 hand then always hit your hand, do not make the mistake of standing that hand if the dealer is showing a low valued card.

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